iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12: Apple Made This Hard..

Tiêu đề video: vs iPhone 12: Apple Made This Hard..

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Apple’s yearly upgrade strategy is sometimes more complicated than users would like. The Pro models usually get a full refresh each year, so your decision to stick with that phone another year or upgrade really depends on how much you care about the changes, and even those are usually minor.

Now the case of the regular models is a different story. Apple doesn’t just make the changes between them a bit more of a blur, but then decides to keep the older model for another year, or sometimes even two at a discounted price. Obviously going for 2019’s iPhone 11 might be a hard sell given it’s legacy features, but things change if you don’t go that far.

On one corner we have the iPhone 13, what Apple dubs as your new Super Power for whatever odd reason, and on the other we have the iPhone 12, what Apple considered last year as Blast Past Fast. The price difference between them is so insignificant that all we need to determine now is if the newer model is really worth it. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12, Sponsored by SUPCASE. Stick around to learn how you can win an iPhone 13 Pro Max or an iPhone 13 of your own.


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  1. Still using iPhone 12🙄

  2. why not to give me a try to use this iPhone, i as a student would say that it price is very expensive in my country unless i had $1k american dollars, sometimes our citizens would pay monthly because of this.

  3. therapist_ansit

    I want the pro max

  4. arvie sanjose


  5. iPhone 12 in India makes me more sense than 13 right now

  6. iPhone 13 is trash

  7. The Next Level & Beyond

    Yo this Jaime Rivera a OG in this tech game… Used to watch his videos back when I was using a blackberry

  8. Vishal Choudhury

    Rest thing I hate 13 notch while 12 notch still looks good aesthetically.

  9. Marmalade Sally

    What a silly title.

  10. My 12 has served me well with the only complaint being maybe the battery?

  11. I’m upgrading to iPhone 13 from Nokia 8210. Nokia has lasted a long time and served me very well, but now the time has come for something a bit more modern

  12. Can I have one? Hrmmm I never have an iPhone. 😌😭

  13. Apple does not make any huge changes on the exterior .All the same past 3 yrs now 😓

  14. Quita Johnson

    I was trying to exchange the 13 for a 12 to save cash but AT&T is charging $799 for the 13 and 779 for the 12 so guess I’m keeping the 13. It’s a worth it upgrade coming from a SE 2020
    **Edit those are the prices for the 128gb

  15. Kevin Delgado

    Sticking to my 12 the only thing that change this year the camera 13 has battery always the same thing camera quality they pop up with something like battery health holds longer this year . I want the iPhone 14 pro max let’s see wat apple brings to the table

  16. The 12 was 225 less for me than the 13 so for that difference in price I got the 12.

  17. Kiran Mudnaney

    If you’re in the US, definitely the 13 makes more sense but in my country the cost difference between the 12 and the 13 same storage is almost 350-400$… Doesn’t make sense at all.. the 13 mini is doing well though coz of the bank offers n other promotions…

  18. Upgrading is becoming really hard to justify. I went from the XR to the 12 Pro Max… not worth the $1,100. The battery is incredible, but overall it really just didn’t meet the phone’s price. Big time regret.

  19. 128GB 12 vs 13 has price difference of $50, for new chip , colors, brighter display, More BATTERY definitely i would pay extra 50

  20. Mark Edison Alviz

    I’m getting the 13 tomorrow, upgrading from my iPhone 6. And for this, difference will be more obvious. If you’re coming from a 12 or an 11, I don’t see it as a big jump.