TRICK or TREAT! A Short Horror Film

Tiêu đề video: TRICK or TREAT! A Short Horror Film

Độ dài: 00:14:10, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-30 08:00:09

Tác giả: Thinking Art Entertainment

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During their first Halloween in their new home, Travis and Beth encounter an unexpected trick or treater.

Shelby Hightower – Beth
Eric Francis Melaragni – Travis
Andrew Glessner – The
Rob Coccagna – The Pirate
Gavin Crist & Logan Crist – Trick or Treat Kids
Steve Crist & Rebecca Crist – Trick or Treat Parents

Written and Directed by Wesley Mellott
Produced by Matthew K. Hacker, Wesley Mellott, Andrew Glessner, and Rob Coccagna
Director of Photography: Adam Hribar
Music by Adrian Gucze
Special FX Make-up by Isabelle Isel
Edited by Wesley Mellott
Sound by Michael Mowen

1st Assistant Director: Matthew K. Hacker
1st Assistant Camera: Brian Schwenk
2nd Assistant Camera: Rob Coccagna
Gaffers: Adam Hribar, Hieu Tran, and Brian Schwenk
Set Design: Sherry Brintzenhofe
Production Assistants: Francine Odri, Susan Mellott & Kevin Kuhn
BTS Video: Thomas Proffitt

Special Thanks
Sherry Brintzenhofe
Faith Brintzenhofe
Hope Brintzenhofe
Randy Coulter
Trauma Queen FX
Ian Kimble

Gear used to create this :
Blackmagic Pocket 6K (BMPCC6k) :
Rokinon Cinema Primes:
Nanlite PavoTubes:
Aputure MC:
SmallRig BMPCC4k Cage:
SmallRig Top Handle Grip:
SmallRig Baseplate:
SmallRig 12-inch Rails:

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  1. I cannot even begin to gush about how great this is. A very perfect love child of 'Halloween' / 'Trick r' Treat' / Scream. Every aspect of this film is on point, from creative to technical. I legitimately cannot wait to see whatever you do next. This is pure proof that the success, both artistically and critically, of 'Stalked' was NOT a fluke. Just…. wow. This team is bankable. Consider me a fan.

  2. I want part 2 plsss

  3. michael miller

    Not bad



  5. Emmanuel Pantoja

    Gotta Gotta stop making these

  6. Coulda just tried to round up some cash or change. 🤷‍♀️🤣 Also typical white dude going to inspect stuff.

  7. Damini Rautela

    If the second guy wouldn't ve asked for trick. He would have not died ryt?

  8. Aarayah Kayseas

    This is why u NEVER forget ur candy😭🤚

  9. definitely my favorite short horror film of all time

  10. If I be honest this video does not make any sense

  11. 0:02 That was so cute. 😊🤗🥺
    2:27 my guy just wanted some candy.

  12. Nandini Bhogra


  13. Toshona Wright


  14. Freedom and Savage

    Guess he really likes his m&ms.

  15. luiz guilherme moreira sales


  16. First kid said “Nigger Treeeeee”

  17. Domjan Čepić

    wow i rly like the skeleton guy until he turned out to be a murderer

  18. What if they just gave him the popcorn to begin with

  19. Pov youre a dirty brother killer

  20. Arlette Hernandez

    Halloween 🎃 👻

  21. The moral is when u have NO CANDY turn the LIGHTS OFF

  22. Me wondering why almost every comment is long🤔💭😂😂😂😂

  23. Tyler Hardiman

    Smh.. All they had to do was turn off that damn porch light…
    good stuff tho i enjoyed it😁

  24. King.crow98 Розин

    Мне жаль этих ребят. Видно молодожены хорошие люди, но увы из-за косяка парня, погибли. От этого вывод, нужно иметь запасной мешок конфет.

  25. Ernesto Ramirez

    They DIDNT THROW THE BURNT POPCORN OUT that’s the real horror story.

  26. “we are actually all out of candy”
    bro experienced the five stages of grief

  27. More!

  28. Of course !!! clever movie with a simple title." trick or treat", very creative and original. congrats bro bro. enjoyed it a lot

  29. 😳😎😉

  30. bravoooo its very and amazing and cool i love it

  31. good Halloween short but butterfly knifes wouldn't do that in fact butterfly knife can barley even make u bleed but nicemjob

  32. Ayden Dawkins

    It is scary I don't like it

  33. Jeremiah Valeska

    Trick or treat???
    Did the flim was casted by alex more and cadey mercury😂😂😂


  35. NeverReallyWantedTo

    Love this

  36. This was awesome the story is good basically liked everything it’s one of the best long horror shorts I have ever seen I liked every second of this to who ever is reading this have a good day.

  37. This short film brought back a lot of childhood memories! I remember that house and having to choose trick or treat.

  38. That was amazing!

  39. Vatroslav Morbidović

    I liked it. Reminds me of similar film called The Jester. If you like this, you should check it out. 🙂

  40. bruger king foot lettuce

  41. i loved this

  42. I have one question, I like the videos you upload and I would love to make a „react“ video of it, is that allowed? 🤔 Watch it and record it and Upload it 😅

    Sry can’t perfect English x)

    No promotion btw that’s not this channel (:

  43. My brain at 3AM

  44. Anashid Hoseini

    Nice 🔥
    Bur I can't understand the ending

  45. TRICK or TREAT vs JESTER pleaseeeeee

  46. Always pick treat