Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich(2-2agg) UCL2016 Semi-Final/ Highlights

Tiêu đề video: (2-2agg) UCL2016 Semi-Final/ Highlights

Độ dài: 00:11:23, Ngày đăng: 2021-02-26 02:00:09

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Atletico Madrid vs Bayern Munich UCL2016 Semi-Final Highlights

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  1. What a saveds by Jan Oblak😳

  2. I remember going on vacation to spain, madrid and watching this match in madrid when i was a kid


    Superb commentary

  4. Pep Guardiola is unlucky in Europe.

  5. Diego Silva Velásquez

    I miss you Godin, Gabi, Saúl. 😟😔

  6. Don Carlo Ancelotti

    Almost forgot Alaba had hair back then 🤣

  7. Bayern win

  8. Josep Maria Bartomeu

    And now we are a shadow
    Hope we find fortune

  9. Greizmann was something else in those time

  10. Demir Bejtovic

    This was the semi where pep had to watch Saul dribble the whole Bayern team and wanted to punch his whole team😂

  11. Vamos ganhar a champions desse ano

  12. era nuestra f

  13. Lewandoski is horrendous

  14. football skills Sports video 8


  15. No talks how Pep basically flopped at Bayern. Bayern won champion league before he came and not so long after he left. Same group of players.

  16. I miss this Atlético so competitive that was Spain champion, 2 CL finals, eliminated Barcelona and Bayern in 2016 and fought for the title until the last matchday week in this year

  17. Kingsley Mugisra

    One of the greatest matches of the champions league, both these players were in the form of their lives, since Godin and Gabi left, Atletico have never been the same

  18. Analizando bien el partido el atletico de madrid si no cambia a su entrenador ya no va a ir a otra final de champions porque eliminaron la regla del gol de visitante el atletico muchas veces clasificaba metiendo un gol en su casa y otro afuera.

  19. Save 10:50 🤯

  20. Guardiola was always overrated

  21. Guardiola is a man with problems

  22. guardiola is a league man not a tournament man

  23. وين الي جاي من عند معتصم 😂

  24. Andrey Maliholtra

    Oblak the best kiper in the world this era

  25. Atm smimione

  26. Lovely old days.

  27. Biswadev Majhi

    How on earth Atletico Madrid are so Lucky

  28. Atletii decime que se siente , haber perdido la final, te juro que aunque pasen los años siempre seremos tu papaa

  29. atletico never winning the champions league trophy…

  30. The last Cliffhanger

    Fraudiola failed the club again despite having a much better squad!

  31. very suspicious… every game im more convinced the plays are pre…

  32. joder, le regalaron el pase… hay dos fallos garrafales, la mano del primer partido y el penalty del segundo, aunque no fuera decisorio… perjudica igual, nunca vi el partido así reflejado y entiendo q fue un descaro a favor del atl y no digo q a veces suceda en contra del atletico pero en esa eliminatoria esta claro ehhh

  33. Andrés Tejedor Benedicto

    Im an Atlético fan, and Oblak did in Múnich his best match ever

  34. Pablo Martinez

    Wasn't a very atractive football to watch but man, we were really effective. Add a world class performance by Oblak and we were very solid. Only man capable of stopping us was Cristiano Ronaldo and he did.

  35. Deus nos ama

  36. Israel Gallego Lopez

    Atletico de madrid , equipo de gerreros

  37. Muhammad Saidi

    2020-2021 Bayern vs Spanish team :
    Barcelona 2-8 Bayern
    Bayern 2-1 Sevilla
    Bayern 4-0 Atletico Madrid

  38. Mike solís rocca

    Menos mal que ya han quitado el valor doble de los goles

  39. Guillermo guiller VALENCIA

    Este atleti me daba una envidia terrible. Sin estrellas competian como hacia el Valencia en los 2000s

  40. Peps tiki taka style= 3 times eliminated by spanish teams in a row

    Hansi Flick's classic german style= 3 rapes against spanish teams in few months

  41. Guardiola's Bayern was knocked out in UCL by the top 3 spanish sides in his 3 seasons in charge and all in the semis

  42. Aboubakar Balde

    Forca Atleti siempre me equipo de vida

  43. What a tie this was.

  44. Bayern fan here, Real would have beaten Bayern easily in the final. Pep was very lucky vs Juventus and his team was too slow in attack and made too many mistakes at the back. Look how his City got destroyed against Chelsea in the final.

  45. Nikolaj Madum

    It was so heartbreaking watching the last match as a Bayern fan. It was powerplay towards the Atletico goal and we had so many chances and a missed penalty, but we just couldn't keep our heads cool.

    It was one of the best games I've ever seen from Bayern. We played so good and really should have reached the final that year.

  46. Ay saul 😢

  47. All the effort to get robbed in Milan

  48. i bleed bayern


  49. Hala Madrid! Patriots Nation! Go Pats!!!! 14x 🏆🤍

    too bad that atletico couldn't get the job done in the end! #halamadrid!!!! <3

  50. Importance of penalty
    For those who says ronaldo a "penaldo"