Finally, Apple Brought The "Pro" Back: MacBook Pro 16” Review

Tiêu đề video: Finally, Apple Brought The "Pro" Back: MacBook Pro 16” Review

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With the exception of the time I “upgraded” from Windows 98 to Windows Millennium Edition (and then immediately back again) I’ve never experienced tech whiplash like I have with Apple’s MacBooks.

Five years ago I made the MacBook Pro 2015 the foundation of my production pipeline; I logged thousands of hours on it, building hundreds of YouTube videos. It had all the ports I needed and it was rock-solid reliable. I didn’t covet it like I do flashier laptops … but I valued it a lot more, because I knew I could rely on it every single day.

Then, Apple did something interesting: it took everything I loved about that 2015 MacBook Pro – and ruined it.

2016 was a dark year for the Apple MacBook Pro. The ports? Gone. The reliability? Lost- along with half my keystrokes on that notoriously fragile keyboard. From shot speakers to thermal throttling to backup failures, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 MacBooks Pro were varying flavors of compromise that I came to detest. It was only my love for Final Cut Pro, the software I use to make these videos, that prevented me from jumping entirely to Windows. 

For the MacBook Pro 16” / MacBook Pro 2019, Apple didn’t bring back my ports or take off the touchbar … but the changes it did make were enough. I’m MrMobile and for the first time in four years … I feel like I’m home. This is the Apple MacBook 16” Review.

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MrMobile’s MacBook Pro 16” Review / MacBook Pro 2019 Review was produced following three months with a MacBook Pro 16” retail device purchased by MrMobile. Configuration tested was highest-end available at time of purchase in 2019. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Apple was not offered copy approval, and no compensation was requested or provided in exchange for this coverage. The lone sponsor of this video is dbrand.


Apple Acknowledges Random Shutdown Issue With Some 13” 2019 MacBook Pros [The Verge]:

Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm [WSJ]:

The New MacBook Keyboard Is Ruining My Life [The Outline]:

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MacBook Pro 15 (2018) – Beware the Core i9 [Dave2D]:

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  1. Jonathan Garcia

    Man. If he only waited one more year….

  2. The Reel Doctor

    Q is… when will a similar review for the new M1 pro/ max appear… 🤔

  3. I upgrade usually around 5 years. I went from a 2015 MacBook pro to the 2019 16'' MacBook Pro, so I never experienced the angst of the models in between.

  4. I subscribed because of the amount of effort you put into this video, you set yourself apart from the rest!

  5. i purchased after watching this video. and im satisfied .

  6. 19UME009 Gourab Choudhuri

    That's the perfect review of Macbook 16" pro 2019

  7. You're Mr. Mobile? 😂👍

  8. The only thing i hate about the new macbook model is that the Apple logo doesen't glow

  9. Detective Aaron Nermal Falconsears

    I still like that apple does not put a touch screen into their laptops because you can be a minor tech savvy layman and still point out something to your crew and it not go off bugging into the next series of links that your crew mate cannot navigate from and back to the original link.

  10. Your 'forgive and forget' attitude is why Apple doesn't care that it produced — and will likely produce in the future — really bad laptops. They know you'll just pay them more money to replace the bad ones. Were you and other users to just say "No more $ for you; I don't trust you anymore, goodbye" — as have I — bad Apple devices would be a thing of the past

  11. I'm still using my 2015 15" MBP.

  12. You've got to respect an American blogger who uses Telegram (which is, of course, the best messenger ever created).

  13. Shakibur Rahman

    Which backpack is this in 3:26?

  14. The script/writing of Mr Mobile videos is one of the best out there.

  15. Aziz Videographer

    This guy made me impressed. Finally good videos on YouTube. Great work bro

  16. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Not sure about eveyone else, but MBP 16 is too big for me. I personally would take MBP 13 with 4 TB3 port. Choosing between Core i5 and i7 is still a debate, but 16GB RAM and 512GB storage is more than enough for me.

  17. Still prefer my 2015 one. As a matter of fact, MrMobile, try the 2014 one, keyboard was even better. If you're looking for one, don't go for anything after "Early 2015" models.

  18. Love mr mobile styles of video it unique

  19. oxoConstantinEoxo

    I'm more interested in how many of the laptop users actually take their machines OUT with them ;p
    Cause I know none xD
    And i doubt if u don't make any content or have your own business you do that.

  20. Laurensius Tony

    wondering is this macbook free from flexgate?

  21. He’s a perfect example of someone who doesn’t know he’s wrong most the time.

  22. Just bought a 2020 13 1TB model. Not really getting on with the size as I've always had 15". Reckon they'll refresh the 16" anytime soon?

  23. Carwash Detailing

    I love my Macbook 16“ Only problem I had have is that the screen shakes a little when i type on the keyboard. I think it is because the screen is so thin so it has some play in it. When compared to a earlier model the screen seems more firm, so when you type or bump into the table, the screen wont shake. What are your thoughts? Great Video BTW!

  24. I love the fact that you purchased an 8TB MacBook Pro cuz people are not focusing at that point. 8TB is a lot of storage and guess what? It's flash storage. Though I would've gone for a 1TB internal SSD and a 8TB external hard drive which apparently a Seagate 8TB external hard drive only costs $200, 11 times less than you've specified for.

  25. I've been on my 16" since they first debuted and I couldn't be happier. I went with a slightly lesser spec (2 TB) but otherwise maxed out. It really is an incredible machine. I was watching some old  keynote clips on YouTube recently with Steve J. and Phil S. presenting several variations of laptops over the years and it really made me appreciate the technological wonder of the 16". Easily my favorite laptop thus far. – Thanks for the great vid!

  26. Thank you for the amazing review!! I am curious to hear other people’s suggestion as a college student. If a student is looking to purchase a MacBook Pro for school, would you suggest they go for the $1800 13 inch or the 16 inch MacBook Pro?

  27. I came to a conclusion that Apple does not care about customers, UNLESS it hurts them financially. Both the butterfly keyboard and the touchbar were hated by the majority of users (yeah, SOME users love the touchbar, but some users love the butterfly keyboard, too, so it is the same thing), and Apple ignored the opinions and kept those things for generations. But as for the butterfly, people sued Apple and Apple had to replace the keyboard for free if dusts stuck under the keyboard and it malfunctioned, which probably cost a lot of money to Apple. So, Apple abolished the keyboard. But they did not abolish the touchbar, because, eh, what do users can do? Other than complaining, they cannot sue Apple or demand replacement for touchbar.

  28. I like the intro – very nice story 👏👏👏

  29. I am watching it on my 15" mid '15 MBP running Linux. I bought the new 16" and I love it. What is really needed is an upgrade of iCloud because it is really crap.

  30. Negan loves the Macbook pro

  31. The hipster level of this video has reached max levels. Not saying that to be a negative, but man you are the definition of hipster. The coffee shop scene with you drinking your latte or whatever it was is just pure macbook user stereotype. Taking up a whole table with that monster macbook to sit there and browse twitter with a $10 coffee is just a dick move…

  32. Berno van der Wal

    Totally agree! And same experience

    I skipped Apple for a few years after the horrible Macbook experience with the former keyboard and display issues. It was so not Apple. But since 2/3 months happy with the 16” MB entry level. What a machine!

  33. Wilham Manjilani

    My number 1 tech review ever in the entire universe.

  34. 4:08 Is that a LCARS interface from TNG for the Zenbook Pro Duo? I love it!

  35. Sorry dude, I adore your content and respect your opinion but will never agree with this idea of touch screen Macs. Just… no.

  36. I was going to purchase this but with this economy I’m better saving the money I have and wait. Also cause I lost my job soooooo I have no money coming in. 🙁