What is HALLOWEEN? – 🎃 – (Halloween 2021) English lesson with captions

Tiêu đề video: – 🎃 – (Halloween 2021) English lesson with captions

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What is Halloween? Where does it come from? How did Halloween begin? In today’s English lesson we will look at the subject of all hallows eve. Halloween falls every year on the 31st of October. Learn English with Mr Duncan in England. (PRESS C FOR CAPTIONS)

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  1. Vũ Anh Tuấn

    You make me very scary

  2. De'Ana Grogan


  3. Halloween in England and Holy in India are unique celebrations.🤚😁👍

  4. Большое спасибо за видео!!! Привет из Санкт- Петербурга.

  5. fernando baruc

    Hi Mr Duncan can you tell me, what happened with these types of videos, do will you do them again, will you once again play the dr. Pokenprod, the journalist Dick Shape, the chef Dave Nasty and else. Here you even seemed like other person very fun and crazy. I hope your answer. See you soon and sweet dreems! 😴🌌🌃

  6. Sarita Narnavre

    U teach very well sir
    I like this lesson

  7. I like the eagerness you put to your videos. thank you for make these videos i'm learning so much

  8. Jonash Pañas

    I always loved watching your vids Mr. Duncan. I passed the tradition of watching you down to my daughter so she may adapt your British accent. LoL

  9. Man you really put effort on this video, i felt watching a Disney's special, but this one is instructive!
    This is amazing, thank you for make funny to learn about history and new vocabulary

  10. Florence-Yvonne Rohrbasser

    Very interesting vídeo lesson and of course it’s a great production. I forgot to tell you happy 14th anniversary. Thanks for doing all that lessons for us 🌞

  11. yaser Elshahir

    Great job for you . Thanks

  12. Very well done and fun video, Mr. Duncan!
    Hopefully, you had a lovely Halloween and will have a great month of novenber.
    Stay healthy and safe.

  13. Carla Fiumalbi

    Interesting lesson,thank you Misterduncan

  14. You are so sexy at the belly and bottom,,, so handsome too

  15. juri Nembrini

    Great funny lesson Mr. Duncan, thank you so much!!!

  16. Mercedes Duarte A.

    Wonderful and eerie lesson, indeed! Thank you very much. I did really enjoy it!

  17. Mercedes Duarte A.

    Hey, Mister Duncan! Sorry for saying this perhaps inappropriate comment but, believe or not, you look great, more handsome and stylish with that beard!

  18. No we don't celebrate Halloween in my country

  19. Adriana Ramirez

    By the way, congratulations for your 14th anniversary. You're such a great teacher!

  20. Adriana Ramirez

    Thanks Mr. Duncan. What an amazing an interesting lesson. The production was really Spectacular!

  21. Bielorrusia subnoivrach

    Happy anniversary my dejar teacher!!!

  22. Rungsak Thongmuk

    Happy Halloween mr.duncan.🎃👻

  23. Hello Mr Duncan! I am one of your new student from Chad. In Africa we do not celebrate Haloween. Big thank you for this lesson.

  24. Great job!!!

  25. Hello Mr Duncan, What a creative lesson,I couldn't take my eyes off it.when you told about dead people, for a moment I thought a ghost will come into view, no no I'm not talking about Mr Steve.thanks for explaining different tradition connected with Halloween. Thank you from Karachi, Pakistan

  26. 😱😱😱

  27. Catherine _f_t

    I'm always amazed by your creativity. In France Halloween has been celebrated since about 40 years but it's commercial not a true tradition.

  28. maria giovanna la rosa

    In Sicily the the most important day is the 2nd of november,we call it "the deads day".Tradition says that our dead relatives come back bringing children toys and sweets and people go to cemeteries to say "hello"to their deads,bringing them lots of flowers.It isn't a sad day.Mr Duncan your videos are always more beautiful than before.

  29. Palmyra Rameikiene

    This lesson was very useful. Thanks mr Duncan😱😱😱

  30. At beginning I thought he was Lars Ulrich from Metallica, haha

  31. Md Ariful Hasan [EN]

    When you are on screen I'm not scared 😀

  32. Md Ariful Hasan [EN]

    Nice beard, Mr Duncan.

  33. Sandra Gonzalez

    Mr Duncan that’s Excellent job .!!It’s a great animated movie 👏👏👏
    I ‘ ll see again because I need to learn new words. Happy Halloween 🎃 🎃🎃 💓💓

  34. Fernando Glionna

    Brilliant lesson, Miterduncan!
    Here in Argentina Halloween is not very popular. It started to be celebrated only since a few years ago, but only by children and teenagers. It is not a traditional festivity by any mean.

  35. Wafae Lhafian


  36. What a very well made filming lesson! Authority worried about holloween festivity among young people because of covid19 and warned in my country. I didn't know the meaning of 'trick or treat' that was written on sticker nuts presents that i have received yesterday. Now i understand. Thank you.

  37. Pamela Flores

    Oh this video is one of favorites!
    Thank you, Mr. Duncan.
    In my country celebrate Día de Muertos 😀

  38. Marina Raglia

    Beautiful scary lesson! I wish you happy Halloween Mr Duncan!!!

  39. Thank you very much,this video lesson is very well made:Good job,bye,bye

  40. We don't celebrate Halloween in my country we prefer watching horror movies just for entertainment 😱👾☹ thank you for the explanation. Mr.D

  41. Beatriz Oviedo

    Such a wonderful production Mr DUNCAN! Amazing and so interesting with new words 👍 I'll watch later Again quietly to learn more. Thank you very much and Happy Halloween 🎃🎃

  42. Людмила Каюмова

    Happy Halloween Mister Duncan!!

  43. Axmed Quulle ibnu quulle

    Mastercdancen sxb waaad gaboowday
    From to somaalia I was talking Somali language
    Saaxib casharada halkoodii ka wad