Gigi Hadid Reveals Truth About Her Messy Relationship With Zayn Malik

Tiêu đề video: Reveals Truth About Her Messy Relationship With Zayn Malik

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Gigi Hadid Reveals Truth About Her Messy Relationship With Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid have broken up and made up more times than we can count and now they are parents to a beautiful baby daughter… fans have always wondered what exactly happens between them and why their relationship is just so weird. Does it have anything to do with Zayn’s alleged bad boy status? Has Gigi been dishing on the messy details?

For a long time, Zayn and Gigi really toyed with their fans’ hearts. Like they were together and then they were not and then they were together again and it was all really messy! Well, fans speculated that at the beginning of their relationship, Zayn already had a reputation of being a bad boy and he just couldn’t commit to Gigi.

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  1. Yolanda is racist and TOXIC! Woman on the housewives of Beverly hills hated her and her husband David Foster, couldn't wait to get rid of her, his own words. Gigi needs to stand up to her mother, that's her baby her mom needs to go find a hobby and quit being so overbearing!

  2. Your voice makes me NOT want to listen to this,… bye!

  3. I am sorry for Zain. But if someone like Tailor Swift can get blasted by the media for being a serial dater, then so can he.

  4. Emma_diamond💖

    Zayn is a CERTIFIED HEARTBREAKER and I do not like him because of what he did to Perrie from Little Mix. Perrie doesn't deserves him, I'm happy she's married with her baby boy now🥰.

  5. Watching this post break up is funny as hell

  6. Andyspokemonchannel×

    0:060:07 did anyone else see that creepy pic super fast flash by?

  7. Billie Haskett

    Hadid family is toxic, Zahn has his problems and needs to be rid of them. Gigi needs to grow up and choice either Zahn or her mother, not both. I do believe that Zahn can be an ass and possibly treats her bad a lot so maybe a permanent split would be best.

  8. Wow so many girls

  9. He had gfs does that make him a bad boy? Toxic family hopefully never goes back there if he does….well if he does won't care anymore.

  10. Its really none of anyone's business!!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  11. I come from the future and they indeed broke up again and the whole situation is absolute chaos rn

  12. Toxic like many couples are.

  13. Ive been expending time with gigi hadid and now shes coming for me
    & our baby
    Never kept my hands only to myself, now anwar’s coming for me
    mama pushed and done
    Im gonna show me some
    love for god (yeah allah gives it to me, give me some of that)
    love for god (im gonna give it to him, give me some of that)
    Love for god (yeah hes gon give to me, gimme some of that)
    Love for god
    Allah will give me some.


  14. Shahnoza Doniyorova

    I hope they will be together again if it was normal position for them from initial

  15. Never believe the narrative when one person is being portrayed as the monster in the issue unless you have witnessed it yourself.

  16. Markusz Erdelyi

    I amEve.Gigi is cool.Dont vory be Happy.💋💋💋💋

  17. Christine Dela torre


  18. Zayn sure is a heartbreaker Harry Styles agree.

  19. WolfGreen Dean Seven

    We all they were so toxic.

  20. I pray them to stay together just for the sake of thier baby 🤍

  21. Fake news

  22. How much did you get paid for this, Yolanda is playing with media now?

  23. ORA!!!

  24. I have not watch this video first but i found the cover funny how you edited their faces on their photo even though everyone saw this many times already. I'm just here to comment. I'm not interested with the fake news video you made.

  25. Jeelz Mancilla

    Haha wow I had never heard of zayn until he started popping in gigis pics on Instagram n then they had a kid together but when I saw him never seemed to be like a faithful guy something was off about him n now I actually googled him after hearing rumors about the altercation with her mom he now definitely hits the bad vibe side.

  26. Bershanned Mack

    He fell in love that's why he got back with her and had a baby…like everyone I. HOLLYWOOD, but her family definitely had a big part in those tensions and breakups

  27. Well, I think they had a messy relationship because he prefers boys rather than girls.

  28. Saskia Kuiters

    Nice photoshop…

  29. Talis Pendragon

    I simply believe, as a blanket rule, that peoples relationships, affairs and legal disputes do not need to be in the public eye. whether you’re a celebrity or not mind ya own damn business. That’s all I gotta say ✋🏻

  30. HE IS A FLOP

  31. Kutareua Tjondu

    Your relationship isn't just ur family! Fixed it and move on🤨😍😍❤

  32. I didnt know they had been together for so long despite the numerous break ups. I speculate that they’d be back together again.

  33. I've never been a fan in the sense that I was invested in someone's private life. How weird to contact a stranger like these two about his/her relationships on social media. These are entertainers and models, wtf do fans have to do with their lives?! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  34. It’s toxic but who cares that’s them we all have toxic things in our lives

  35. Two things I believe on internet is weather and time


    Heartbreaker is a wrong word for zayn, he is just a fuckboey…

  37. Farhan Waqif shah

    is this a messy relation WTF …this is what reveals that they can't live without each other that set…

  38. Why are you lying?
    He isn't Toxic stop doing so lol
    Stop destroying his reputation

  39. Miya Osamu' s gf

    Are you sure abt this all?

  40. You call him a bad guy until you have walked in his shoes on his journey and that applies to all xx

  41. Ashleigh Mackenzie

    Who was the girl at 3.25?? Since she doesn’t pronounce anything clearly

  42. Ashleigh Mackenzie

    “eeeand” why do Americans pronounce “and” like that? I’ve heard them do it before but never that over the top. 😩 (2.29)

  43. Any relationship that’s has a constant break up it’ll never work because actually not working but, the couple are trying so hard to make it work but, it’s going nowhere. I have been in on and off relationship for 5 years and here we are, we end up not being together, we loved each other so much but, the relationship was crumbling. Love is not enough to keep things going

  44. Humaira Tasnim Eshika

    Stop spreading rumours! You guys play an imp role. Dont spread rumour.. 🙏but now zigi💔

  45. i cant stand gigi and her fuller face. and now zayn is free of this sticky family

  46. David Kadingo Jr.

    Man, that was Major waste of 9 minutes….POPJUICE is a PR hack…. Zayn may have seen several women and only Stuck with GiGi as long as she did, because he is a closeted man,,, and he needs to be seen with multiple women because his Soulmate , Best Friend and Greatest love is Harry Styles..GiGi gave him a Child because he needed to look like a very Heterosexual male to hurt Harry, because of Harry's Fine Line album, which reveals their own relationship….and Zayn was scared of Harry's Bold statement of Being Open…

  47. never knew he dated any of those women lmao