Trick or Treating 🎃 Halloween Night 2020 🎃 Scary Good Time!

Tiêu đề video: Trick or Treating 🎃 Night 2020 🎃 Scary Good Time!

Độ dài: 00:32:42, Ngày đăng: 2020-11-03 07:53:28

Tác giả: Harper’s Playhouse

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💞 Howdy folks…..Welcome back to Harper’s Playhouse!!! 💞
2021 Trick or Treating video right here!

How we Trick or Trick during a pandemic ha! Such a fun night…

This was Harper best time to date…1 yrs old ehh, 2 yrs old so, so…3 yrs old just a busy bee…4 yrs old was the magic age haha!

Loads of Candy and Big brother got hooked up with tons of full size candy bars for being an awesome Joker…

This one house said if he acted like the joker they would give him all the Full Size candy bars and so he did his thing and they hooked him up!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween Night under the circumstances we are all living in.

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  1. She’s so stubborn just like my daughter I just can’t someday 😞😞

  2. This is what halloween is about— dressing up and walking around the neighborhood .. running from house to house..

    This recent Trunk or Treat idea has got to go

  3. James Michael fernandez

    Happy holleween 🎃🎃🍫🍫🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  4. Wow this neighborhood went all out and super creative!!

  5. Grandma Sandy

    Thanks for a great video really enjoyed it love seeing all the kids having a good time for Halloween

  6. Alguém 2021 até ????
    Brasil 🇧🇷
    Happy Halloween 🎃
    Trick or Treat 👻

    Brasil não comemora o
    Halloween ):

  7. Michael Peters

    We can’t get out this year, so we really appreciate your video. Thanks for posting.

  8. Bubble and Bro

    That joker costume is so good

  9. I did 2 hours of trick or treating today

  10. My name is Harper too

  11. Christmas magic

    I’m back 1 year later 🎃👻 Happy Halloween

  12. at what time do yall recomend going trik or treating because last year i went and i didnt get that much candy only 1 little bag

  13. Luke Buchwald

    My neighborhood used to be like this on Halloween like 30 years ago — now I never see kids doing this anymore

  14. MlgVambatLegion

    I wanted to go last year but my dad said "its too risky cause there is covid cause people touch the candy and you will get covid and get me infected with corona and i will die cause im old if i get covid if you go trick or treating in 2020" but this year i can go since its more safer this year, ill definetly be wearing a mask to make sure and sanitize the candy when i get home. by the way my costume comes with a mask like not a mask for covid but like a mask that came with the costume

  15. Indian Couple In the USA

    Nice video. Happy Halloween 🎃

  16. 25:39 the house looks like it upside down

  17. Love the joker costume

  18. Amalie Nelson

    I watched this video not noticing her name is Harper it’s crazy because that’s my name and I’m being a cow for Halloween this year

  19. There’s only one God

    Awesome video guys

  20. Hi im chucky and im your friend till the end hidey ho ha ha ha

  21. Gabriel Izquierdo

    The hell bomb joker costume is sick

  22. Garry Dhillon

    Loved it !

  23. Childhood Dreamer

    Man, maybe I should go Trick or treating on Davis St in Santa Rosa this year. 😟

  24. Smokey the cat

    Ok but the girl with the moo costume is so cute😭👏

  25. Very nice

  26. J- Back the Blue M

    Thats great. U neighborhood is awesome.

  27. This looks like a really good hallowen

  28. Wine I got candy last Halloween it won't fit my box of candy

  29. Very good nature lovely halloween

  30. xxamourablexx

    What is the name of the stroller type thing please, it looks ideal!

  31. This is really fun to watch. Thank you 🤩