Pixel 6 Pro – Hands On & Camera Samples!

Tiêu đề video: Pixel 6 Pro – Hands On & Camera Samples!

Độ dài: 00:08:57, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-07 00:00:03

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Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AE3aqwnl9I

The Pixel 6 Pro is official and today we have the hands on & camera samples of the pixel 6 pro #Pixel6Pro #Pixel6 #MadeByGoogle

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The series are the upcoming flagship phones from google and they are very impressive! Today we go through the hands on footage and camera samples of the pixel 6 pro as well as covering the specs, design & pricing of the pixel 6 series. We have the official trrailer video and hands on unboxing review of the google pixel 6.

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  1. bs

  2. So it’s a galaxy phone with a different back but iOS looking software lol

  3. Nathan N John

    India huge fan

  4. T.U.K Walkthroughs

    The Google pixel 6 Pro is shaping up to be an absolute beast & the design is amazing to.

  5. Looks so much better then s21 ultra but where are the speakers I do like front facing speakers and flat screen

  6. Funny Roll Tv

    Now Google is taking….❤️❤️ I am love with the pixel 6pro

  7. Daniel Okororie

    The video recordings are from Lagos Nigeria, wonder why pixel leak is from my country, anyways what do I know.

  8. Looks like it has quite a big chin? That'll be fine though. Some bezeless phones are just to awkward.

  9. Might have to switch from Apple 🤔

  10. Jamaica

  11. May I ask whose pixel phone has not been repaired?

  12. ph no google pixel phones 🤣🤣

  13. I am waiting for 06 Google pixel six*

  14. Santhosh Kumar B

    Anyway this not gonna launch in India.

  15. Sachin Sharma


  16. Michael Rothschild

    Pixel 6 in Nigeria, I see.


    I have the pixel 2xl but the Last 3 months it's lagging and is getting slow

  18. Does pixel 6 get warranty and service in india if i brought it from abroad. Plz comment or reply

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  20. I was thinking about getting the note 10 because of its form factor but that’s old now and this looks similar so I’m going to get this

  21. 👍 Jamrock

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