JUDO 2007 Jigoro Kano Cup: Ronda Rousey (USA) – Masae Ueno 上野 雅恵 (JPN)

Tiêu đề video: JUDO 2007 Jigoro Kano Cup: Ronda Rousey (USA) – Masae Ueno (JPN)

Độ dài: 00:01:48, Ngày đăng: 2011-07-02 00:49:53

Tác giả: Judovision

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu8UmUp9x5s

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  1. For the people that don’t understand Judo: Japan is SO dominant in this sport! We probably have more people playing ping pong in the states competitively then Judo. For people like Travis Stevens and Ronda to place in a world class competition is already incredible in itself.

  2. Rhonda got that ass demolished, guess that's what made her great at MMA!💪

  3. Ronda lousy…

  4. Live2win 4Freedom

    Go Rhonda Girl on Fire 🔥

  5. christopher S

    WHO GIVES A FUCK!!! FUCK Ronda, bitch thinks she's so "unbeatable"… Ha guess what bitch, YOU GOT YOUR ASS BEAT, BADLY!

  6. Oh my Ronda crying, never.

  7. Faux Metal Jacket

    Why is Rhonda fighting all these men, disguised as women?

  8. I hate you and don't like video I don't watch impossible I am not believe believe believe Google I am so sad bad video that time

  9. Ronda Rousey is awesome

  10. Muhammad Fikri Kawakibi Huda

    That was an ippon? She land more on her front than her side, it's even barely a yuko. Please don't bully me it's only my observation, i'm not an athlete myself…

  11. Israel Canada

    BJJ is better!
    -sincerely from Fat guy who has never practice BJJ nor judo.

  12. masae ueno was a former headcoach for japanese national team,i think.and now she is an owner of a petshop.she loves dogs,especially.

  13. Matthew Adams

    Its the Jigoro Kano Cup, duh they're gonna give it to the Japanese girl. American's aren't very popular worldwide…

  14. Même pas un koka

  15. That was not ippon though?

  16. Braulio albar duarte


  17. I am not japenese but they are good in fighting this woman can easily beat Ronda in ufc like she can avoid the arm submission move

  18. Larissa Castellanos

    Good job, Masae!

  19. And that's exactly why mma is overhyped…many disciplined fighters, have no interest and don't see any honor in fighting in a cage..Ronda Rousey was an elite judoka but not the best, she's an average striker today, but her judo skills is her bread and butter in the UFC..Ronda owes everything to Judo..real facts is that some women are better judoka than her, but no fighter in the ufc is at her level

  20. Fat and slow


    Womens MMA bantamweight is soon going to cannibalize, Rousey is a puss. Mens mma would have gone the same way if fighters were ducking all comers. Royce Gracie took on all comers from 100-300+lbs. Womens MMA  has no depth.

  22. Jonathan Augustin

    Unlike these Japanese Judokas, the WMMA fighters in the UFC have NO DISCIPLINE.

    As soon as the fight starts, they sprint to their opponents like a hundred meter dash, then they begin throwing wild, uncontrolled haymakers until one of them gets knocked out or clumsily falls to the ground.

    It makes any female fighter with the slightest self-control seem like a deity.

  23. wow judo blows