iOS 15 On iPhone 7 (Review)

Tiêu đề video: iOS 15 On iPhone 7 (Review)

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The iPhone 7 is one of the longest supported mobile devices ever. And this long list of support is further extended by the iPhone 7 Getting the iOS 15 Update. Yes, the iPhone 7 Runs iOS 15.
In this video we take a look at the IOS 15 performance on iPhone 7, Gaming on iPhone 7, iOS 15 Battery Life on iPhone 7 etc and many more things with regard to the iPhone 7 on iOS 15, iPhone 7 iOS 15 or .
I also answer the question of whether should you upgrade to iOS 15 on the iPhone 7? or iPhone 7 With iOS 15.
Its fast and packs a whole bunch of new features, and I still don’t know why people give Apple a hard time for planned obsolescence. In this video we will take a closer look at what the iPhone 7 is like on iOS 15 so you can decide whether you want to update to iOS 15 or not. This video could also help you decide whether you want to use an iPhone 7 in 2021 or is the iPhone 7 is worth it in 2021? to buy new or used if you are under a budget. So, is the old iPhone 7 still worth your money? Should you buy an iPhone 7 in 2021 after IOS 15 ? Lets find out!
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Intro & History: (0:00)
OS Performance: (1:59)
Game Performance: (5:03)
Battery Performance: (8:18)
Storage After Update: (11:16)
Browser Performance: (12:15)
Fingerprint Scanner: (13:40)
Safari Customization: (14:28)
IOS 15 Widgets: (15:08)
Drag & Drop Photos: (16:24)
Missing Features: (16:54)
Focus Mode: (18:21)
Conclusion & Outro: (19:01)

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  1. What a video it is. I subscribed because I like the way you talk English and the way you show what and how the features were about the iPhone 7. Overall I think you may become a great YouTuber someday. 👍👍👍.

  2. Neeraj Baruah

    Rocking iphone 7 for 5 years. Truly a species phone

  3. Believe me, if you've already upgraded to IOS 15, just stop updating any further or iPhone 7 will straight up bein an oven.

  4. Anyone got the link to his wallpaper?

  5. Dilshika Hiran

    Excellent Guide ! THANK YOU SO MUCH for video ❤️

  6. Bro puedes pasar el Wallpapers de la pantalla de inicio por favor

  7. Boring Channel And Entertainment

    I’m scared 😧should I update to ios 15

  8. Katherine Ruppelius

    I updated my iPhone 7 Plus yesterday to iOS 15.1 and it fixed the overheating and battery drain issue somehow 🤔 my battery health is 90% got it changed last year in September but I feel like iOS 15.0 and earlier iOS 14.8 took a major hit in the battery compartment for the older models

  9. Ouassim Saidani

    Hi every one, i bought my iphone 7 in 2021 whith a new battery and the battery discharges in aproximatively 3h when I use it non-stop, is it normal ?

  10. Angelo Pe Benito

    Just wanted to bring up that iphone 5s and 6 lost support the same year so theres still a chance the 6s and 7 lose support the same year.

  11. Julian Urbaszewski

    Keep in mind the 6S is even older than the 7 and can run iOS 15 pretty smoothly!

  12. May I ask if this phone is still worth buying? For a daily driver and a few hours of gaming. Im upgrading from a Samsung j2 prime.

  13. Sweetcraft 557

    I liked the video but everything depends on the connection

  14. What's the graphics quality ang frame rate in codm?

  15. Nigel Mukwena

    Thanx but your battery yoooh !

  16. Utube Premi Prem

    Is iphone 7 still worth it for the next 2-3 years? For social media and work only

  17. Home screen wallpaper?

  18. Just upgraded to the 13 and it’s amazing. I can be on tiktok for 1 hour and my phone will only go down by 5-10 percent while on iPhone 7 Plus it would go down by 50 percent.

  19. where can i get that wallpaper?

  20. My phone..

  21. You were in easy bot lobby in codm.

  22. A lot of unusefull things

  23. Homescreen wallpaper?

  24. John Patrick O Palmejar

    What about for iPhone 6s plus?

  25. Try to play call of duty mobile, it keeps on crashing. What abt you?

  26. The heating issue is terrible with iPhone 7. It overheats in anything literally. I have the latest version of iOS 13 on my family’s iPhone 7 and it overheats on WhatsApp video calls. Even on WiFi. This ends up killing the battery fast. I had to replace the battery pretty early in the life iPhone 7 cause the overheating killed it.

  27. My iPhones battery health is at 50% I’m about to upgrade hopefully my battery will last more than 1 hour 30 mins lmao

  28. Anzherina Reyes

    I’m on ios 14.7.1, I can’t update to ios 14.8 it says “Verification failed because you are no longer connected to the internet” even though I AM CONNECTED. Should I jump into ios 15? And how can I get that version? Im having cellular issues as well with ip7. “Cellular update failed” and has no service. Thinking that updating the ios might help. PLEASE REPLLYYYY 😭

  29. Mr. Singh vlogs

    Your phone battery was drain by 5% in 13 minutes which is very bad

  30. Abdulhadi Safa'a

    do you recommend it to my father he doesn't play any games only for calles, browsering he want a small phone for secondary use. he already have Honor 20

  31. Do you play Apex?

  32. Salomão Júnior Manhiça

    Estou a usar o ios 15 no iPhone 7 e até então esta tudo certo

  33. Excellent. I was about to buy a phone for my grandma, this iPhone 7 with a new battery is now a very good choice for her. Thanks

  34. Cliffer Jay Cabuguas

    You’ve been really informative and it’s good to know that Iphone 7 is still gonna be compatible with IOS 16 in the future. Still using my Iphone 7 plus with 76 percent battery health so I’ve replaced it. Been working fine till now.

  35. How to have ios 15 im stuck ios 12 and no update anymore

  36. Snorty McGout

    Apple definitely overclocked the A10 chip on the iPhone 7 a bit too much and it's a double edged sword as it allows it to be snappy till' this day but it does also overheat.

  37. My iPhone 7 heats up like a stove hot af I replaced battery still gets hot.

  38. Wow apple is really bad guy.. since one week my phone7 is bugging extra, when i leave YouTube for one second and reopen the app its reload the full app, my game is freezing a lot and bugging non stop it had never been, even not a little.. im forced to do the update in the hope its gonna be a solution. Thanks for video thats reasure me a bit that it shouldn’t be worst lol its usefull to know

  39. Techformative

    Watch OS 8 On The Apple Watch Series 5 –

  40. How’s the battery life