iPhone 13 Mini Review – 3 Weeks Later

Tiêu đề video: iPhone – 3 Weeks Later

Độ dài: 00:03:25, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-21 01:51:21

Tác giả: Ben Rowlands

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkzfzzo_Lu0

iPhone 13 Mini Review 3 Weeks Later!! I think the iPhone 13 Mini is underestimated in its function and form. The battery life is greatly improved over the iPhone 12 Mini and the new OLED Screen is stunning! Is this video I will share my time spent using the iPhone 13 Mini Day in the Life.

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00:00 – iPhone 13 Mini is Underrated!?
00:18 – iPhone 13 Mini Review- 3 Weeks Later
01:02 – iPhone 13 Mini MagSafe Wallet!!
01:39 – iPhone 13 Notch is NOT GREAT!!
02:06 – iPhone 13 Mini Camera Test
02:35 – Pro Max
03:03 – Why you NEED to buy an iPhone 13 Mini!!

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  1. Santosh Kacham

    For only phone calls and texting, buy cheap Android phones…. Don't waste so much money

  2. Pavlo Grebennikov

    now I have seen a real fish-man because of how much ur eyes are

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I got the Blue model for the same reason. I just want a phone. The size was the main reason, I like that it fits in my jeans front pocket which even my SE 2020 didn’t do. For content consumption, I use the iPad Mini 6 (also a great device) but the 13 Mini is the size I like and while it has a great camera and is powerful, it’s just a great communications device that’s just right for that function. Getting the 128GB version also means I intentionally limit what’s on my phone and I'm okay with that.

  4. Estilo In Action

    13 Mini + Tab S7+ is my on the go, power combo. I had the Note 8 for 4 years.. loved it, but I’ll never buy another Samsung phone again.

  5. Ngl I’m gonna flip a table if I hear another reviewer say “the iPhone 13 mini is THE MOST underrated phone!!!”. No lol, it’s not. Every reviewer who has ever touched it has fallen in love with it and sang its praises. And every reviewer seems to start their review by saying the same “”should the iPhone mini be this underrated, or does it deserve more love??” As if everyone is trashing this phone 😂

  6. Came from an iPhone XR and I just loooove my 13 mini in Product Red so much!!! Got 256GB this time and I’m sure I will be happy with this phone for the next 2-3 years!
    Wish they came out with a mini Pro one day though. That would be my perfect phone! 🙏

  7. Albino monkey

    I like the 13 pro max and I really like product red.

    so naturally im getting a 256gb 13 pro max sierra blue and a 64gb iphone 12 mini product red.

  8. I switched from Galaxy Note 9 to 13 mini and have no regrets at all. It’s a perfect smartphone for me.

  9. To be honest. I believe the Samsung S10e from 2019 is much better deal imo. It has a SD855 processor, 8gb Ram, 256GB storage and 3100mah battery (that lasts all day) for 1/5 the price. Plus it has wireless and reverse wireless charging and samsung dex. I was seriously thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 13 mini but I actually found it to be a bit too small and iphone 13 too big. The samsung s10e is a 5.8 inch screen and fits perfectly in between. I would highly recommend people to look at this option as well. Hope this helps.

  10. “The iPhone 13 Mini could be big in the future”

    Pls no we like the size as it is

  11. Kevin Stewart

    Pro max camera lens stick out way too far sent mine back will get the mini

  12. Cialysiah Washington

    Lol the 13 mini is legit just the 5 with better features people I think are ready to downgrade in size again

  13. can’t wait to get mine!

  14. bought the 13 mini & it’s just WORTH IT ❤️‍🔥

  15. That notch cutting into videos is actually just on the YouTube app. If you watch YouTube via Safari, the width of the video stops at the notch and doesn't interfere.

    That being said, it would be better if Apple just remove the notch altogether.

  16. The iPhone 13 mini is wonderful unlike the 12 mini!

  17. Rodrigo Calderaro

    Short and direct, nice video! Still can't decide between standard or mini, mostly because of battery life

  18. By a flip phone

  19. Awesome video my friend! I'll be buying the 13 mini in the next couple weeks

  20. Are zoomed in images with the 13 mini better than the one of older iphone with 2x lens?

  21. I come from a big XS max and I use it a lot to watch content, which I’d like reduce since I have an iPad. However, I’d really miss the 2x lens that I use a lot (e.g. to capture slides at conferences 😄), so I was thinking of the 13 Pro. Do you fill that you are not missing the 2/3x lenses when you use the mini given it’s wonderful pocketability and one handed usage?

  22. Awesome review!