Hay Day Live – Halloween Truck Event

Tiêu đề video: Hay Day Live – Halloween Truck Event

Độ dài: 03:51:54, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-22 18:20:57

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Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33N1ipvlWnU

#Hayday #Soonish # Hay Day Live – Halloween Truck Event has R3DKNIGHT looking at the event and helping players to get their 100 trucks or more.

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  1. Lynn Stillwell2

    Enjoyable stream. Kept me company while I mixed up some sweet potato bread. Yum! See ya!

  2. We see multiples of the blueprints, expansion permits, and puzzle pieces in the farm pass, so hopefully will be the same for the chick vouchers. I think it would be stupid to add a new animal into the game only to be able to get it next year. If they're going to do it that way, then the updates should be bigger and include more additions to game – things we can get now and others to work towards later.

  3. Susan Coleman

    Hey what's happening with getting the diamond items out of the newspaper. Allit does is flash the chicks

  4. Fiona Anderson

    Hi Ricky. Where do I go to report bugs in the game?

  5. I’m jealous of your derby tasks. Our little mid-Champions level NH got all town and production tasks! SO hard!

  6. Valley: definitely prefer sanctuary but I think they did better this time with the tokens. Last time I was lucky to get enough for the diamonds. But this time I was able to buy two permits on my main farm.

  7. I have to pay everytime I upgrade barn and it don't have a lot in it I get saws axes shovels but very few bolts and planks it drives me nuts

  8. Dena Callahan

    Just went to my fishing area…no ghost anywhere!

  9. Wubaluba Dubdub

    Having a lot of problems with derby tasks at the moment. I have another day or so to complete then pop back a hour later to see that it’s saying I’ve failed.
    Anyone else having issues .