Google Pixel 6 Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case Review!!!

Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 Case Review!!!

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Tác giả: Roy Florez

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Here is my review of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Google Pixel 6. The color is Matte Black. The case cost $17.99 on Amazon with Prime Shipping!

If you want to buy this case for your Google Pixel 6 or , follow these affiliate links:

Pixel 6 case:
Pixel 6 Pro case:

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid has been my main go to case for any of my smartphones. I’m a huge fan of the matte black bumpers with the crystal clear back. Just love how it shows off the color of the phone. Especially if you are like me and put skins on your phone.

The air cushion technology just gives me even more ease of mind just in case I drop the phone!

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  1. I went with the clear case since I have the Sorta Seafoam color and want to show it off. Great video BTW.

  2. The company itself does not advertise drop protection with this case! Are you going to buy brand or functionality? The device protection is what is important.

  3. Leonardo Hernandez

    Do you think you need a screen protector for this phone with this case? If so do you recommend one?

  4. Wish they made a black bezel clear case, including the top accent color

  5. Chris Butcher

    What's the wallpaper in the vid? 🙂

  6. Does this case catch a lot lint in between the case and the phone?

  7. Great review! I just got this phone and it is a giant slippery bar of soap. Going to order this from Amazon before I break my phone. I'm glad the buttons are still clicky and also the case won't hide that beautiful glass back. Thank you!

  8. i wish above the camera was clear too for other colors

  9. hi, thanks for video, is this case thin?

  10. Thanks for the video. We need this but wuth matte back.

  11. This is a bad ass pixel 6 case.

  12. Thinking about how this case would look on a sorta seafoam Pixel

  13. Is the back fingerprints catcher or not?

  14. Darren Richards

    Great video! I was going to go for one of the rugged cases but just ordered this ultra case and a skin. Cheers!.

  15. ultra hybrid is great, the only thing is i like super thin cases (compromising protection). However, this time, might consider this one. Thanks!

  16. The Foster Dojo

    Commenting for the algo!

    Looks nice man may get this when I get my Pixel 6

  17. Does that clear back not show scratches over time?