Zayn Malik RESPONDS to Claim He HIT Gigi Hadid's Mom

Tiêu đề video: Zayn Malik RESPONDS to Claim He HIT 's Mom

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Zayn Malik is speaking out after being accused of striking , the mother of his girlfriend, Gigi. A source tells ET, ‘Yolanda and Zayn had a disagreement that turned hostile. Yolanda is telling people around her that Zayn struck her.’ The source adds that Gigi was not present for the alleged incident and she’s been listening to ‘both sides’ of the story. The 28-year-old singer shared a statement to Twitter on Thursday following reports of the alleged altercation. He wrote in part, ‘As you all know I am a private person and I very much want to create a safe and private space for my daughter to grow up in. A place where private family matters aren’t thrown on the world stage for all to poke and pick apart. In an effort to protect that space for her I agreed to not contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago’

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  1. You come from a loving family, Zayn. you're a loving and sensitive man. ofc we'll be by your side, there's no reason to be angry with u, your anger isn't bad. She deserves it¡!

  2. precisely because Gigi is an adult, she makes her own decisions, not being controlled by anyone. She looks brighter than zayn. he keeps posting sad faces. Zayn loves Gigi very much. it's understandable for the shy, cute faced Zayn to fall in love with Gigi, who is confident with her naturally sensual face and body, she can literally pick any guy she wants.

  3. What kind of mother ruins her daughter's marriage.

  4. Zigi was fake anyways

  5. Why does Yolanda looks like Caitlyn Jenner????

  6. Turid Adele Gaupseth

    She is crazy ! Run Zain

  7. Yolanda kill selena…and zayn knocked out yolanda

  8. Grandma wants Zayn's ranch and his money.

  9. I wonder why Mohamed Hadid divorced her 😌🙂

  10. Margaret Nkikon


  11. another karen this time

  12. Portion Mukbang

    She doesn’t let Gigi eat well and now she’s taking Gigi away from her lover too 😢

  13. Yoooo if someone came between me and my kid I wouldn't think twice about smacking the fuck out of them

  14. I bet yolanda planned this drama when Gigi was not home, cos she wanted Zayn out of Gigi's life for good! She is a drama queen, likes to be in the centre of attention, and doesnt care if she brakes up a couple, its all about her, Gigi should know to stick with Zayn! Very sad that mothers like that exist!

  15. Americans are soooooooo dramatic. Yolanda fade away respectfully while you can.

  16. Luzviminda Paule

    Walang papalit sa pagmamahal ng 1 ina. Maraming karapat dapat na lalaki na dapat din na mahalin.


    Yolanda is so toxic I'm on Zayn's side on this #teamzayn

  18. William Travis

    Zayn: We believe you. Keep the Faith!

  19. They both problamatic poor Gigi :/

  20. Who gives a **

  21. Florence Dugas

    Zayne was dropped by RCA, he also lost His clothing Contract because if this situation…how would "that woman" feell if her daughter also lost her contract (bread earning money) on the cat walk because of thèse allégations?…

  22. Yolanda needs to step back!!!

  23. I never liked Gigi's mother…her intrusive nature on everything and the way she always wanted to control her daughter..and now she might have tried to do the same thing to Zayn and I'm sure she is the one who forged to hit Zayn and he might have hit her for self defence….PERIODt😤😤

  24. Srishti Tanwar

    I don't like Zayn Malik

  25. I’m not going to completely say that he didn’t hit her but we should all take this with a grain of salt

  26. Terri Lee Isaac

    I will pray for you all!

  27. You are both very young and now have a small child, seems to me that you both need to take parenting classes or see a therapist to show you what parenting is all about. Believe it's not all about YOU anymore. You now have a child that did not ask to be born, so do and say nothing bad about the other parent. Learn to co-parent so your child will have both her mother and father that will love her to the best of their ability. And keep your mother out of this. Your child, not hers.

  28. Yolanda’s controlling ways is enough for anyone to hit the bitch.
    Turning up with bodyguard wtf it’s zayns home Gigi was away in Paris.
    Why was she there ??
    More to this .. woman are not always the victim !

  29. Sad that she didn’t even give a second thought about what is gonna happen to that little girls future when it claimed that her father and mother got separated because her father harassed her grandma and the whole freakin world knows that . Its literally clear that what she only want is to make zayn bad infront of everyone who supports him.

  30. Nancy Gonzalez


  31. What a dog life they live