Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 One Month Later – No Longer The Future?

Tiêu đề video: Samsung One Month Later – No Longer The Future?

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Alright, if we’re honest, no.. You don’t need your phone to flip,.. Just like you don’t “need” an electric car. Both gas and electric perform the same function with similar capabilities, and a separate list of conveniences. Now, the reason I use the analogy is because right now the only reason most of us debate buying an electric car is their price difference. Like a foldable, an electric car is cool, but has historically included a list of compromises for more money. So what would happen if you were offered a Model 3 for the same price of a Corolla? Would that change your perspective?

Ok, so what if there was a foldable that cost the same or less money than a regular flagship, and brought nearly zero compromise? Get where I’m going? This is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. The least expensive of the company’s new foldables, and yet the one I feel is the most important. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and after spending a month it, I have a lot to say, so let’s dive in.


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  1. Dom Valentino

    The pure fact that it fits in my pocket with Ease by far out weighs carry a bulky ultra ever again
    Z flip 3 is a game changer

  2. How dare you say I dont need a flip phone and electric car!


  4. 3:11 well, you have to open the Z flip when you need it, soo, you still get a huge phone if you want to use it…

  5. IMO the Flip never was the future but the Fold now that will go far, who wouldnt want a phone and tablet in one??

  6. Im getting mine tomorrow! I’m excited! Great video …I subscribed…new fan

  7. Javier Negrete

    I got mine in September. It turns off everytime I close it….. great phone but has issues. Samsung will not send me a replacement. They want me to mail it out and then they will determine if they can repair it or replace it. Horrible customer services.

  8. 90% of all pics. shared go to trash . You don't even know what you looked at yesterday. Show me all these important pics. That everyone is analyzing.

  9. ObiWanShinobi85

    Can you end calls by closing it I've missed that, when your really annoyed by someone like your missus moaning at you for staying out late, pressing a button on the screen just doesn't have the same feeling

  10. Antonio Intelisano

    Battery hold is poor; heats up. The worst in Samsung series

  11. Stupid comparison to tesla

  12. i actually really like the center folding "dent" / line in the middle of the screen. it doesn't affect what you see really but i can feel it and i guess it's just a nice little tactile for me. my ocd says "ah, yes. the center is here. nice." idk how to explain it but i like it. lol

  13. The fold 3 is the best looking phone

  14. Sword Of Symphogear

    The main problem I've heard is that dust can mess with the hinge and one guy had the screen along the fold break despite using it minimally

  15. The analogy is totally flawed as electric cars are better for the environment as the ones driving on conventional fuel 🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. I also switched from IPhone 13 pro to Z Flip 3 and I love it absolutely. It is really a head turner.

  17. Will it become loose from middle/crease???? How many time we can flip in a day for long lasting

  18. Paul Benedict

    When the Americans would give some wired invention "a try", you can guarantee that there will be a hundreds of tons of electric garbage and plastic packaging coming out of a factory and quickly disappear in the landfills.

  19. Hows battery life in your opinion. I want one just want it to last the day

  20. Great review I'm buying one tomorrow sick of my s21 ultra it's heavy and big, hope I love the flip? Costco here in Australia have a special price ATM. Cheers.

  21. Hi , appreciate the amazing review on this phone.. I just have a question about the screen and how good is it ? I had the zflip main and I replaced the screen once and now the screen is already damaged where it flashes different lights as if it was an old TV screen.. well that’s my problem with this phone even though I love it and I do want to buy the zflip 3 am still scared that the screen would still have the same issues where it gets damaged easily having in mind am someone who’s really careful with my devices. So please if you can tell me more about the screen ? Thanks

  22. I belive it is a great Phone and I'm a lover of flip cell phone's so i would like to buy one.

  23. Nate • 18 years ago

    I am still using my samsung s6 for almost 7 years now. I've been waiting for a foldable phone since they reveal a flexible screen in 2014. So maybe this is the time. I hope its as sturdy as my samsung s6.

  24. Robert Stancu

    At least specify this is sponsored.

  25. Watching video and reading comments before getting 1. ❤️🙌🏻 Ur reviews help guys!