iOS 15 – New Features and Follow Up Review

Tiêu đề video: iOS 15 – New Features and Follow Up Review

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iOS 15 Beta 1 released a few days ago to Developers and will be released as iOS 15 Public Beta later on. iOS 15 Beta 1 brings many new changes. In this video I go over new features of iOS 15, and also go over the performance, bugs and issues and help you decide if you should install iOS 15. This is an iOS 15 review and follow up a few days later. In this video I am using iPhone 11, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro 12.9, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. #iOS15 #Apple #iPhone #ios14

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:52 – New Features
01:54 – iCloud Plus
03:58 – Backups
04:38 – iOS 15 Stability
05:19 – Bugs and Issues
06:46 – Heat and iPhone Temperature
07:25 – FaceTime
07:48 – Safari
08:14 – Bluetooth
08:29 – WiFi
08:42 – Lag and slowness
09:23 – Green Tint
09:44 – Performance
10:36 – iPadOS 15
11:27 – iPadOS 15 Battery Life
11:55 – iOS 15 Battery Life
13:11 – Should you install iOS 15 Beta 1?
13:43 – and Public Beta Release
14:19 – IOS 14.7 Beta 3 and Release
14:55 – Statistics
15:25 – Community Poll
20:48 – Outro
21:08 – End

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  1. Did you install iOS 15 Beta 1 or are you waiting for the Public Beta or Public release? Thanks for watching, it is always appreciated.

  2. my iPhone 11 is only on ios 15 beta RC not Beta 1 yet

  3. Back 2 life youtube

    Shoot a HDR 4k 60fps video
    pause the video and zoom in and out
    iPhone will hang 12 series.
    why don’t you address this issue?

  4. Back 2 life youtube

    take a HDR 4k 60fps video
    pause the video and zoom in and out
    iPhone will hang 12 series.
    why don’t you address this issue?

  5. MyAyurvedic Style

    Thanks for that ever-on-point review and elloquence second to none, Mr. Zollo! One thing I regret doing was using Google Meets. After the heat-up? 2 percent away out of my battery life, sadly. Apple blames it on Beta 15.1, go figure?

  6. Avinash Garlapati

    Bruh use dark mode

  7. Anticipate Media

    I’ve never had a phone heat up more often or drain battery quicker than iOS 15 beta 1. Also private relay is often down or slow. Otherwise…. It’s quite usable.

  8. Pulsating Sausage Boy

    I like that you can finally back your iCloud up on cellular but I wish I could update on cellular.

  9. What is the video that he mentions multiple icons in again??

  10. James Sander-Cederlof

    With iPadOS I have an issue with the Logitech Folio Touch keyboard in YouTube. I cannot use the search function unless I am in split screen view. I must use the virtual keyboard in full screen. This is on an iPad Air 4 and iPadOS 15 Beta 1.

  11. Just switched to the iPhone 12 product red and its been great so far! I love the wireless charging. I can't wait for ios 15!

  12. Looking forward to more chnages and improvements specially to the battery throughout the beta

  13. Battery life is damn poor on iPhone XS .

  14. Offline Siri doesn't work on iPhone XR

  15. If you have a 12 pro max WAIT BEFORE YOU GET IOS 15. It’s just too unstable I have every issue mentioned besides respring and color tint.
    Phone gets very hot especially while performing downloads mainly on Apple Music. Apple Music is a mess right now in general. If you’re on 14 just hold what ya got. Also having issues charging at 20 watts

  16. iOS 14.6 battery is horrible 😩😩😩

  17. wait how do you get the beta i can’t find it on their website😭

  18. IpadOS 15, In Settings in Ipad, if you search ‘Home’ in the search bar. It shows bunch of disabled features. You can see it in left column but those options aren’t there on the right menu. It might come in next update.

  19. Long Beach In NYC

    Is anyone having issues with safari not loading up pages…..everything has been working fine until a few days ago. Nothing is loading on WiFi or my data service but I can use Chrome and it works fast as hell.

    Thanks you answered my question at 7:50 turns out it was private relay that was causing my issue lol….I turned it off now it’s working perfect again.

  20. Adam Vseticek

    You should rename channel to AppleTech cuz there is nothing else so far like always iOS updates etc…what a pity

  21. Maykel Medina Alvarado

    Hey what’s up broh… I installed the beta and sometime the signal bar show me just one point and the battery health from 97 now show me 92. Any advice

  22. My iPhone storage has shrunk a lot after this beta. Anyone else? System data taking up a whopping 20 plus GB

  23. Ride On Time 1⃣

    I am still surprised how Aaron thought of putting multiple apps on the home screen. I’ve never thought of that for even a second 🤣

  24. When is beta 2 goning to releasing ?

  25. Valentina Mitkova-Helbig

    Hi,Aaron when is iOS 14.7 coming out and I’m waiting for it to coming out.

  26. I’ve been having the issue with music stopping after 15 seconds, but I’m not on iOS 15. So I believe that bug has something to do with the recent changes they made to the app. It has actually been driving me nuts. Yesterday I couldn’t listen to music for the whole hour I was in the train, I tried everything, reset the AirPods, restart the phone, nothing would fix it. A few hours ago I had the same problem.

  27. Richard Myers

    Well done aron where can i get i.o.s 15 beta 1

  28. Am I the only that also has had bugs in Apple Music while still being in iOS 14? Sometimes the music stops out of nowhere, or it won’t even start

  29. If you're having problems connecting in Facetime, try removing emojis from the contact name, it worked for me

  30. Performance/stability for me on iPhone X is horrible. It is super laggy, it disconnects me from wifi, app switcher is slow, opening closing apps is slow, my phone froze up and got stuck on a screen this evening and caused me to call the cops twice accidentally further sending out the SOS texts to emergency contacts. Beta 1 is horrible for me. I hope it’s better for others

  31. I’ve not had green tint issues, but if I’m watching a video vertically, I still notice flashing in the dark areas of the screen. Has been an issue for me since 14

  32. for the clock widget…i think Apple should allow the use of Apple Watch watch faces. this could also be a little way to advertise the Apple Watch to people that may not already have one.