Zayn Malik Physically Attacked Yolanda Hadid – She Claims!! | Perez Hilton

Tiêu đề video: Zayn Malik Physically Attacked Yolanda Hadid – She Claims!! | Perez Hilton

Độ dài: 00:12:13, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 02:39:03

Tác giả: Perez Hilton

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So many thoughts about this shocking #ZaynMalik and #YolandaHadid situation! What do U think of this all? 🙀

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Zayn Malik Physically Attacked Yolanda Hadid – She Claims!! | Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton

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  1. Margaret nguyen

    She REPORTED first to TMZ not to POLICE did u guys nkow that ???shes SICK depressed old woman pls forgive Yolanda

  2. Jenene Vinson

    My favorite part is how Prissy left out the part where Zayn said he hopes that Yoyo reconsider her false claims. People are not disposable to be thrown away when they are no longer useful to you life. I don't know Zayn but one thing I've notice is that every time someone call him toxic or a trouble maker or says something about his anger. They can never follow up with and real proof. Just say that's what they heard somewhere. All I'm saying is none of us know what went on in the house. But if I had to put my money on who's to blame it wouldn't be zayn.

  3. Elliott Corell

    Yolanda was on a mission to assassinate zayns character. She achieved it

  4. I feel like he has a crush on her ( Yolanda )

  5. Gigi and her family sucks…..I feel sad for zayn…they literally damaged his career…Hadid is a fucked up family….that mom known for lying and be dramatic and over….

  6. This is crazy

  7. Perez remember the time Yolanda claimed that Ken put his hands on her.
    There were cameras this woman is known for throwing things out of proportion

  8. Zayne sounds like Jamie Spears when his actions were “leaked too”.

  9. How much did Yolanda pay you to make this video?

  10. Ken didn't hit Yolanda either.proven fact.

  11. Another over the top drama queen I can’t stomach this idiot
    Yolanda deserved it probably for turning up with a guard uninvited
    Not all woman should be believed

  12. Not buying this more to this than meets the eye, I dont condone
    physical wrong doings but we dont know the full story we werent their – all
    family members involved need healing therapy attention. The
    Hadids are a mega rich privileged family who can make Zayn or break him for custody
    of the grandaughter it has been alleged Gigis father played a part in getting Zayn dropped
    from his music label, hope not all will end badly.

  13. Jaded Shakur Kent

    This whole story sounds like a “Karen” motivated story.. Perez you know better than to narrate and auto fill a story like this..I think she’s trying to get get him out of the picture to get a storyline for a new reality should have been kept quiet.. she’s was being overbearing going to his home without permission to begin with..sounds Like toxic bulling to me.

  14. What in the name of leeches is going on?

  15. Hey bro is there a name for that variety of turtleneck? Looks very elevated; I want it

  16. Richelle Graham

    I think she leaked this to get rid of him and have the grandchild all to herself, I'm on Zayn's side with this

  17. Perez Hilton please🤨that women inserts in non of her business discussions as you have seen she does in her reality show, she is a Dutch and they think they are the center of the earth, I live next to them!!!

  18. This is a very biased video for not having all of the facts….I believe there’s much more to this story on both sides

  19. We have to learn from jonny depp

  20. So,… she gets attacked and presses charges a month later???? Even a week later is too long. If it were true and we didn't take any time to fabricate our story we would have gone to the police a lot sooner. I don't believe her. I believe he absolutely yelled and he had every right to yell when someone is coming into his home uninvited. It doesn't matter who you are you ask first. He is extremely protective of Khai almost to a fault and will do anything to keep her safe. I hope you also realize that the no contest was saying 'I didn't do it but will take the punishment.' Zayn doesn't want to have a custody battle. He wants to peacefully be able to co-parent his daughter. He doesn't want to fight and have Khai in the middle of all this crap. If Yolanda was a great mom like you claim and she had previous experience with the modeling industry she would have tried to stop her girls instead of pushing them. This is no mama bear situation it is manipulation at its finest.

  21. Henry Antonio

    I remember you from victorious!

  22. Kimberley watson

    I believe her. Zayn has always seemed like he had a bit of a temper to me🤷‍♀️and besides how stupid do you have to be to think you can shove your girlfriend's mother and get away with it😤

  23. By watching the video, reading the comments Perez might be a close friend of Yolanda 😂 technically there is no evidence, and he already called her a victim! I thought we came a long away !but no ! we need to stop making assumptions about people based on (statut, fame …) and Yolanda is a giving us the picture of a perfect mom, that cares a lot about her daughter … etc etc ( it might be true ) but doesn’t give any one the right to judge according to that.. and to decide she is a victim according to a story shared to the media! If Malik did something wrong the police need to take of it, we need to stop bullying the guy on social media and giving a trophy to Yolanda, let the police take care of their matte. And I believe we can still tell a story without picking a side and giving a harsh Criticism to a certain person…

  24. Stfu she lied about this before

  25. Towards the end of Yolanda's rein on the housewives she kinda lost it. She got really really sick and wasn't in her right mind. They never did say what she was sick with. Maybe she had some sort of breakdown.

  26. Samantha Frost

    The DV course in the Uk is 2 years long btw

  27. Samantha Frost

    It’s definitely all about the child. For sure. With the words that have been said it is something to do with the little one.

  28. Janitza Rivera

    I totally agree on what your saying but let's play Devil's advocate what if things really didn't 100% happened like she described what if there's truth on both sides 🤔 idk I find it weird that she didn't do a police report and she just decided to take it to the press instead… I mean if what she said was a %100 true then why didn't she filed a police report 🤔 that's what I've would of Done if something like that happened to my daughter's just saying… I find it weird 😕 but then again we really don't know what really happened in that home. So maybe we should wait and see what happens…

  29. Samantha Frost

    I think Bella leaked it

  30. Samantha Frost

    It matters what the JUDGE THINKS and he’s been charged with 4 counts