How to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14! (Without Losing Data)

Tiêu đề video: How to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14! (Without Losing Data)

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How to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14! (Without Losing Data) | Remove & Beta to iOS 14.6

With the just recently being released, a lot of you guys will be installing it on your main device, despite myself and others saying to avoid that.

Well, if you did it anyways and you’re having issues on iOS 15, luckily there is a way to go back to a stable iOS 14 build and uninstall the iOS 15 Beta. And thankfully you can do it without losing any of your data. This video will show you exactly how!

Note: As mentioned in the video, make sure to backup your data via the computer. I said recommended, but it is required to retain your information with this method.

Download the iOS 14 ipsw files here:

For Windows users:
1. Press win + R
2. Type in %appdata%
3. Go to Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup
4. Sort by Last Modified to find most recent backup(s)

For Mac, backup files are located in:
~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Why Downgrade?
1:05 Step 1
1:37 Step 2
2:27 Step 3
2:45 Step 4
3:33 Step 5 (Important: Must Do!)
3:59 Step 6
4:27 Step 7
5:19 Step 8
6:28 Step 9
9:19 Successful Downgrade to iOS 14!
10:27 FYI for Issues
10:56 Outro

Did you install iOS 15 yet? Planning to downgrade at all?

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  1. Brandon Butch

    What made you downgrade back to iOS 14?

  2. will my apps get deleted?

  3. I regretted updating my ios cuz it consumed more of my storage :<

  4. You actually don’t have to make a backup and use the restore button, if you click Option + Click update or Shift + Click Update it will just downgrade without data erase.

  5. Could you make a video on windows for the people who dont have Mac? By the way i liked and subscribed! Love your energy!

  6. Karthik Kumar Banku

    Will i loose data plan?

  7. What if i don‘t have a apple pc

  8. Ethan the kid

    I just wanted to jail break my phone the jail break is only for 14.8

  9. It doesn’t work with with windows

  10. how can i downgrade iphone 13 pro max there is no version under ios 15?

  11. Bro in IPad this isn’t signed 14.7 ???

  12. ඞJesterඞ Amogus

    I hope this wont need any hard things or computer things to downgrade this cause all i wanted is to be able to play gd again

  13. Ella Kilislian

    Thanks so much helped so good


    What can I do if I don’t have any other green checks

  15. Joshua Maiato

    Does it still work?


    Does this work with normal ios 15 nowadays?

  17. Thank you. Resetting the phone worked for me. I couldn’t zoom in or out and the phone wasn’t functioning properly. Your trick worked. Cheers.

  18. Ghad ios 15 got so many bugs

  19. what if I don't want the signed version I want an unsigned version will anything go wrong?

  20. dangerousladder

    I can’t downgrade if I try it it just says reset iPhone or transfer iPhone I wish I knew this sooner am on 15.4.1 🥲

  21. at 2:30 he tried to put the type c in the iphone 🤣

  22. What if I don’t use a signed version? I’m trying to get my iPad 8 gen to 14.3.

  23. Famous Seamus

    theres no signed ios 14 on ipsw


  25. doesnt even work anymore

  26. In thumbnail ios 15 is written I want that wallpaper re and blue how can i ge it?

  27. Heard the word ‘beta’ while on the release, got annoyed. Say BETA IN THE TITLE!!

  28. The only reason why I’m here is geometry dash

  29. What if it doesn’t have a green check mark??
    I want to downgrade from ios 15 to 14 on my ipad pro 10.5 (2017). Ios 15 is not stable on my ipad.Please help??

  30. in IPSW there are no longer any signed IOS 14 versions as of 4/13/22. Other options

  31. Clash of clans *yousef*

    For me it only says iOS 15 with a green check mark the rest are red