Kanō Jigorō (嘉納 治五郎) The Founder of Judo

Tiêu đề video: Kanō Jigorō (嘉納 治五郎) The Founder of Judo

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Kanō Jigorō (嘉納 治五郎, 28 October 1860 – 4 May 1938) was a Japanese educator, athlete, and the founder of Judo. Judo was, for the first time, the Japanese martial art to gain widespread international recognition, and the first to become an official Olympic sport. Pedagogical innovations attributed to Kanō include the use of black and white belts, and the introduction of dan ranking to show the relative ranking among members of a martial art style. Well-known mottoes attributed to Kanō include “maximum efficiency with minimum effort” (精力善用 seiryoku zen’yō) and “mutual welfare and benefit” (自他共栄 jita kyōei).

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