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  1. Tshegofatso N

    Where tf is Mohammed in all this

  2. Just what I like... !

    This isn’t surprising news when you think about the incident with Bella’s intoxicated friend verbally assaulting Zayn a few months ago! None of the Hadids, including Gigi, came to his defense! Yolanda wants Gigi to have sole custody of Khai and she’s going to try to discredit Zayn in the press, with her unproven claims! I definitely see them in a verbal argument, because she interferes so often! Zayn was inside his home, so he had no intention of starting this, and he’s proven in the past he’s a non-violent man! He’s going to have to fight in court for the right to co-parent his daughter and that’s her agenda! #SupportZayn

  3. Trust Your Gut

    Remember when Yolanda accused Ken of hitting her on real housewives of Beverly Hills and it was shown on camera that he didn’t? Yeah, I know who I believe. Why is she leaking it now if it happened 2 weeks ago?
    Narcissists do not respect boundaries.Yolanda has no business in trespassing Zayn's personal home, unless of course, she want to create problems and false allegations against Zyan, while her daughter is away & not present to witness the real toxic true persona her matter has kept hidden from her all these years!
    Yolanda is absolutely not the angel she pretends to be. She’s a controlling narcissist.who most likely sees her grand child as an extension of hers, just like her girls to eventually cash in on the grand child just like she did with her girls.She probably felt that Zayn is and will be in the way for her to execute/ accomplish her hidden, present & future agendas, so she provoked him and further trying to publicly she assassinate his character by smear campaign!

  4. Rachel Malik ✨

    I hate yolanda so much, I know Zayn didn’t do that bc IT’S ZAYN ! He s the most sweet person in the world, I think.
    Apparently ( Idk if this word is correct but in French this word means « Apparemment » lmfao)
    Anyways, APPARENTLY Yolanda leaked a picture of Khaï Malik ( their daughter ) and she says all the time «Don't eat much or you're going to be fat» at her daughter and now we say « Yolanda is a good mom ». NO. she want to be center of attention and she succeeded bc she makes drama and breaks Zigi couple. ( sorry if my text was very bad and not correct, im French and I’ve only 15 yo, so, im sorry❤️)

  5. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  6. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  7. Yolanda is a Karen, thinks she's better than everyone but as her fashion and story goes, she's ghetto too

  8. AmazinzingG12

    You know what’s funny? I wonder if a woman yells at her husband and causes mental distress if that would be considered abuse or just another excuse for “there was a perfectly good reason for that”
    It’s disgusting how much power women have over men. This could’ve been intentional just to have more custody over the child.

  9. Was the guy in the back always there? because I noticed him at 3:00

  10. Another thing is also that Zayn is cornered. He's isolated from his family. Yolanda is a controlling narcissist who probably crossed a boundary and is trying to now get full custody, she has said Zayn came from 'humble beginnings' which means she probably looks down on him

  11. If you're a victim of DV, please don't read the comments.

  12. Happiness Watts

    You are how foundation is laid

  13. Happiness Watts

    My parents married 48 yrs kids happily married. No mom dad interference we stand and deal with our issues. So she deserved it

  14. Happiness Watts

    She deserves it.

  15. Being push isn't hitting

  16. the dude behind u just chilling there….lol

  17. Yolanda and her manipulative self?? Hell will have to freeze over before i believe her narrative. I think she ran to the press to cry wolf.

  18. I don’t know what to think…. but Zayn’s seems isolated in all this.

  19. Akinolu Sanda

    Someone should shut this karen up

  20. Yolanda is so fucking problematic! Like khai is only 1 year old and at an age where she needs her parents the most,yet she was so careless to cause this whole mess!

  21. Platinum Sterling

    What does he mean co-parent and not parent. Is he not with Gigi? You only co-parent when your not in a relationship with the other parent…..

  22. Elizabeth Gwekwerere

    Sorry but GiGi’s controlling mother is giving me major racist Karen vibes🥴


    I dunno what to believe

  24. Kelly Nwosisi

    Yolanda needs to get a man and get alife and leave this young family alone.

  25. yolanda is not a good person i think

  26. imagine being actively involved in your adult daughter’s marriage life

  27. Firstly, I'm actually proud of Zayn for staying as private as possible about his personal life, and that he's doing this for his daughter. That's smart and commendable. I don't believe he did strike her and I believe Yolanda is exaggerating this. I am glad he is being the mature one and not starting a social media war the way she wants. Those are some very serious things to say and I don't believe he would

  28. What di rass

  29. fiona nyangoma

    Omg, Yolanda is jealous of her daughter's relationship. Wasn't controlling her career enough?

  30. salma al-shaoily

    I feel like Yolanda is stirring the pot, trying to character assassinate Zayn and get full custody

  31. This is coming from the same family that G’s sister friend started the verbal assault on Z a couple months ago

  32. Believe no woman 💀

  33. 🌼Sometimes you can not get along with your in-laws but violence is never the answer. Plus Yolanda says she wants it to be fealty with between the family but instead. Tells the press instead KMT.🌼

  34. I think there is a bias here because she is white, let's wait for this to unwind. The last thing I want to do is support any abusive person regardless of colour or creed. We are too quick to support people who look like us only later to find out we were wrong. At this point none of us where there. Let's remember he has not denied the claims.

  35. i don't think he did this unprovoked lol. she had to have done something

  36. Yolanda is the classic narcissistic mother 🙄

  37. Totaldramaisland

    Sorry but hitting your mother-in-law is not a “private family matter” wth is wrong with you people. If he attacked Yolanda, he should be exposed. Domestic violence is never okay, even when it comes your favorite celebrities. The reason she hasn’t reported him to the police might be because of the fact that he is the father of her granddaughter and doesn’t want to potentially get him into serious legal trouble in the U.S., this is the very reason victims of DV don’t always report their partners.

  38. ITS A PARADISE AND ITS A WARZONE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣lemme stop🌚

  39. I have a bad feeling about this woman. Zayn and Gigi are still going strong, and may it stay that way.

  40. I don’t think Gigi and Zayn are together maybe that’s why she went to the press if it was that serious why didn’t she file a police report as yet what is she waiting for

  41. Rokhaya SADJI

    yolanda is such weird lady

  42. Stop it hes been known to be highly triggered highly aggressive it has nothing to do with how he looks. If this is a ploy by Yolanda this is serious doing this could adfect your child on both sides i hope it was a misunderstanding but yall defending him without knowing anything at all believe the women until its one of ur faves ? I hope this is a big misunderstanding

  43. Monster in law

  44. Yolanda does seem to lie a lot though 😬

  45. Waliyha (zayn's sister) is throwing major shade on her stories 👀

  46. None of the malik sister's are following Gigi. Bella is not following zayn on Instagram either

  47. He innocent x

  48. I dont believe yolanda I'm sorry