MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro) Unboxing and First 24 Hours: Why I went for it

Tiêu đề video: (M1 Pro) Unboxing and First 24 Hours: Why I went for it

Độ dài: 00:14:22, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 11:40:54

Tác giả: Joshua Vergara

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The 14 is here — with the new M1 Pro processor, it is poised to be a significant upgrade from the MacBook Pro 13 from last year, complete with ports, MagSafe, and many quality-of-life improvements. But that comes at a price — that I paid — and now let’s go ahead and unbox this powerful portable MacBook. Here are my first impressions after 24 hours (ish) if using it!

My config:
10-core CPU
16-core GPU

@Max Yuryev video:

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  1. Joshua Vergara

    Did you get one of the new MacBook Pro laptops? How are you liking it so far?

  2. Me with a MacBook Pro, not using it as a specific tool: 🤡

  3. Mikey Estrada

    this macbook is not a tool the tool is the MacBook Air, this is a power horse for the ppl who are creatives and do everything in every category wether your fashion designer to a 3d renderer to even a graphic designer etc etc all in one.

  4. Is the thick and sharp chassis uncomfortable when typing for long periods? Thanks

  5. Where did you got the Tokyo wallpaper po? Got the same model also.

  6. Are you using this as your main content creation device now?

  7. already ordered mine, but since the delivery time is like 8 weeks at this point, I'm just looking at all these people unbox them and talk about them.

  8. How is the msoffice experience,I just needed a long lasting device which can run ms office good

  9. Bryannah Basil

    love how you're watching trash taste lol

  10. Where did you get the wallpaper?

  11. Sterling Archer

    Man i love this machine. i wish i had a proper excuse to actually buy one, but I’m a suuper casual user. I don’t edit photos or videos, i don’t code or program, i don’t blog or vlog…but damn do I still want one bad.
    I guess i just don’t internet well, cause everything i do online can be done on an iPhone.

  12. I got the exact same config as you when the 14" came out for music production from an all option ticked 2016 15" MBP and was concerned that I might need the extra ram. I didn't. In fact, I think the config I got might have been overkill but sprang for it for peace of mind. These M1 processors really are just that good.

  13. I got the base model Macbook Pro 14"… Loving this thing!!

  14. Can someone please get me this laptop??🥺

  15. Alex Karchevsky

    this notch keeping me away from buying it


    All thanks to him 👆👆…for unlocking my macbook remotely 💯✔
    continue doing your good job sir


    All thanks to him 👆👆…for unlocking my macbook remotely 💯✔
    continue doing your good job sir


    All thanks to him 👆👆…for unlocking my macbook remotely 💯✔
    continue doing your good job sir

  19. Istvan Szarka

    Great video! I got the base 14" with 1 TB storage. The screen size of thr 16" must be nice, but it's much more expensive. Even the base 14" is more than enough for most people I think.

  20. Darnell Malone

    What kind of knife did you use in the beginning? I have been looking for a new one.

  21. The persona 5 background made me click on the vid

  22. Ayo your unboxing and your vybz are just lit. watch your series S and ps5 unboxing loved them.

  23. Wallpaper link please…

  24. I am also curious which moft sleeve size you have ? MOFT has 13 or 14 sleeve please ?

  25. How is the battery life going please? Please do a battery drain test without using editing programs

  26. mobilitytoday


  27. Daryll Dela Rosa

    Josh now officially an Apple convert 😮

  28. mobilitytoday

    What is your wallpaper love to use it?

  29. The price is fucking 2000 Dolores with the covvid crisis that's doesn't make sense I was thinking the price for the base model 14 will be 1500 or maximum 1600

  30. MacBook Pro Liquid Retina XDR Display are extremely slow in display response time, making motion blurriness a significant problem.

  31. Ben Bada Boom

    dope music 😛

  32. 5:53 can you send me your wallpaper? I really like it!