iOS 15 OFFICIAL On iPhone SE (2020)! (Review)

Tiêu đề video: iOS 15 OFFICIAL On (2020)! (Review)

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iOS 15 OFFICIAL On iPhone SE (2020)! (Review)

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  1. Hey man, how are the thermals and battery life on iOS 15? I don’t know if I should really upgrade yet…

  2. PiscesPrincess327

    Getting my iPhone SE 2nd Gen for Christmas and I'm pretty excited with all the new features and stuff 🙂 I hope the battery life is good!

  3. Do you need internet to install after you downloading the iOS 15 software?

  4. I still have SE 2020 and don't plan to upgrade yet, but after I got IOS 15, my phone now gets hot and the battery drains much faster. I've adjust battery, app, mail settings and other tips, but is there anything else I can do? Or is the SE 2020 just too old and ill equipped to handle updates from here and forward?? It's not even that old of a phone!!

  5. I’m so pissed I did the update my FaceTime is so messed up

  6. My sound is so messed up

  7. Thanks! Just removed "Upgrade iPhone to iOS 15" from my to-do list for today. Great info!

  8. How is the battery?

  9. Great Video!

    Hows the battery life using iOS15 on iPhone SE 2020?

  10. Is it ok to play the game?

  11. Great video! Can you outline the problems with ios 15 and the se? Ty!

  12. Kacie Wolverton

    Thanks for a short and info-packed video! So many people drag out their videos with useless filler. This contained exactly what we needed to know. Appreciate the efficiency 🙂

  13. Martin Jovanovic

    Guys, I really need help, instagram story when i record it freezes for one sec, when I want to switch camera while recording, and when i want to share, it’s loading forever. When i try to pull down video on YouTube it freezes also. I just bought SE two weeks ago , I tried full restart twice and it’s same as before.

  14. He can do ASMR with his voice he sounds so nice

  15. Vishvesh Panchal

    Can i switch on low power mode even at 90% ? Or say can i use it all the time ?
    Is it advisable?

  16. Probably handles it? WAKE THE FUCK UP. It has an A13 inside. Literally just came out with the 11.

    This is a keeper with updates for 10years.

  17. i have
    1. youtube swipe down lag
    2. whatsapp status swipe down lag
    3. tremendous heating and battery drain with whatsapp use.
    I'm hating iOS 15 for these 3 reasons oh god 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. Andrew Beaulieu

    Should I update this or wait

  19. My se 2 screen automatic rotate 🔄after ios 15

  20. How about battery life? İs it better?

  21. Mohammed Nowsath MM

    How is battery life after updating bro ???

  22. wan nur maisarah

    do u have any idea why i cant update my iphone se 2 to ios15? or is it because it needs to be installed while charging? and is the background effect on songs available on this model as well?

  23. Yo how did you swipe up on the screen and stuff

  24. No virtual look up on iPhone se 2020 after iOS 15 update?

  25. am still on ios 13.7, does it creates any issue for device. Wat is drawback if we stay in older ios

  26. Savio Mampilly

    I didn't understand what's with the terms and conditions….will I loose my data if I download ios15?

  27. when swiping down a video on the youtube app it freezes for a moment, that’s the only problem for me on iOS 15

  28. Bro there is a bug in ios 15 with youtube while swiping down

  29. Speak Real Democracy

    How to search a number in call log … like android

  30. Can you get the old tab layout back in safari?

  31. 14.0.1 forever!!!!

  32. How's the battery life?

  33. In few years or so, people will definitely be kicking themselves in regrets for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency..

  34. All About Tech

    Hi big fan sir…