Jon Hamm Enters The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest | The New Yorker

Tiêu đề video: Enters Cartoon Caption Contest | The New Yorker

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The actor, who stars in the movie “Bad Times at the El Royale,” tries his hand at our cartoon-caption contest.

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Jon Hamm Enters The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest | The New Yorker

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  1. Germano Magnone

    personally I would have written:

    1) "who among you made me look like a parrot in yesterday's speech?"

    2) "it's fine to be artistic, but that's too much.."

    5) "look, you do not impress with me like this."
    7) "there was not enough room for everyone. you have to open the door before you leave."
    8) "perhaps it was much better to leave it in Texas."

  2. I feel like he’s an idealized version of Phil Dunphy.

  3. Piotr Czernecki

    what a bold way to start…

  4. Hard to watch a star miss the whole point.

  5. 0:46 Modern dance majors trying to use their degree in real life

  6. Yasmine Anika Doršner

    When he said homeboy I

  7. თინა Tina თინი Tini

    I love New Yorker .

  8. Maximilian Funke

    whats the song in the background called? what a tune

  9. Passive Aggresive Russian

    0:15 Ok, who forgot the crackers?

  10. Is everyone else realizing that he just can’t not sell us a story just like don draper

  11. Travis Richey

    I think "Those guys have danced themselves into a whole lot of trouble" would have been perfect ha!
    Roe v Wade was great. So was superman and the buffalo!
    Hamm did way better than some other comedians.

  12. He’s pretty good actually

  13. You are in perfect health. But you do have a kryptonite allergy

  14. Cannot get enough of Jon Hamm ❣️

  15. hahah the buffalo dipped in ranch is a typical MidWest(esp St Louis) thing..I live in STL presently

  16. The skydiving one is so obvious, “They say its about the journey, not the destination.”

  17. DaveTheDude123

    The fact that this guy played don draper shows how good of an actor he is

  18. 0:30 “did you get pears?”

  19. 어? 제목학원이 여깄네!!

  20. 1:15 The college vs. trade school debate continues.

  21. Been doing lines of Kryptonite again?

  22. cannonbull…….

  23. He is so handsome and clever I adore him

  24. Jones Hamm,
    Yours are among the best….
    ……if that is of importance to you…….

  25. Jon Hamm proving the value of good comedy writers.

  26. Nancy Paffrath

    So good to look at . . . and the he speaks with that voice!

  27. Helena Versiani

    1:24 bro they vibing

  28. Truth is, his are funnier than most of the comedians

  29. Jon Hamm was the funniest

  30. Avatar Consciousness

    John Hamm Level of Consciousness 502 #johnhamm #AVATARConsciousness

  31. Canonbull!

  32. william wolfe

    Parrots: "OK, let's go round. I'll go first. Walnuts"

  33. Clark, you can as much life insurance as you want.

  34. Bull and pool: "They let everyone in now-a-days"