iOS 15 on iPhone 6S – Review

Tiêu đề video: iOS 15 on iPhone 6S – Review

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iOS 15 on iPhone 6S Review | iPhone 6S & Changes Review (Beta 1)

The iPhone 6S is once again the oldest supported device by Apple with iOS 15 and in this video, we’re going to discuss the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus) and how it performs on iOS 15 Beta 1.

We’ll discuss new features & changes, battery life in iOS 15, performance, bugs, storage woes & more – all specific to the 2015 iPhone 6S! Don’t forget, I’ll be revisiting the iPhone 6S in future betas of iOS 15, so check back for those.

iOS 15 – 85+ Best New Features & Changes:
iOS 15 Beta 1- First Impressions:
iPadOS 15 – 40+ New Features & Changes:
iOS 14 on iPhone 6S:
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0:00 Intro
0:35 Storage Issues
2:43 iOS 15 Features
4:19 Control Center & Focus
5:37 Bugs to Expect
5:52 Messages
6:46 Live Text
7:12 FaceTime
7:51 Safari
9:08 Spatial Audio & Lossless Audio
10:29 Weather
11:12 Performance
12:43 Battery Life
14:50 Should You Install?
15:36 Conclusion

What do you think of iOS 15 on iPhone 6s? Or are you using iOS 15 on a different device?

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  1. Brandon Butch

    iPhone 6S gang, wya?

  2. How can I update my iphone 6?

  3. Why am I using a 6s?
    Why not? It does literally everything I need it to do.
    I accept that the cameras aren't as good a quality, but they're still fine.
    I don't need wireless charging
    I don't never use wired headphones
    It's 128GB – more than ample storage (I off load pictures annually to a perm back up)
    I don't need Facial Recognition
    I don't need an extra 1-2" of screen space.

    So Brandon – why should I upgrade?

    Do you upgrade your car after 3-4 years even though it's working just fine?
    Some do – good for them. I don't. My car is 14 years old – and purrs like a kitten with a soft cold. No need to replace it yet.

    So….I'm curious – why should I upgrade?
    What are the massive benefits I would get (assuming Apple doesn't target my device for poor performance like it did with the 4's and 4S's.

  4. I'm a 6s plus, 128GB
    Battery Health: 90%
    Storage: 102GB Used

    15.x.x has been awful from the start.
    I had hoped 15.3.1 would fix the performance issues, but nope – it's even worse with 15.3.1 than it was with 15.2.x

    Another issue (which is screwing me over – I haven't been able to back up my 6S 128GB in eons.
    Worked with Apple, they couldn't sort it.
    Found out that in order to back it up, I apparently need to have more than half of my storage available (i've tried backing up locally, to the cloud – neither worked).
    That's been the case for nearly 2 years. Fingers crossed.

    That said, having 15.3.1 now…it is SOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

    It's just pure garbage – every app I open takes well over a minute to finish loading (browser, amazon, various other apps.)

    I'm so sad – without a backup – I can't restore back to 14. So, I'm stuck.

    Since Apple is basically forcing me to upgrade even thought there's nothing wrong with the device – I'm now looking to make the move to Android after 15+ years on iOS.

    This stinks of the previous case when Apple was purposely affecting performance on older devices to force people to upgrade. Damn near exact same issues as that previous situation.

  5. Mervin J Moolayil

    can i use the lastest whatapp?

  6. If you want to know how to slow the battery drain on your iphone on ios 15, you will first need to notice the little spinning icon next to your cellular bars/wifi bars to confirm your phone has this problem. You can see it at 13:10 in his video right? well that is why it is draining. I dont know what it is or why it does it, but the way to stop this is hold home button till siri icon pops up at the bottom of your screen, and then exit siri by tapping home again. sometimes u may have to make a sound so siri bubble moves to show its listening but once u exit after that, the spinning icon will then disappear and the drain will decrease. My phone is a total piece of crap since updating from ios 12 and up so I may not go back to Apple for my next phone. The ios seems to get worse and worse with tons of bugs. If I voice to text in my text messages, it will turn my ringer to 0 out of nowhere. total garbage software now.

  7. I can’t even update my iPhone 6s to iOS 15 someone pls help

  8. So pretty much don’t update got it thanks 🙏 I’ll stick with 14

  9. Yada yada yada hurry up before the battery dies!

  10. Hey!
    Is it will work on iphone 6??

  11. should i upgrade it to ios 15?? 6s 16gb do you think it will work?

  12. Watermelon2010

    This help me so so much
    The reason I am using a 6s is because we are homeless and it is all we can afford

  13. Allison and Aubree

    This didn’t work for me. I’m so aggravated. I followed all the steps


    As long as I have ^^^^^^^ no problem for my device

  15. Honestly buying a 16gb phone in 2015 would have been foolishly shortsighted! Even back then it was obvious that you’d need way more than that.

  16. this video is a sham. apple will not update any iphone 6 beyond v 12!
    Notice he avoids how he installed v15?
    not possible due to apple itself

  17. outwards gafaygaga

    Should i buy iphone 7 for 3 years?


    Now I can smile again after meeting Babel 👆he unlock my 13pro


    Now I can smile again after meeting Babel 👆he unlock my 13pro


    The name up 👆here is qualify to help you out 💯


    Kudos to Babel 👆the dude is good in fixing device


    but my iphone 6s was not installed ios 15.2 why i do not understand what is the reason and my mobile have a lot of storage

  23. purplebunny2008💜

    Love how they don’t support the bloody 6 😒


    Now I know why everyone is talking about he’s 👆him he’s a genius


    As long as I have ^^^^^^^ no problem for my device


    I recommend this latest hacker 👆he’s the best in the world right now

  27. I got the AirPods 3 and I tied to see if spacial audio would work on a iPhone six and I couldn’t turn on spacial audio can I get an explanation


    I’m a living testimony of 👆My device was permanently fixed

  29. Ophir Tarshish


  30. Damn

  31. •E̸d̸g̸y̸G̸r̸a̸c̸e̸• ت

    I have a question. If I update my iPhone 6s with 64gb will I be fine. Also if I update my phone with shared Devices will those devices update too?


    👆 This man is genius

  33. I have a 128gb on mine had it Doctored up

  34. Khayelihle Mbambo

    prefect review

  35. meisan gaming

    how to update it?

  36. Amazing tool

  37. I wish they would bump the storage to where the iOS/system data didn’t take up any of the advertised storage


    Reaching out to him👆wasn’t a mistake/regrets I’m glad 😍

  39. 6 years isn’t that much time to still support it… But 6S is the last great iPhone. Beta should be in the title, and the ”not what you think” seems like an exaggeration.

  40. Carrie Fulgencio II

    Im getting the 13 pro soon. Currently using the 6s and I cant even back up my phone because my phone just keeps on restarting before I even get the time to back it up. I have changed the battery already because I thought it was the initial culprit. Is this one of ios15 bugs to the IP6? I can't do anything and its frustrating.


    Kudos to Babel 👆the dude is good in fixing device

  42. To be honest the iPhone 6S ruined to be honest the iPhone 13 is the best device to run iOS 15

  43. Whats better ios 14 or 15 for battery life