GOOGLE PIXEL 6 – This Is Epic!

Tiêu đề video: – This Is Epic!

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The Google Pixel 6 & are coming with epic features and an incredible display! #Pixel6 #Pixel6Pro #madebygoogle

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The google pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro are the upcoming flagship phones from google and they are incredible! Stepping away from previous released the pixel 6 aims to turn heads with its great looks and great specs. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch date & price of the google pixel 6. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the pixel 6.

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  1. Bonnie’s pizzeria YT


  2. I have owned 1,3,4 and I am really looking forward to the 6 Pro and I hope it doesn't fall short like the last 5.

  3. Im a fan of nokia i wont give u Thumbs up

  4. Shaun Kelly-Kenyon

    what an ass hat review

  5. pixel gets uglier and uglier year by year…

  6. how can anyone hate active edge?

  7. apple has been awfully quiet since they re-released the same shitty iphone 6 for the 7th time, this time calling it the "iphone 13" despite being literally the same device as all before it / after iphone 6

  8. Loving my pixel 5 think I will wait till the 7 comes out

  9. caffeine is king

    With Google pixel being android will it pair and share things with my Samsung tab s7 easily enough ?

  10. Not a $999 phone

  11. I heard that the new Apple phone does ultrasound and future versions might do dental x-rays and minor surgeries. But the Pixel 6 seems good enough.

  12. If it has a curved screen; it's a deal breaker for me.

  13. Good 😊

  14. No memory expansion card, not buying.

  15. I'm watching on my fold 3 512gb. Eh, I think I'll pass on this Pixel loving this big display.

  16. I can't wait!!! I have the 4xl and love it want the 6 pro!!!!!!

  17. I hated Active Edge as well, but I absolutely love the rear fingerprint sensor and am completely pissed off that they ditched it.

  18. So excited, I'm still on my Pixel 3

  19. After lg stopped making phones . I'm strongly considering pixel 6 pro. As long as it's water resistant I'll be getting it .

  20. Google shut down their phone / person help # 1.5 yrs ago. If they don't reactivate their tech help phone line – to me anyway – it doesn't mater how advanced the pixel 6 is. If I can't call & get a live person for help with my problem ? ? ?

  21. You'd have to be an idiot to think that a chipset that scores 400-2000 in geekbench would be able to run such a high resolution at 120hz

  22. Texas, USA. I can't wait to see how the camera performs and i want the 6 pro

  23. J o n a t h a n

    i liked the finger print scanner on the back.

  24. Rihards Rauska

    So iPhone 13 compared to this is shit right ? Honest opinion please.

  25. Thomas LinScents

    Please someone help me with this……

    How are these pixels with earbuds. Sound quality

  26. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and my old Pixel 4XL took better photos than the iPhone! Roll on October when I can buy Pixel 6 Pro, I'm excited! 👍🏻 👌🏻 🙂 UK

  27. I don't know if I want the iphone 13 or the pixel 6 Pro. I want to try my first pixel and this looks like a great choice but I also have my iphone itch back… Hard choice.

  28. I m the fan of google pixel and i m from india

  29. Google followed the crouching tiger technique. They reduced the price first, and now stands in line with Samsung and apple

  30. smooth very well ❤️😲

  31. Peter Tarentaal

    Do they sell them on contract in South Africa

  32. The pricing that you have is likely off. I'm betting the Pixel 6 starts at $799 while the Pixel 6 Pro starts at $999

  33. KB Eightyseven

    I would be happy with the chipset if the price is lower than it’s competitors but as google usually overprices I won’t hold my breath

  34. Nikos Stamatis

    Sorry, in 2021 is there a speed difference that high! It is 4,2 times slower than iPhone 13 pro in single core and 2,2 times slower in multicore in Geekbench 5! How is it possible?

  35. what the helll you going to do with a fast CPU for a phone when the hardrive is slow? there is no hardrive is fast enough load anything in 3 seconds or less…i'm saying loading a game. people don't know about technologies should read or learn…

  36. From Saudi Arabia

  37. FranklinProductions57

    I have a feeling googoe is going to fk this up like they always do .

  38. Sargis Lazari

    I got the Galaxy S20, im very disappointed in its performance. Not sure which one but I will get a pixel for sure. Me signing off from San Francisco baby yay…..

  39. Mauricio Marioni

    This will be the first time I'll be getting a new phone and not a used one. Currently on Google Pixel 3 XL.

  40. Chui Throwaway8

    The skinny reaction consecutively concentrate because rabbit feraly record failing a raspy shampoo. pointless, superb medicine

  41. Minh Nguyen Huynh

    Just found and watched this video for the first time and was asked to hit Like?! You haven't done anything yet…😆