M1 Pro vs M1 Max MacBook Pro buyers guide! Don’t pick wrong!

Tiêu đề video: ! Don’t pick wrong!

Độ dài: 00:14:32, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-19 21:00:06

Tác giả: Luke Miani

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ONGDMhD2Ms

In this pricing guide, I’ll go through the many configurations that are available on the new MacBook Pro 14 inch and MacBook Pro 16 inch, including discussing whether to get 16gb of RAM or 32gb of RAM, M1 Pro vs M1 Max, the many GPU options, and some pro tips for choosing the best MacBook Pro for you!

Links to order M1 Pro and Max MacBooks (affiliate):
14 inch:
16 inch:

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
1:05 Overview comparison
3:36 14 inch configurations
6:31 M1 Pro vs M1 Max upgrades
8:40 16 inch configurations
10:24 Upgrade advice and pro tips
11:49 14” ideal configuration
12:43 16” ideal configurations

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  1. Which configuration do you think is the best value?

  2. Christopher Loughrey

    I ordered the M1 Pro 16 inch Base model. I only need the basic M1 power but I do need the larger screen size as I find that working with 13 inches really strains my eyes, so for the sake of my eye health I needed to get the largest screen as this is my only computer.

    I wish Apple would move away from 13 inches as the only option in the consumer grade Macbooks

  3. have heard the sound on 16" is fahr better than 14".Any comments?

  4. I have the 2019 intel Macbook Pro 16 inch and it heats up so much! Really want to upgrade to M1 Pro 14 inch

  5. Which variant is better for color grading

  6. Amanda Parkkinen

    Great video as always!!
    I have questions: I am a full-time photographer and I need to update my old MacBook Pro from 2015. I am thinking about MacBook 14 pro M1 with 16GB RAM and 512 ssd or MacBook 13’3 PRO M1 with 16 RAM and 512 ssd. There is a price difference at 300$ between these two laptops. What is the mane difference and which do you think is right for me? I work with big files in photoshop, using Lightroom and creating smaller projects in premier pro ✨

  7. You picked wrong, the irony…

  8. Don't forget much better thermal management on the 16" vs. 14".

  9. Long Live China

    I like your videos i dislike almost all videos but i dont do that to yours

  10. The Questioner

    Lol I'm just gonna probably end up getting a 14 inch max specked out except for storage, the only thing that I'm kind of concerned about is the heat. A 16 inch laptop is just too big for me, but with the heat in mind and cooling it's the only thing that doesn't want to make me go full tilt and buying the max specs best processor gpu and ram for the 14 inch. I personally would take full advantage of the all specs and hardware, as I make music, edit videos, graphic design, and all kinds of fairly intensive tasks and I have a PC that is already a beast, but I use a macbook just way more. What do you think does anyone have the fully maxed out 14 inch and have you noticed a cooling problem when doing mild to intense tasks?

  11. Yashas Pradeep

    Should I get 16 gb or 32gb ram on the 16 inch. I plan on getting the 1tb base model

  12. Boxing Gloves

    Hello there. Thanks for advice.I ordered finaly 16 inch and cannot wait🤙🤓

  13. Loved your review Luke thank you 🙂

  14. i think im about to get the M1Max Full Highest Specs. No need to bring External SSD's and Future Proof Use. And thats good for 15 years. Tired Of Upgrading.

  15. ScreamingPixels

    Luke huge thank you for this amazing video! All these conditions are so confusing! So your video helped me to find the one that works for me. Thanks

  16. Excellent video. You really help me to decide which one to buy. The 16 inch was always on my list, so I will probably buy the M1 Max with 10 core cpu, 24 core gpu (upgrade of $200), 32 GB memory and 1 TB storage. Would like 2 TB but for $400 extra, I prefer to buy 1 TB external drive for $125.
    Thanks again 👍🏽

  17. Does anyone know how well the M1 Pro 16 can handle 6k Blackmagic Raw in Premiere Pro?

  18. My new base 16 in just arrived couldn’t care less your about Final Cut Pro etc but made my 5 yr Dell look ridiculous

  19. Hello Luke, so after listening to this buyer's guide about a month ago I ordered the new M1 Pro MacBook 14" with 10-Core CPU and 14-Core GPU version. So far I haven't seen any review on this particular version. Is it a bad combo? I am really looking forward to seeing your review on it in comparison with the other two M1 Pro chipsets. Thank you.

  20. Christopher adebonojo

    is there a reduction in battery performance on heavy-duty tasks upgrading from m1 pro 14 inch to the m1 max 14 inch?

  21. Julian BRINSON

    I just asked for a Multicam 8K workflow from another YouTuber and then I thought of you with those five laptops from M1. Can you also do an 8K workflow with about 6 to 9 streams to see how the M1 at various stages would hold up? as I wrote to the other YouTuber no one else has done it. Please give it a thought. Thanks!

  22. If I'm only using the MacBook for audio, is there any benefit from having the higher memory bandwidth in the M1 Max? If not, I'll just get the 16" M1 Pro with 32 GB of RAM.

  23. Devi Daly Yoga

    I'm choosing between the Pro and Max, and finding myself unable to digest all the spec details! Any suggestions for me? I make yoga videos up to 1 hour long in 4K and edit them down to 1080p. My current top-of-the-line 2017 MBP just barely handles what I'm doing in FCPX. My husband thinks the Pro will be fine… but will it be in 4 or 5 years? I also do multi-track audio production.

  24. Base models with these new macbooks are more than enough for most users.

  25. It's $6.5k+ for the m1 max 64gb 2tb in Canada 😵😵😵

  26. When i buy computers i always buy them maxed out cpu and gpu then in theory they should still be capable longer and means ill keep it longer before updating, normally iphones every two years, ipads when it stops working and macbooks every 5 yrs

  27. funny thats the exact laptop I ordered … 32 gb ram …2tb max

  28. 16 inch = heavier and bulkier, but larger screen (also brighter), better cooling (more sustained performance), better charger (new GaN tech and major leap in output), more battery life, etc.

  29. Upgrading from a 2012 rMBP and likely going for the 16' model. Very similar to a proven and acclaimed design! Note that the 16-inch M1Max-max'ed out option does offer better sustained performance due to the model-unique "max fan noise mode" (lol) as well as enhanced cooling designs.

  30. Reel Kiwi Memories

    Geez Louise, I’ve changed my order 3 times now. I’ve finally gone with the minimum Max level 16 inch configuration but with 1 terabyte SSD. I actually feel pretty good about it even though my wallet doesn’t. I realized I do have some pro level usage to deal with occasionally and also want to future proof it in case I upgrade my camera’s eventually over the next few years.

  31. my brain hurts now… ughhh decisions

  32. Maurizio Battaghini

    I really need the benchmark with 14'' basic model to know the real value of the product

  33. Very helpful.

  34. Apple always tempting for more for that $200. Ordered the M1 Max with all bases covered. Not time to reflect on ifs and buts. Spend it, get it and get on with it..

  35. Is that a Spaceship Earth wall???

  36. Anyone have advice for me?? I want the 14” not sure if I go with the M1 pro or M1 max chip. It’ll be my first laptop so I’m not sure if I’ll need the max it just sounds nice but trying to figure out if it’s worth it since I’ll just be using it for work related stuff and probably just travel here and there. Please help haha

  37. is anyone who isnt a video editor buying this laptop?

  38. I've place in the cart 2 possibilities. The M1pro with a step up of the CPU to the 10 core and either 16GB or the 32GB.

    My contention is between 16GB or 32GB. Luke, I'm wondering if you'd cover this for us? I apologise if you'd already did.

  39. Base16”4Lyf

  40. I think if I were to buy one, I'd get the base 14" with upgraded 1TB HD. But for now I'll stick to my base model Mac Mini and old 2013" Macbook air.

  41. Nicholas Petre

    Those of you who want more battery life stick with 16 core GPU that in real life test can last up to 16 hrs of life. That M1 Max model with 32 cores lasted only 10 hrs on battery. Pro with 16 cores will last longer by a high margin vs M1 Max

  42. Nicholas Petre

    This is actually pretty good analysis of this tricky apple pricing. Thank you so much for being so pedantic and doing that for us. Really

  43. Colin McCormack

    great analysis, thanks

  44. I have the same idea of configurations for a cheap option)

  45. Great comparison. I guess if it can finish video export before I finish my number 2, it is good enough for me. So I will go for the 10core 16gb M1 pro.

  46. Damn u. U are the reason, why I upgraded from m1 13“ to base model 14“ n waiting for it now, but thanks! (Already seen newer vids of u) but I would really love to see non-M1-optimized software comparisons.. eg. fusion360. BTW: mostly liking about u the down-to-earth thinking..! Greetings from Germany

  47. I’m going to grab the base model 16” with 1TB, just not sure if I am going to jump to 32gb of ram. I will be using Lightroom, photoshop, Logic and Final Cut. Thoughts ?

  48. Chatsworth Osborne, Jr.

    Mac/Apple used to keep it simple and everyone knew what they wanted, today we need so called YouTube experts to help decide what we need. Steve we miss you, why did you leave us?? See you soon in paradise my friend.

  49. Sorry, did he say that if you want to run an external monitor you HAVE to have the entry level MAX?

  50. James Navarro

    My biggest personal dilemma was deciding between 16/32gb of RAM. My 2013 11" Air has 4gb so either way will be a huge upgrade, I think 16gb will suffice.