Shane Dawson HAVING CHILD, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik BREAK UP MESS, Logan Paul SMACKS HECKLER


Độ dài: 00:11:15, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 19:45:00

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Shane Dawson HAVING CHILD, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik BREAK UP MESS, Logan Paul SMACKS HECKLER
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  1. gotta get down on friday!

  2. Ratty Mc Fatty


  3. Can someone tell me HOW the Paul brothers are still relevant? My GOD.

  4. Randa Wolfenbarker

    Zayn has always had rage issues and been toxic. It’s a running theme with him..

  5. Randa Wolfenbarker

    Zucker is just so odd. Is he human? Will I be alive after this comment is posted? Uhoh. Imagine him meeting Musk in space on Meta.

  6. Come for the irrelevant news stay for the palette cleanser. 😍😍

  7. Zuckerberg is distracting us, with the bbq sauce, from the fact he is cgi in this video. It’s not him physically but a very realistic image of him.

  8. Naud van Dalen

    Zayn Malik is not at fault. Yolanda Hadid basically trespassed in his house. He got charged for insulting her and his security guard. I thought this was America and there's free speech. Especially getting charged for insulting the security guard is weird because they are used to getting attacked, so why are some mean words so bad?


    at this point i think BOTH logan and jake are just harassing people to show who has the biggest ego

  10. One of the reasons Shane was canceled is because he has exhibited predator tendencies towards fans and other minors. This is ridiculous.

  11. Dora Veronika

    Shane should not be allowed to adopt kids

  12. 5 more comments and their is 1000 comments …

  13. LITrally. 😂

  14. Azria The Amazon

    Has anyone seen Shane’s tweet to Jason Satorius? When he was dancing and asking Jason if he wanted a background dancer and doing sexual stuff in his dance at the camera?

    Or when he was 28 and asked Baby Ariel who was 16 if her and Jason Satorius “piped” when they were 14?

    Or him and Ryland sexualizing JoJo Siwa when Ryland went to her house…. got her clothing… dressed up as her and then Ryland started grinding on Shane dressed as her?

    Or when Ryland dressed up as Danielle Brigolli (she was 14 or so) and hypersexualized her dressing with huge fake breasts and Shane was touching and groping …..

    This was all while he was in his late twenties.

    I’m sorry… he’s having a baby? 🤢 🤮

  15. Audi👀 did he just say it like thay

  16. Navigator Mother

    Well is it Logan or Jake that has the rather large opiate addiction right now. Where even his own team in his own podcast staged (take note of that word "staged" too") an intervention for him while he sat there in Blurrr City Central, three minutes behind the whole conversation. "Uhh. Uh whyy areyoudoin'istameee"…

  17. Jake Paul is such a loser like really grow up

  18. Mike Majlak acts as if he's Logan's parent, but he himself ended up being as violent as Logan towards that kid. Such a joke!

  19. Put timestamps in your description or in the comments my guy half the shjt you talk about is for plebs I want my one tiny interesting piece and bounceeeeeee

  20. LA breeds a weird bunch

  21. 10:55. This is the best palate cleanser I’ve seen yet. 🥰

  22. Erica Terrorize

    Black mirror anyone .. 😬

  23. fuck all these influencers they are the scum of the earth and we expect these fucktards teaching all theses kids that follow them, that's how to act to be cool. Fuck I got my bunker ready and dry food ration kits to last 5 years so when the world goes to shit in this coming year I'm ight. kick rock asshole. LOVE YA DEF NOODLES you still rock and are the best!!!

  24. I hope the dude goes and sues L Paul

  25. Alvin Del Rey

    I hope that guy sues the hell out of Logan Paul

  26. genuinely can’t tell if Zuckerberg has Aspergers or if he’s a straight up sociopath. I know a guy with Aspergers that acts kinda similar to Zuckerberg but he’s also really empathetic which Zuckerberg doesn’t appear to be

  27. Are these people stupid “well he had a good reason” Logan had a buzz do they condone that it’s ok to be drunk too? It’s all about the likes right.

  28. I don’t doubt that Nikita calling them since she has one of the biggest egos in YouTube, and yes Nikita you are still a YouTuber.

  29. dude that girl gigis hadid so beuty whatever u want but i dont want in my home a girl like that

  30. Trina Trillana

    It was said that the confrontation of Yolanda and Zayn happened after Yolanda leaking their baby’s photo which greatly irked Zayn, coz he values the privacy of his baby daughter so much. Then the “breaking in” issue.

  31. Cecilia Costa

    Meta sounds like a health insurance

  32. Gabriel Rodriguez

    I gotta say it's nice to see someone who runs their mouth thinking they can say whatever they want having to deal with consequences.

  33. Logan needs to go somewhere for a minimum of 90 days to clear his system. Clearly the live intervention on his podcast didn't work,shocker.

  34. someone you dont know

    Lol META as In metadata they collect from us

  35. That Girl Jessica

    Will James pretend to hump it though?

  36. haley rodriguez

    I think the Facebook thing might be good for people in really old age or just people that have conditions that prevent them from a lot of physical movement

  37. flash photography warning to anyone else who is affected by rapid flashing light’s. you might want to skip from 7:458:25 Luckily I was able to look away from my screen in time. Stay safe everyone.

  38. The Room is the gift that keeps on giving.

  39. "Violence is never the answer". I will disagree. It is when it's self defence. (I am speaking generally, not about the Logan Paul in this instance)

  40. Jacob Latimore

    I'm not 1 for violence but the heckler deserved it and at least he only basically pushed him

  41. Zuk gives me uncanny valley vibes

  42. Damn def literally made keem retire LMFAOAOAO

  43. Mark Zuckerburg just needed extra bbq sauce and forgot to put it back in the fridge. 😜….The man is so awkward though.

  44. Anabel Aguilar

    Do cannibals prefer bbq sauce…?? 👀 👀 👀

  45. Dave Chapelle’s point isn’t wrong. But it feels a bit like when someone is drowning and tries to get air by pushing someone else down.

  46. Nikita Shakur

    ok but zayn and gigi havent been together for a minute!

  47. Lol Logan Paul assaulted another man for saying something funny haha I’m so lost

  48. ♡Leslie M☆

    I hate when family uses children to push their agenda by claiming is to "protect them" Yolanda sucks

  49. It sounds like Gigi wasn’t home and Zahn was taking care of their daughter, but Yolanda seems like an over bearing grandma and came over invited. They probably bickered over something and maybe he tried to block her from coming in, or going to his daughters room or something snd Yolanda says he struck her. This is all just a hypothetical, but an example of how a small family issue can be made into criminal allegations. Co parenting is nard anyways just between the 2 parents, add grandparents who insert themselves into it and it’s a whole new level. I hope they can keep this out of the public and give them the privacy they deserve. Sounds like another case of turning a match into a fire and trying to make him look bad before Gigi tries to get full custody or something.

  50. I’ve always likes the hadids , that’s sad to hear poor Yolanda ):