Google Pixel 6 Pro | Unboxing & Tour

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Unboxing Google’s Pixel 6 Pro, a super-premium Android 12 smartphone boasting triple lens camera tech, beefy specs for gaming on the go, and that Tensor chipset. This hands-on review explores the new hardware, although for my thoughts on the best new features and how the Pixel 6 Pro’s camera holds up, come back on Monday!

This bigger Google flagship phone upgrades several of the specs, with more memory, UWB tech, and a optical zoom lens on the back. I’ll be comparing the photo and video smarts to the standard Pixel 6 in my in-depth review, coming on Monday.

0:00 – Uhhh, what?
0:44 – What’s in the box?
1:11 – Design
3:24 – Pixel 6 Pro case
4:01 – Android 12 & features
6:03 – Screen & audio
7:16 – Performance
8:52 – Battery
9:33 – Camera
11:21 – Byyeeeee

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  1. Big hugs for watching my unboxing and hands on effort, been using these phones for a week now, so full camera review and Pixel 6 review coming on Monday 25 when the full embargo lifts. What do you reckon, tempted to chuck some cash at Google or already got your pre-orders in?

  2. That Intro made me Laugh 😂

  3. Justin Lichtie

    Love this guys accent

  4. My dream phone but that phone is very expensive here in phillipines 😭

    Please let me win this Google phone ❤️🙏 God bless I'm always watching you in YouTube in my brothers phone

  5. ExtraChristo 78

    I like your jojo background on the phone lol

  6. I'm very interested in the Google Pixel 6 pro.

  7. 𝕾𝖓𝖔𝖜𝖒𝖆𝖓

    11:14 "…if you have friends"

  8. Technology is Awesome

    This is a great phone for the price. Google did well this time around and they should keep it up.

  9. I'm a prostitute. That's how I made the money to get this phone.

  10. Marshmallow Puff

    The Google Pixel Pro 6 makes iPhone 📲 owners like me tensor and tensor 😬

  11. Kannan achuzz

    Please give me a iphone 🙏🙏🙏

  12. suyash jadhav

    Give us wallpaper link

  13. Does the added gb memory you can have make any difference to the phone or just simply give you more memory ?

  14. Bilal Yaqoob RZ

    you know we are not going to buy this phone. oh come on

  15. ORA

  16. I want those anime walpapers from where do he get those 😭

  17. ✌✌✌

  18. Did i see Kujo Jotaro on this Gg Pixel 6 pro??? 😆

  19. Where do you get your amazing anime wallpapers?

  20. mine is arriving in an hour:)

  21. Adesina Martin

    I'm know am not the only who was surprised when he said batmanish. Admit it we all think alike 🤣

  22. Does it have double tap to sleep?

  23. The pixel 6 pro looks good but no 512GB version…

  24. Jotaro wallapaper?

  25. All big youtube channels get instructions from Google to advertise their phone maded in china with google logo

  26. Asiri Bandara

    So now I know what 'pro' means in smartphones. You have to do prostitution to afford those

  27. I like what google does. With their chipset we can got affordable price. Not like Samsung with their exynos, I would say it's overprice.

  28. great video, thank you. did i hear that right – no Face ID?!

  29. You know Google's slogan for this phone: "Pimps and hoes buy Pros!"

  30. rivalstorm120

    How is the call quality though?

  31. Is it currently available in UK (in stores)?

  32. Not only did you 'piss off' Jeff, who deserved it, you gave Google's embargo the full bird.