Google Pixel 6 & Pro Camera Review | Best smartphone snapper of 2021?

Tiêu đề video: Google Pixel 6 & Pro Camera Review | Best smartphone snapper of 2021?

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Reviewing Google’s and the standard Pixel 6’s fresh camera tech after ten days of testing, with a comparison of the phones’ optics. With a fresh new 50MP camera sensor and the Tensor chip’s ISP, the Pixel 6 can quickly capture good looking photos and video in most conditions. Meanwhile the Pro model adds in a telephoto lens for zoom shots. But are they among the best smartphones of 2021 for photography?

Both blowers cope well in strong and dim lighting, although moving subjects will appear blurry in evening photos. The Pixel 6 Pro’s tele option is a serious upgrade for getting closer to your subject, while the Motion Mode is a gimmick that’s best left alone.

When it comes to selfies, the Google Pixel 6 series isn’t as impressive as some rivals. Low light shots suffer from grain and don’t boast the wonderfully natural skin tones captured by the rear camera.

Still, I was happy enough with the 4K video results, from the impressive stabilisation to the strong audio capture. And photo editing is improved with the Magic Eraser tool, which can wipe out any pesky stragglers hanging around in shot.

My full Pixel 6 review is live right now and my in-depth phone comparison will be going live shortly! So what do you reckon, are you tempted by these flagship smartphones?

Google Pixel 6 Pro Camera Review Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly bit
0:52 – Camera UI
1:27 – Pixel 6 & Pro photo tests
2:45 – Motion Mode
3:18 – Ultra Wide & Telephoto tests
4:19 – Video tests
4:51 – Selfie cameras
5:35 – Photo Editing (Magic Eraser)

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  1. Omg you have a very cute cat!! And lovely daughter ☺️☺️☺️

  2. I've "upgraded" from my Pixel 3 and the Pixel 6 Pro camera is horrible! I don't know what on earth is happening, but it's so blurry!

  3. It's all so grainy watching it back

  4. Is Pixel’s photo editing app is identical as the Google Photos editing app? Same thing?

  5. Warren Edwards

    Can you use the magic eraser to erase stuff of apps like time etc..

  6. Chee Kiat Teo

    Pixel 6 pro also has that sweet 120 Hz refresh rate right? does its battery last longer or shorter?

  7. No- it’s camera is inconsistent trash

  8. I’ve been really disappointed in the camera on my pixel 6 pro.
    My iPhone 12 Pro Max outshots it, I’d like to see what the 13 pro max can do.

  9. Great photos! You live in a really nice place 🙂

  10. So I've got a really cute dog that I like taking pictures of…. Do I need a telephoto camera?

  11. Sixto A. Rivas

    Is the image on the pixel 6 Pro front camera flipped/reversed? Example, at 4:53, your selfie at the Beer Hall shows the words as it is (not flipped. I hope this makes sense.

  12. Suhail Mustafa

    Great vid aside, cheers for that Spike Spiegel wallpaper. Man of sheer culture.

  13. That town looks like the Ted Lasso stage. Is that the same place? 😮

  14. Dude… the camera on this JUST SUCKS 🙂 Why can't you just tell it like it is….? 🙂 Try OnePlus 9 pro man… And do this review again then. Just look at your own video clip shooting with this shit. Try to make out anything of the sky… It's just all white. :))))) GOD !

  15. As a current owner of a pixel 1, My only complaint is the camera zoom which is non-existent compared to other brands. Fast forward to the 6th Pixel generation and updated technology; would I be fine with the pixel 6?

  16. Always a joy to watch this great human being videos

  17. Matt.Cook.Oregon

    How do you use the telephoto lens? Whenever I zoom it seems to stay on the same lens

  18. pls pixel 4a vs pixel 6 camera test, thx

  19. I like this reviewer. Same attitude as me. I dig how you just browse over those gimmicky camera features, lol. Thanks!

  20. I was gonna buy the pro but it didn't really impress as much as expected so bought a oppo find x3 pro brand new for £530 which is a much better deal in my opinion

  21. A Pixel 6 with the telephoto would be perfect for my use. Don't care at all about the other Pro features, in fact some of them are negatives. They could dump the wide angle lens and add the 4x telephoto as far as I'm concerned.

  22. Rodwell Saurombe

    Your daughter it's growing bro 😅

  23. The Will's Family Account

    Good to see you out and about in your videos now! Great video..

  24. Today i got my pixel 6 but i returning it because it Doesn't have dual apps, its gesture back button is right sided there is no option for changing it. And anther thing is it Doesn't allaw anything download anything with my mobile
    Data on only shows turn on wifi for download. I Didn't found any setting for that

  25. Thanks for this review

  26. Petri Salonen

    Stunning photos best I've ever seen on any smartphone review✌️🏆🥇. A huge upgrade from the usual budget friendly Motorola and Nokia phones Chris is reviewing just about every week. These new Pixels are amazing in a totally different league miles ahead and above Samsung and Apple too. Now if I only could afford to buy that Pixel 6 Pro (which I really can't at least in 2021).

  27. The center front camera just makes it look like every other phone now….