How To Trick Or Treat

Tiêu đề video: How To Trick Or Treat

Độ dài: 00:04:47, Ngày đăng: 2009-10-12 19:28:35

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Do you know the correct way to trick or treat? Watch this quick, cute guide to make sure you make the most of you .

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  1. wsh la 4eme Rossini

  2. yuvraaj singh

    I'm gonna wear squid game mask today lol it's Halloween today …happy halloween

  3. Ashley Howell

    Watch "motherland"Halloween episode, for a more recent British interpretation of Halloween

  4. Idk happy Halloween guys

  5. Don’t forget tags people are like 20-25 or sm

  6. fun!

  7. 12 years later

  8. Definitely not Edward the 1st

    1:47 is that Llandudno??

  9. 11 yrs ago video omg!!!😨🥶😱😁

  10. Cool video loved it😍

  11. 1. this video is older than me lol.
    2. would it be ok for a 11 year old and a 12 year old to trick or treat alone? we live in a small village and there a few roads.
    3. great video! my friend said for a trick I should do a back handspring because its a gymnastic "trick". (I'm a gymnast btw) I remembered about this video from about 2 years ago and I came back to check. thank you!

  12. hijabi reviews 586

    I don't know what kind of Rebecca Black you guys are talking about but Rebecca Black doesn't know s*** he's stupid

  13. The heck pencils and raisins

  14. 1: youll need children
    Kidnappers: yes… I can do that

  15. Girl gives out raisins

    Kids: 🙁

  16. 69 Diss likes lol

  17. The kid in this are problem 20 now

  18. Tariq Siddique

    Nice video 👍

  19. Wow

  20. Benita Staniszewska

    Whos else have been treat or triking today? Lol i did i got tons of candy now

  21. If you're watching this video you probably know how to trick or treat already

  22. “Step one: You will need children-“

    sweats in mid teen self

  23. Oct 12 2009 😳

  24. Justin Sessoms

    This is not close to how you tirck or treat lol lord UK let us American's do it

  25. I Hate Hallween

  26. Duck Pomegranate

    This video is shit because everyone knows how to trick or treat! And I live in America and everyone gives out CANDY!!! And also PENCILS and RAISINS????!!!! Wtf were you thinking????!!!! Who the fuck wants pencils and raisins for Halloween!!! These are useless rules! Plus I trick or treat until ten pm and so does everyone else!!!!!!

  27. TheHangoutZone

    So cringe worthy

  28. FreddyTheBellhop

    I love this video so much that I've made it part of my yearly Halloween tradition.

  29. got a rugby player zombie costume for halloween!

  30. canada is just on top and next to the usa.i live in the uk which is further away

  31. We don't do this in the uk, it is okay. We are a bit more wary about safety and that but that's it, we just aren't as into it as the and canada,etc, it's mostly younger kids and tweens-young teens that do it.

  32. chewbacca6781

    Sph I go like until 10:00 this video is bull

  33. Katherine Hernandez

    who gives pencils and raisins in Halloween it's the only time of the year where we can be unhealthy and these sugar free losers come around and try to gives us the "junk". I'm not putting up with that full loaded bull sh#*

  34. 3:29 nice silver toilet

  35. TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!! Oww my ears