Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective

Tiêu đề video: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3: A Hater's Perspective

Độ dài: 00:12:55, Ngày đăng: 2021-09-04 02:22:26

Tác giả: ShortCircuit

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I’m a huge fan of Samsung’s Fold3 5G, so you would think I would naturally be a big fan of the Flip series, but you’d be surprised. Last year’s Flip didn’t impress me but maybe the Flip3 can change my mind!

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0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Phone impressions
2:12 – dbrand’s birthday cake
5:01 – Comparing it to the old Flip
7:00 – Why the Flip3 is interesting
8:15 – Camera
9:00 – Exterior screen
10:00 – Battery
10:45 – Display and stereo
11:15 – Closing thoughts

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  1. Well that name and packaging aged gracefully

  2. For someone who doesnt like holding big phones, I really appreciate the existence of this phone.

  3. Any phone 📱 without a headphone Jack is not important to me I'm tired of the scams im not paying more for less technologies

  4. Yeah no, the crease is a big no. Looks ugly.

  5. Intellitech Studios

    5:42 Lunis' Flip freaks out

  6. Taskil Mahmud


  7. *Me trying to fold my unfoldable phone*😐

  8. Now Samsung can put a label saying cake proof

  9. Shadez of Muzik

    Dude! What is with that Dennis the Menace wing on the back of your head? You have a $1000 phone but not a $2 comb?

  10. Linus looking great here damn

  11. desmondsparrs

    so they wasted millions of dollars to create my old Ssmsung Flip-phones ffon my youth.. why?

  12. Thanks for putting sections because I'm here for the review and not the weird cake ad.

  13. I love smartphones and an impulsive buyer of things. And now whenever I think of buying a new smartphone evn though I have a still perfectly-working phone (currently using Note 20 Ultra), I just have to watch your videos and be contented with what I

  14. Tanya Hernández

    Fitting all those things in your jeans pockets… Women can't relate

  15. Malene Simonsen

    I was so onboard with this until you said there was no headphone jack… That is an absolute must for me bc I can never remember to charge usb devices

  16. U missed the best trick of this phone. The wideangle is awsome if you fold it half way and place it on a table etc, infront of you.

  17. That Minecraft eating sound effect was perfect

  18. every phone folds you know but some turn on and some cant when unfolded😂😂😂

  19. I really want this flip phone… I currently have the iPhone & I am tired that the iPhone has not made any cool changes in the last few years.. the only reason why I can’t switch is because I use find my iPhone for my parents and FaceTime 🙁

  20. Own Improvement

    Samsung refuses repair if ANY damage exists, whether completely irrelevant to function. The entire top half of the screen is completely dead pixels and because of a chip (1mm in size) on the opposite half of the phone they won’t take responsibility. Complete waste of money. Stay away from this premature, rubbish technology. I’m really annoyed with how I’ve been completely disregarded by Samsung.

  21. iPhone keeps coming up with the same damn looking boring iPhones. When is apple going to make phones like samsung?

  22. Kenneth Hibbard

    Will never understand the Z-flip line . Why not buy a regular flagship and a tablet ? You'd save money and have no compromises . Why spend $2,000 for a brick phone and a very small tablet

  23. qwertyui90qwertyui90

    Absolutely sick of phone screens breaking. perhaps having the screen on the inside will stop it breaking ?

  24. Wait so do u like it or hate it asking for a friend 🖖

  25. the game boy advanced phone lol amazing really

  26. Austin Howard

    It's the fact that you have a normal sized phone that folds up into something smaller. The problem is that I have a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, an ereader. I have a device for everything. I want my phone to be for texting and phoning. I want it to be small, I want to be able to slip it into my suit pocket for work and not notice it's size or weight, I want to strap it to my bike as a biking computer, GPS, and music controller… I want to be able to strap it onto my arm while I go running and not feel like it's the same size as my tiny toothpick arms.

    I want a smaller phone that's running android. Unfortunately general opinion is that there needs to be bigger and bigger phones and that just doesn't work for me. Give me a premium android equivalent to the iPhone mini and I will happily pay $1500 for it. I'd rather it be cheaper… But I'm fine with a premium device for a specialized market. Give me something smaller!

    Until then… Z Flip 3

  27. The only thing I don't like about it is the aspect ratio. If the made it a bit wider and a bit shorter it would be perfect.

  28. Michigan Traveler

    As an apple person to me a flip phone is kinda a joke because one thing is the crease is very annoying a d right in the middle of the screen

  29. How about now?, how much?