Jigoro Kano has been gone less than 100 years. Is he simply a genius or maybe a future god ?

Tiêu đề video: Jigoro Kano has been gone less than 100 years. Is he simply a genius or maybe a future god ?

Độ dài: 00:11:01, Ngày đăng: 2021-08-11 00:27:05

Tác giả: Nick Yonezuka – Cranford JKC

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0yXjwBKSXM

Jigoro Kano created Judo as a martial art derived from Japanese jujitsu fighting techniques to maim and kill. These techniques are still taught for self defense, police and military. However, the fact that Kano had the foresight to making Judo, “the gentle way”, a sport that can be practiced every day by the general public, is more than brilliant. He somehow knew this would not only make judo practitioners better martial artists but also better human beings. And by the success of the sport worldwide, that in turn, made the world a little better place to live.

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  1. judo has made me such a happier person in the span of a year, great video! Thank you sensei

  2. I believe in judo, not only because it is one if not the greatest foundations for self defence but because of the way everyone would fight if they knew judo.
    In this world where everyone knew what difference it makes to win only with gentleness, there wouldn't be as much anger and fear because once you would loose nobody would have got hurt and both parties can be proud of themself.
    Compared to a striking match where in reality only the more brutal one wins, what a victory is that.
    That is why I love the gentle way, it brings peace in one's mind and not that it is the only way and especially to dented oneself (there are a lot of good schools of thought) but judo is special at least for me.
    I'd wish the self defence aspect would be emphasized more nowadays with all the techniques judo has to offer but still I know I will be able to defend myself and best case scenario I wont have to rely on brute strength exactly how I'd want to live my life.

  3. The thing about Judo is that Judo is not finished.Jigoro Kanos vision is not yet realized.It´s like a small ticking bomb that will will reveal itself with time.We will develop than look at the past.Than develop and look at the past.And refine ourself more and more.

  4. Thanks sensei nick 👍🙏 great info again 👌 Oss 👍

  5. Judo…."the gentle way. " What better words to describe it?

  6. Reading about Kano's life, philosophy, and mission, has changed me as a person. I think he was one of the primary reasons that Martial Arts in general has a reputation for positive personal development. He was smart enough to see that competition and struggle were important facets in personal growth. And he was smart enough to see that to get the most out of competition, it needed to be tempered with discipline and respect. I think it was primarily due to him that Martial arts interacts with society the way it does today. He was a great humanist, philosopher, and teacher, who spread his vision for personal development with the world regardless of race, nationality, creed, or otherwise.

    I think you see the mutual cultivation of confidence and humility in many competitive martial arts, but I don't see it anywhere better than in Judo personally. I meet the nicest, most humble, and toughest, people in Judo clubs. Speaking as somebody who took up Judo later on and with a background a few different competitive martial arts, I must say that it is the philosophy of Judo, Kano's philosophy, and how that philosophy shines through in the training, that has given me such a passion for Judo. If I could call anything my religion, it would be Judo.

    Great video. Love your channel! Best.