Google Pixel 6 Pro review

Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 Pro review

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro brings a long-awaited update to the cameras and fills the gap of last year’s missing flagship hardware from Google. There’s also IP68 water resistance, stereo speakers, wireless charging, and new Google AI features. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Design and build
1:34 6.7″ AMOLED, 1440p, 120Hz refresh rate
2:13 Loudpseakers and sound quality
2:35 5000 mAh battery with fast-charging
3:25 Google Tensor and 12GB RAM
4:06 Android 12 with Material You
5:14 Camera specs
8:40 Daylight Photos quality
7:18 Lowlight Photos
8:23 Selfies
8:46 Video quality Daylight
9:38 Selfie video Speech Enhancement test
10:09 Verdict

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  1. Mr Dragonballz

    Google pixel 6 pro is actually a note 20 ultra 5g in a different housing

  2. This review helped me to decide but final concern please…
    Is it also capable of mirror cast to a smart TV??

  3. you must live in the fort Lauderdale area. Great pics..

  4. Simon Masters

    Really wished they had a 512gb version.

  5. Ugliest phones ever

  6. You seriously complained about a free case quality? Just be grateful it is even included.

  7. richie's_muse

    my cousin got the pixel 6 and one thing he's constantly complaining about is how buggy the phone is.. one time after a restart, he couldn't enter his password or fingerprint.. no matter what he did the screen just won't respond and he had to do a factory reset.. 8 days after buying a new phone!!.. smh.. pixels are wack!

  8. Looking for the comment about the Suburu nearly rear-ending the other car

  9. The 'scratch resistant' screen on the Pixel 6 "pro"….ISN'T. The stitching from your jeans
    WILL put hairline scratches all over this PLASTIC screen (NOT GLASS).
    This is flagship? LAUGHABLE!

  10. Vacoum Kadasa

    hate rounded corners of the screen. I am losing the quality of video on full screen on those corners. It's a nice to look but completely not practical.

  11. thanks sir if i buy this from dubai with international version of it can i get the warranty also? pls reply TIA🙏

  12. Duane Avenido

    In your website. Screen display is 6.71" here in your Chanel, 6.7" what happened?!

  13. at 9:22 on the 3rd lane, blue Honda, we almost got a car crash

  14. lose the microphone for the review… silly. just a bad/goofy look….oh and annoying. gsmarena has without a doubt the worst reviewers out there. usually make it about a minute or so b4 I go find a good one. lame

  15. Does this mobile have unlimited Photos storage in Pixel 6 pro?

  16. Kevin Martinez

    I thought Google already gave their phones 3 years of OS updates?

  17. Michael Moore

    So…. T Mobile has the 6 pro at $399 with new service or add a line. Add that to the sale on the Magenta plan and…. I now have a Pixel 6 Pro!

  18. Why did

  19. Thinking of switching from iPhone to this. Good idea?

  20. Popcorn Sprite

    Will the battery last longer than on the pixel 4a?

  21. Mickenn Conrad Ayuman

    Is this available in philippines?

  22. Joel Rodriguez

    Lol especially that guitar and 95 😂

  23. Joel Rodriguez

    Soflo is the way 💪 lol local

  24. Give me a phone with:
    1. Camera hardware of Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra
    2. Camera software of an iphone
    3. Build quality of a Samsung
    4. OS of a Pixel
    5. And price of a Xiaomi

  25. Sir can you please backup that pixels 6pro camera drop that in discription

  26. Most of this video was about camera. Who cares man. Move on to OS software

  27. Excited to buy 1 next month

  28. The finest Pixel 6 Pro review on YouTube. Subscribed. I've got to watch your others now. Thank you.

  29. Lmao at the dickheads in the Wrangler and Civic Si at 9:24. Gotta love Broward County drivers 🤣

  30. Could you test the sound with this phone against the iPhone 13 pro max?

  31. Am trading my pixel in for the s22 ultra

  32. $800 made by Slave Children and jacked up price 750,000% – This should be a complete Tax write off from the IRS for 50 years since our government delays JFK files

  33. AlcoDelco Lolex

    I'm watching this off my pixel 6 pro, so far I'm loving it for work.

  34. Ricky has started sounding like Will. A very robotic way of presentation.
    Can't even look at the phone. Google chickened out of India.

  35. SyntaxError1101

    The pixel looks so premium. Rounded corners on phones tend to make them look less expensive than they are in my opinion, but still i wont be getting the pixel 6 pro….

    I will get s22 if it has the design i want. If not, then i will hold out until the pixel 7. Rn i have a oneplus 7 pro and its becoming buggy, and battery took a huuge hit. I might not get the pixel if it still has a punchole, hate those soo much

  36. This phone sucks! Here is a copy of what I sent Google about this phone. Nothing but problems!

    I want to make a f*cking call and your f*cking google assistant won't let me. I turned the f*cking thing off and the f*cking thing still won't let me call the number! I just bought this pixel 6 pro and it is a f*cking piece of sh*t! My 6 year old Samsung at least would let me make a basic f*cking phone call without trying to get in the middle of the call! WTF!!!! I hope every single person who had anything to do with designing this phone, d*es of rectal Cancer! Only Google can make a phone that will not let the user make a f*cking phone call! WTF is wrong with you people! I'm glad I didn't need to f*cking dial 911! Also why the f*ck would you not have the arrow button on your key board keep the Caps on when you press it the second time like every other cell phone on the f*cking planet! Let me guess I just need to go thru all the settings in the phone to turn that on! Is it the year 2000!!! I'm not sure how much money you spent getting dipsh*ts on the internet to review this phone and say how great it is, but maybe you should have used that money to get your phone to actually make f*cking phone calls!

    P.S. As an added bonus YouTube censored my comment before I could post this comment! Once again, great job Google!

  37. nice background ……