We Spent $10,000 On iPhone 13 Accessories – What's The Best Tech You Can Get?

Tiêu đề video: We Spent $10,000 On iPhone 13 Accessories – What's The Best Tech You Can Get?

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New iPhone 13’s are here! We’ve been reviewing MagSafe compatible accessories all year to figure out what are the best products for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro/Max and iPhone 13 Mini. In this video, we’ll cover the best accessories for screen protectors, wireless chargers, wireless battery packs, battery packs, cases, skins, wallets, normal chargers, multi-device chargers and car mounts.

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What else have we discovered about the iPhone 13?

Cinematic Mode Is Broken:

The iPhone 13 isn’t as strong as the iPhone 12:

If you want to take your support further, support us through Patreon:

Here are the links (and codes if we have them) for the best products in each category. The majority of the links will re-direct you to the nearest Amazon online store :

—Best Screen Protectors For the iPhone 13—
#1 FloLab NanoArmor 2: “MRE10” @ (I think this code still works)
#2 Mous Hybrid Glass: Get a 10% discount (it stacks I think) by using the code “mobilereviewseh522vtd” OR use this link:
#3 Shellrus Sapphire X: “MREH10” @

—Best Wireless Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Apple MagSafe Charger (Amazon Link):
#2 Spigen PowerArc ArcField Magnetic Charger (Amazon Link):
#3 Mophie Snap+ Wireless Charger:

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—Best Wireless Battery Packs For the iPhone 13—
#1 Mophie Snap+ Juice Pack Mini:
#2 Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5k Charger (Amazon Link):
#3 Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (Amazon Link):

—Best Battery Packs For the iPhone 13—
#1 Moshi IonGo 5K (Amazon Link):
#2 Anker PowerCore 10000 PD (Amazon Link):

—Best Tough Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 Mous Limitless 4.0: Get a 10% discount (it stacks I think) by using the code “mobilereviewseh222ytv” OR use this link:
#2 Spigen Tough Armor (Amazon Link):

—Most Useful MagSafe Accessory For the iPhone 13—
PopGrip (Amazon Link):

—Best Clear Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 Casetify Ultra Impact:

—Best Slim Cases For the iPhone 13—
#1 MagBak:
#2 Caudabe Sheath (Amazon Link):
#3 Spigen MagArmor (Amazon Link):

#1 Phantom Skins (Amazon Link):
#2 FishSkyns: https (Amazon Link)://mreh.ca/3oariGO
#3 Toast Skins (Amazon Link):

—Best Magnetic Wallets For the iPhone 13—
#1 PopGrip Wallet (Amazon Link):
#2 MagBak Wallet:
#3 Apple Leather Wallet (Amazon Link):

—Best 20W Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Apple 20W Charger (Amazon Link):
#2 Anker PowerPort 3 Nano (Amazon Link):
#3 MagBak 20W PD:

—Best Multi-Device Chargers For the iPhone 13—
#1 Belkin BoostCharge Pro (Amazon Link):
#2 Logitech Powered (Amazon Link):
#3 Nomad Base Station (Amazon Link):

—Best Car Mounts For the iPhone 13—
#1 Spigen OneTap (Amazon Link):
#2 ESR HaloLock (Amazon Link):
#3 iOttie One Touch 2 (Amazon Link):

In this video:

0:00 Intro
1:08 Screen Protectors
3:30 Wireless Chargers
5:01 Wireless Battery Packs
6:08 Battery packs
8:15 Cases
10:44 Skins
11:54 Wallets
13:15 Chargers
15:41 Multi-Device Chargers
17:14 Car Mounts

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Have an accessory you want us to review? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. So flolab or mous for impact protection?

  2. Plamen Purvanov

    O think you should try the Nillkin cases. You will be surprised what level of quality they offer for a very low price. I am using the Super frosted shield on my 13 pro and I just forgot for my Apple silicone,Spigen and Speck cases. I love your channel and how much time and effort you spend to make our choice easier.

  3. As a fellow Canadian where do you order flolab screen protectors? Just from the US website, pay shipping and duty?

  4. that smile tho

  5. Mous has been my go to for a few years now. They make your phone near indestructible!

  6. jtcustomknives

    That apple battery ack looking like my original apple iPod lol

  7. These two have an awkward chemistry that made this kind of hard to watch

  8. Michael's Explorations

    I recently upgraded to the 12 mini and I’m getting the apple mag safe battery pack I herd the other tend to heat up a lot . Loving this little phone and 5g

  9. Got the Mous case and screen protector. So excited to see it.

  10. Bastien House

    Used to have some Aukey stuff here and then
    Not that bad, at the time…
    But having Anker or Adeqwat, those two brands only won’t make me come back to Aukey to be honest ^^
    Adeqwat makes nice and affordable cables, and chargers
    And well Anker… Nano Pro 2…
    No need to say more 😂
    Thank you for your reviews !

  11. Apple official charger leaks ac after 2 months. I can feel tingling on the iron part of the lightning cable and my touch becomes crazy. Getting third party on is slighty slower but doesn’t have apple’s charger problem

  12. why is the camera protection not integraded in the cover?? i dont mind the little bump it has. Makes no sense to me

  13. I am a longtime fan of the channel but you tag teaming made everything even better! Kudos

  14. ReligionsWise Ape

    any way for mag safe on galaxy s21 ultra

  15. Thank you so much for your honest review about all the products! This video really helped me pick out a few accessories for my iPhone. Keep up the great work!

  16. She is cute.

  17. Nekon Samorayee

    i personally care about what i bought .
    last week i bought iphone 13 pro max 256 it cast 2.000.00$ and i asked case it cast 145$ i asked screen protector it cast 65$ . that tiny plastic on your hand for screen it cast 65$ to . i am living in iceland . so i had two old phone iphone 6 plus samsung galaxy s8+ i said can you take these two he said yes but how much . 20$ each of them and i had to pay tax for it because it's going on trash . so i have to pay 49% tax for recycle . you guys amazing person . honestly you guys living in best country in the world . i don't know how much you paying but we are in iceland normal job 24% 175 hours per month if it's going 190 hours per month it's going 36 a little more working going 46% tax did you know that ? five years i am working for company i still coulden't save money buying macbook pro new one . it's dream to me for video editing

  18. I haven’t used a case or screensaver for years. You learn quickly not to drop your phone. Still have iPhone 12 Pro going strong. Usually upgrade every 2-3 years.

  19. James Marchetti

    I had check this video for maybe some ideas for my PRO Max!!

  20. EffortlessGoldTV

    Is that his girl,woman, or wife??

  21. Jana Cmilnakova

    Love your dog 😉

  22. prophetjones253 ya

    I’m half way through I hope at the end they give a over all review so I can order them all at once lol I don’t know what I’m doing 🤷🏿

  23. this is my new favorite mobile chanel, keep it up guys you will get there, I'm sure.

  24. It may have a lower mAh, but it’s efficiency makes up for it. It may still be less of a charge but it’s compact and more slick than the other ones.

  25. To anyone reading this Jesus Christ loves you have a blessed day🙏✝️❤️

  26. Wonderland 820

    Now this is the channel I’ve been looking for I just bought my iPhone 13 pro max Monday last week

  27. awesome video and content base! very well done and thank you for your time ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Why don’t you guys refund the products after testing them? Amazon takes open box returns

  29. Don’t get the Apple charger; it’s too smart and won’t kill your battery like the others; also does not cause signal interference, unlike the 3rd parties’. Faster charging = faster death… just like working out too much. The human heart has x beats for a lifetime. The key is keeping it healthy enough to keep beating, but not overworking it and losing precious end-of-life beats… Just like with a battery 😉

  30. nancy bell fosler

    Will the NanoArmor screen protector fit with the Casetify clear case? I'm buying those for my hubby through your link, then I'll be back to buy for a Samsung S22. Thank you for your reviews, they really helped with our phone upgrades!
    …or should I just go with the Casetify screen protector? He hasn't had any screen protector on his iPhone 7 for years

  31. Love the videos

  32. Codename C.A.R.S

    I just bought everything for my 13 pro max and used your code for mous! Thank you for all you do. Now to retire the old 8 plus!

  33. Walter A Strong

    Honestly great Team. Had not seen any team videos before. Great info. Very well done.

  34. One thing that I would recommend if you want to do MagSafe charging and also have an Apple Watch, I like the MagSafe Duo from Apple. It charges both very quickly and is very low profile. It is also easy to take it off the MagSafe puck.

  35. The impact tester for the iPhone 13 would’ve went a lot better if it was flat rather than at an incline due to the camera bumps

  36. The girl is cute and lovely

  37. Omar Kharnivall

    this blonde have such a beautiful face

  38. Matt Pickering

    Hey I know this is an older vid now. But you really should check out peak designs mobile accessories. The best case magnet case and wallet and more check ‘em out. I am fan

  39. UmarMansha Mansha

    Your reviews are very informative but it would be great if you could put in the price of each product in the video like a watermark

  40. He pulled a 10 out of 10 girl not gonna lie

  41. 2 year old power bank useless? Don’t you all have a lots of lightning cables from every generation? If not they still sell usb a to lightning connection

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  44. Fast Lane FLE

    The mag safe wallet is a great idea now when you lose your phone you can also lose all your money great

  45. Appreciate the video. Great review. Unbiased reviews. Love your personality guy. Btw…. OH SNAP!