Jurgen Klopp respects Atletico Madrid but dislikes their style of play

Tiêu đề video: respects Madrid but dislikes their style of play

Độ dài: 00:01:28, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-19 21:01:50

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Ahead of Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid, Jurgen Klopp has said that whilst he respects Atletico, he isn’t a fan of their style of football.

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  1. Wade Ashley Fice

    There evil 😈 I dispise that South America / Spanish style we've had previous encounters Real Madrid sevilla and Atletico Madrid Villarreal absolutely evil!!! I hate cheating if u have to cheat then don't bother playing your not real winners if u win anyway what's the point….

    Next week at Anfield I'll be there again, the atmosphere will be very difficult for them to cope with because we're nuts 😂 we are confident of another win they don't make it easy tho they'll do there antics and stuff as usual we'll have to just destroy them…. ❤️

  2. Im liverpool fan but atletico is my favourite spanish club. I like how tough their team is, but must be terrible to play against.

  3. 1:21 Suarez: I take that personally. And literally.

  4. If this was said by pep then media would turn it around

  5. Precious Uriel

    They played better football at certain point of the game .

  6. Meanwhile at United:
    Ole: what exactly is a 'style of play'?

  7. Doesn’t like anything

  8. Hypocrite.

  9. sky click bait sports

  10. Jurgen thinks he is playing the best form of football in the world, that is not true. For me they are the most boring team and with only one way of playing football. Opinions changes. But the capacity in which he over talks is what bothers me. Everyone has their own way and that is why the sport we love is so diverse and entertaining. Atleti overcame the so called best teams in their league, could they have played beautiful football and beaten Barca and madrid??? They found their way and successful. Lets remind klopp that he is not Sir alex, mourniho, or pep.

  11. What type of style do you prefer
    Ole: Yes that one

  12. Neil Mulholland

    Athletico are cheats. Simple as that

  13. I think 90% of football fans agree with this haha

  14. Ur right. Atletico is a successful team but really they play ugly football

  15. Ole: my style of play is just throw 11 players on the pitch and hope they figure out how to win.

  16. Subas Budhathoki

    That's why, this kind of interview, makes me hate club like Barcelona and Liverpool, always complaining.

  17. Yup, I dislike their playing style too

  18. You're not supposed to like it jurgen

  19. Human Beings R Thinking Beings


  20. That game was a crazy game

  21. Thats why ONLY BOSS KLOPP Is the greatest sportmanship❤️❤️❤️

  22. Can’t stand Athletico. Cheats.

  23. my man basically says he likes playing sides like Watford

  24. Actually in today's match Atletico was playing more Klopp style than Liverpool themselves until the red card.

  25. Shithousery isn't a style of football.
    Simeone is an arse.

  26. Cheating isn't a style

  27. i think the dislike for simeone playstyle were meant in positive manner and of course sky jumping in to bait everyone with their title.

  28. I'm Atletico fan (been one for like 10 years). And even I don't like our style of play. But I respect it and Simeone. And don't want it to change.