Google Pixel 6 Pro – The Next Level!

Tiêu đề video: – The Next Level!

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Pro will be the first Google smartphone to have a 5X periscope zoom camera. Google uses their Super Res Zoom technology to enable better zoom images up to 8X on their current phones. So just imagine what Google could provide with the combination of a dedicated 5X periscope zoom camera hardware plus the excellent Super Res Zoom post-processing on the Pixel 6 Pro.

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  1. I'm so looking forward to upgrade my current Google pixel! I'm wondering when it's going to be released in the USA?

  2. JaneLee Keller

    I have always thought Google Should be The Best Android Available.
    Have just been waiting for Them to Care Again.

    Meanwhile, I am Still Satisfactorily using My Nexus 6P. (Which I have Loved for Five and a Half Years ❤️)

    Thank You for this Video,
    JaneLee 🕊 – in Suburban Philadelphia

  3. Monsieur Cliffe

    Xiaomi has filled Huawei's void and Samsung needs to watch out.

  4. Aespa Next Level

  5. e t h e r n - es

    The pixel 6 has A really bad ass design bruh it's so cool and futuristic

  6. Unkn0wn C0mmand

    For me, there are 5 things that MUST exist before I care about foldables.

    1) The device need to have 5000 Mah battery or larger
    2) The device needs to support S-Pen/Stylus and said stylus MUST have an in-device silo.
    3) The device needs to have flagship cameras.
    4) The device must be waterproof.
    5) The device must have a screen durable enough that I can’t permanently destroy it with my fingernail.

    Until all 5 of the above are in a single foldable device, I could not care less and will wait until Samsung brings the Note back.

  7. Dude 6.4 is way too big

  8. Sergej Bortolaminov

    Probably I've found the substitute for my glorious HTC U11+

  9. It's a GOOGLE!!

  10. James Bond man

    Grapheneos will run great on this.

  11. AB B M B Q 666 Google

  12. Somebody tell them to launch pixel 5a in india as well

  13. Of course Google is ready to fill in the gap the Huawei has left behind

  14. Google could be android's iPhone

  15. Still got my 2XL.
    It's about damn time.

  16. Clickbait bullshit, shame on you.

  17. Big question here is how long will the Camera last?? pixel 2, 3, 4 XL or not all plauged with rear facing camera issue. This is my 4th pixel 4 XL with now another broken camera, and google wants me to go pay 180 bucks for a fix. I may have to ditch google. It sucks I have loved this phone so much but it is literally useless without it's camera. I'm liking android 12 too (upgraded to beta as a long shot to fix camera) No dice.

  18. It's Pixel 6 XL not pro…get your info right!

  19. Sanoodkumar Alias

    Launch wen?

  20. Electronix HuB

    The bgm is like a toned down version of Samoa Joe's entrance 🎶

  21. First and last time i will watch this site. Voice was awful-and said nothing about the phone.

  22. Can't afford ):

  23. patrick jackson

    I am excited for the pixel 6. I love my 4 xl and i have no reason to even upgrade to a pixel 6 because this thing never fails in performance or camera quality. I’m more excited for a pixel fold then I ever was for Samsungs.

  24. But will we be able to set ringtone volumes and notification volumes independently?

  25. Here is the problem with Google hardware. They are unimaginative and rehash a useless 8mp 5x zoom camera. Ignore common sense fact that if you include only one zoom camera at 5x, the resolution needs to be 48mp.
    Again rendering pixels a mediocre.. unimaginative hardware choice.

  26. Pixel aayega ya nahi India mein? – every Indian Pixel Fan/OnePlus dumper

  27. Waiting to buy Pixel 6 pro.🤤

  28. 😂😂 total nonsense Google never achieve what they show

  29. It's too bad LG Mobile folded – Still waiting on a G Flex 3… Their version of foldable actually focused on durability…

  30. Michael Christopher Gutierrez

    What is the FOV on the front camera? One of the biggest need to know features we need to know?

  31. Random Uploads

    They always gotta mess something up though. The rear of the phone just might be the ugliest design ever.

  32. Shenghong Zhang

    Just speculation again…

  33. They are so expensive in India that even iphone seems reasonable.

  34. They need to put on an affordable price tag

  35. Ouaiiii bravo l'appareil photo… mais comme téléphone, une vraie MERDE !!!!!!!

  36. Google pixel is not something great, unless the next device is any better than the Samsung galaxy note or, IPhone or the One plus 9 Pro . I like big flat screen for my next one

  37. Overpriced

  38. If made in CCP China then NOT buying as Not supporting an evil regime.

  39. Just came in here to see if it has a 3.5mm jack aaaand… it also doesn't.

  40. evans boateng

    This Pixel could be my phone of the year

  41. You literally just made a video saying how Xiaomi is catching up (might pass) Samsung in Android sales, then make this video saying "Samsung doesn't really have any competitor in the android space with Huawei out of the picture" But they do, and you just said it yourself recently "Xiaomi" is a major threat to Samsung so not sure what the heck your talking about.

  42. This phone is so ugly, I'm sorry!!!

  43. Mychael Griffin

    I can't wait to get this Google pixel 6 Pro it has better battery life than , Google pixel 4a 5g

  44. Yea poor America😂 HUAWEI are best never try on TITAN. HUAWEIs HarmonyOS will kill google😂Down

  45. Google is the worst phone ever

  46. I don't care for Foldable and Flipable phones due to ugliness. I can't wait for Pixel pro….

  47. Damya Watlon$


  48. Amazing 🔥

  49. Software was the only saving grace of pixel. With this newer hardware, it would be lit

  50. Charlie Daniels

    I would like to have one my name is Charlie Daniels