🏆PENALTIES! Real Madrid win Super Copa 2020!🏆 (Real vs Atletico Madrid Penalty Shoot-Out)

Tiêu đề video: 🏆PENALTIES! win Super Copa 2020!🏆 (Real vs Atletico Madrid Penalty )

Độ dài: 00:01:29, Ngày đăng: 2020-01-14 00:08:25

Tác giả: 442oons

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UELUlhekTEg

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  1. This is the game when Valverde uses the dark arts

  2. Halil Krasniqi


  3. wojownik z czarną bandaną

    2022 please

  4. They win it again

  5. Who here after Valverde actually scored the winning in the Super Copa semi finals against Brokelona

  6. ⚔️-ℤ𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕠-⚔️

    The dark arts for using a jet pack.

  7. Oh that,s from Saudi Arabia

  8. B

  9. Morata would miss it anyways

  10. Valvarde gets a red card
    Ramos: Goobbboiiii

  11. fair play on tripier he did stop atleti lose for like a minute

  12. Ramos

  13. Song name?

  14. Penalty takers:

    Real Madrid:


    Atlético Madrid:


  15. Kerem ereal 88

  16. Muhammad Sabil Ramadhan

    Well, that's not cheating Diego, that's just the dark art

  17. Bien merecido Real Madrid felicidades!! 👏

  18. Kareem Elsakka

    It's not cheating it's the dark arts

  19. Valverde hero

  20. Song name pls

  21. 0:06 fuck you mean I’m triggered that was a name king Abdullah the previous king of Saudi you taking the piss

  22. Med Sulejmanova

    F*** 2020

  23. the thing that im so intrested at is fede gets a red card tibos cloth was orange but in pen it was black

  24. 0:40 whhhaaatt

  25. Real madrid fans were happy

  26. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ i love you😍😍

  27. Radin Sarkarat

    Hala Madrid

  28. This match was unreal even courtois saved

  29. Mohamed Ashraf

    Valverde in 2020: gets a red card.
    Real Madrid: wins the super cup.

    Messi in 2021: gets a red card.
    Barca: loses the super cup final.

  30. 0:16 WTF!? Is that it look like someone else is coming in my room and take my things

  31. Undeserved win

  32. That my brother

  33. Valverde used the dark arts!!

  34. 1 isnt real madrid stadium 2 its ahli and ittihad stadium
    3 y u joke king abdulallah king stadium

  35. Aaaaa

  36. Tivircio Marcial

    0:15 pgs tour in backround

  37. Tivircio Marcial

    0:05 1st penalty

  38. Play Store and get 60 Second Challenge video

  39. 0. Minute miles per hour

  40. 0:12 Messi in backround

  41. Is no one gonna talk about how Courtouis' kit is yellow during the scene of Valverde's red card and then magically black during the penalty shoot out 😂😂😂

  42. Why rodrygo looks like a baby?

  43. Gamerz Never Die

    Modric didn’t deserve the ballon dor

    Like if you agree