My favorite iOS 15 features on iPhone 13!

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There’s lots of new features on iOS 15 and these are a few of my favorites!


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  1. Where is the setting to constantly backup your phone?

  2. justice martinez

    Whenever I need to see how an product looks, cost, works, I always lead my way back to your YouTube account. You've never failed me during all these years.

  3. Georgiana Tiron

    This is Pro or Pro Max ? Thank you !

  4. Abby Stephens

    I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max but I really want to upgrade to the 13 pro max because of these features

  5. Juce world 6467

    I like my iPhone 7

  6. Janelle Gregg

    Which phone case and wallet is on her phone?

  7. Richard Brown

    I like your videos they are fun to watch I also like your voice

  8. LMAOOO Samsung has had live test since forever

  9. Raven Fountain

    Love the "what's happening what's happening" 🙂 😂

  10. I think companies are following or adapting ideas from old science fiction movies

  11. What model iPhone 13 did you get for yourself?

  12. Guys she is an apple freak

  13. Алексеи18

    IOS 15 is by far my favourite ios update.

  14. you are jarring bruv

  15. I like the “now you’re not going to have anymore fun”😂😂

  16. Anyone else hate how the FaceTime is set out ?

  17. Patricia Lily Schouker

    Justine what’s your case for the iPhone ? Love it!

  18. ok so I'm a android fanboy I don't like iPhones but this phone seems so nice

  19. Cute smile 😃

  20. This is the same energy I had when I got the iodate on my phone when I upgraded lmao. My Husband straight up ignored me for about 10 mins lmao 🤣

  21. those was a nice features and i am enjoying from my iphone 5s ios 12.5 seriously i am enjoying it

  22. Aaron Hendrickson

    Do not disturb has been on Android phone for a while. You can custom select what you want.
    Hope focus mode won't let the notification sound go off for each when it's time to release them.

  23. its that energy drink

  24. Jareli Brands

    focus mode … i need! thanks 🙏🏼

  25. Iulian Gabriel Dumitru

    God bless your beautiful heart 👉💜💙

  26. Johanna Taboada • Voz y Violín

    Hi Justine! what glass protector are you using on your 13 pro max?

  27. Great video

  28. deaf sad

  29. Hey, what screen protector is this?

  30. the ios 15 update drained my battery health… thanks for that apple…

  31. The fun is after is good. 🙂 cuz fun starts we we have a healthier relationship w devices. 🙂

  32. MrBrownFries B

    5:01 and after 11 years we say “iPhone 13 is so old”

  33. Lindsey Eskew

    Hey there! New subscriber! What case do you have on this phone? I’m in a crunch and was waiting on casetify bc it has so many great reviews, never used it or really heard of it. Is this the Apple silicon pink? It’s pretty and I love your enthusiasm and knowledge so much pretty girl!

  34. friday night funkin

    Ijustine in sixteen years. Hey where gonna talk about the iphone 36

  35. Always when I see you're iPhone videos I live youre knowledge about the systems in the apple ecosystem. I've always had Android or windows, these days the only windows is my Xbox but because of you I realize that life brought me so mutch suffering that I can't buy a iPhone or a apple watch. You're videos inspire me think different and realize that this place here is for you and not for me! Now I can life in peace with my android and possibilities to switch between brands witch can make me enjoy my phone to because it keeps us individual's



  37. I haven’t watched you in years!! Glad I found you ☺️

  38. You should unbox the new Nintendo switch OLED

  39. Frank Goldberg

    All good friend