iPhone 13 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Which Should You Choose?

Tiêu đề video: iPhone 13 Pro vs – Which Should You Choose?

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iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have some differences, but also have a lot more similarities than anything else. I go over what is different and what is the same between iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. I help you decide which iPhone 13 Pro model is the right choice for you. I compare the price, the display, talk about the camera and much more. #iPhone13Pro #iPhone13ProMax #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Price and Storage
00:50 – Colors
01:06 – Design and Size
01:53 – Display
03:14 – Battery
04:58 – Charging
05:16 – Everything that is the same
05:34 – Cameras
06:32 – IP Rating
06:48 – Which should you choose?
08:34 – Conclusion
09:03 – Outro

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  1. Which phone are you using this year or upgrading to? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. Max

  3. 👉 HACKERTECHES via Instagram

    ☝️☝️I will keep this legend for the amount of kindness and professional ☝️☝️he his I thought mine iCloud won’t work anymore but this dude make mine moments with alot do joy and smile..

  4. 👉 HACKERTECHES via Instagram

    ☝️☝️I will keep this legend for the amount of kindness and professional ☝️☝️he his I thought mine iCloud won’t work anymore but this dude make mine moments with alot do joy and smile..

  5. RAM of 6gb was the show stopper for me … I'll wait

  6. John from Jersey

    My wife and I just upgraded to the 13 Pro and the 13 promax… Your channel is always my go to when I need to make a decision… All of your contact is greatly appreciated… Keep up the great work.

  7. MOEHACKS Unlocked My iOS Support System

    Only moe works perfectly fine when it comes carrier lock and password retrieval for all xr series'

  8. Mohammed Atef

    In my experience pro size is perfect for pocket & hand & handing in calls , not a big difference on screen when you used to it when it comes to watching media , the only thing is the battery in max is better but if you buy a MagSafe battery or you have a second phone like me android with 6000 mah battery which support reverse charging , you don’t want a big phone you want a big motor like mini cooper cars so i loved the pro and i go for it and no regrets and so satisfied

  9. Georgie'sMom Puppy girl

    I watched this to determine actual size, not diagonal. Too much repetitive talk

  10. I have questions here,should i upgrade my ipxr to 13promax or should i wait for the iphone 14?

  11. Its_ya_boi_boi

    What about the 13 vs the pro

  12. Adebayo Ifakolade

    Pro is the best

  13. I’m so glad Apple didn’t cripple the smaller Pro. The Max has gotten so big and almost unwieldy. I tried the Max but I found it almost impossible to use, although the display is gorgeous. I got the smaller Pro and I absolutely love it.

  14. It failed to mention that the 128gb iphone 13 pro only records ProRes in 1080p at 30fps, compared to the same 256gb model which can record in 4k ProRes

  15. Switched from 12 mini to 13 pro max, had the phone for a few days and i really enjoying the phone👍👍

  16. Adrianna Kowalak

    Will it make a huge downgrade for me if I switch from 6.4" to 6.1" ? I have been using phones with Android system my whole life and I would like to switch to iOS. I want to buy IP 13 Pro but I am afraid its screen might be too small for me.

  17. neither one is better than the other but it depends on preference of size, battery life on both should be more than sufficient for 99% of people, battery on promax as well as screen size is better, but the regular pro has a lighter, more portable body with a smaller footprint so better ease of use

  18. Daniele Herron

    Just upgraded from 7plus to 13 max pro 😅 the 7 is still in great shape

  19. Jasmin Contreras

    I have small hands so I’m getting iphone 13 pro because I have iPhone 8 Plus and I want a little bit small for my hands

  20. i just bought a pro max 512 gb,and the ui interface felt slow and laggy compared to my 200$ android phone,smh,i am disappointed in the phone overall,camera quality not that great,the xs pro max is better,

  21. Watching on13 pro

  22. I have an iPhone 6 need new phone what would you choose the pro or pro max

  23. I had the 13 pro at first. Then I got this 13 max. Same color and everything. And although I like the bigger display. I feel like when holding the phone for a call or for taking mirror selfies the phone looks huge . My hands aren’t the biggest to begin with. Kinda regretting getting rid of my 13 pro lol.

    P.s i got the 13 max bevquse i was using a note 20 ultra which has a hug 6.9 screen so I figured I’d enjoy that screen size on the iPhone. But I feel the note 20 ultra just feels better and more controllable ? Making has something to do with the iPhones boxy squared figure idk

  24. Yefta Lionheart

    Personally I think if I were to spend thousand bucks, might as well get the literal flagship.. the Pro Max..

  25. Dan Resciniti

    Thanks for the info!

  26. Clay Inosaint

    Is the camera size between Pro and Pro Max are in the same size??

  27. I just got my 13 pro max and I upgraded from a 12 mini so I just wanted some big but all the 12 pro max was sold out so I just ahead and got the 13 and so far I’m loving it the size of it is phenomenal

  28. Give me..13pro max…

  29. Rakshit Kashyap

    3 months later I’m stills getting used to the size of my 13 pro max it’s pretty heavy actually

  30. warcriminalo_o

    this is a underrated review.

  31. Paulo Abesamis

    I ordered the 13 ProMAX. First apple phone too. I opted for the 256 gb memory because I only use my phones for calling watching videos navigation and taking pictures.

  32. I just traded in my 12 mini for the 13 pro max. I do miss my mini because it was so portable but I was charging my phone constantly. The max is a beast ! I charge it over night and go to bed with 50 percent battery left. It’s insane ! I never have to worry about charging it during the day. I do have small hands so it’s def a two handed phone for me. It is heavy (especially coming from the mini) but the screen real estate and battery are so worth it.

  33. I'm switching to 13 pro max because of larger display

  34. Upgraded from iPhone XR to iPhone 13 pro, The max is just to big for me, the pro fits good in almost pocket.

  35. Sona Niyazova

    guys i need help asap. i have been using iphone 7 for 5 years,and changed to Iphone 13 Pro Max,it feels kinda strange,phone is so big for me. should i change to 13 Pro or no??

  36. I went for the Pro Max because of battery life.

  37. Sybarite Sphynx

    Team Iphone 13pro max !!!!!! Love it

  38. Ticklish Girls

    Man the pricing in India is so unfair it’s about $1200 for the 256GB iPhone 13, same as the 256GB 13 Pro Max in US

  39. Jainaba Jallow

    Fake iPhones, you are scammers

  40. Abdul Mumin Nuhu

    Am watching with my 6s😍🥰

  41. Excellent video. You've helped me decide to go with the Pro as opposed to the Pro Max

  42. Massi Barakzai

    GUYS please give me YOUR HONEST FEEDBACKS!!
    Should i buy Iphone 13 pro, or Iphone 13 Pro Max?
    I’m extremely perplexed and hesitating which one to choose.

  43. Apple is just the best (better than samsung lets be honest, it is, especially the sound)

  44. Michael D Kennedy

    I’ve owned both the 11 Pro Max and now with the 13 Pro Max. The 11 I owned for two years. I bought the 13 for specifically for the camera system, which I thought the lens flare would be better on the 13, but it's not; they are both bad. And I like the rounded grip on the 11 better, but overall I like the 13 better. One question I have is there any way I can record pro res off the 13 directly to a external device so I don't use up so much storage?