Google Pixel 6 Pro – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Tiêu đề video: Google – OFFICIAL TRAILER

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official trailer has been revealed and it shows some highlighting features of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro as well as the user interface of the app. Google will unveil the handset in a couple of days on October 19th and will reveal the final remaining details about the Pixel 6 including its price.
Also, Qualcomm is upset that Google has abandoned them in favor of their own Tensor chipset for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

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  3. I also own a Pixel

  4. Brandon Robinson

    I hate when videos are misleading like this. Where is the official trailer at?

  5. The Google chip is actually a Samsung chip . I'm thinking Samsung wants to get away from Qualcome all together

  6. No matter how good it is. If it's not launching in India its just waste of time. Still waiting for pixel 4a5g and 5a 5g. Now talking about 6🥲🥲

  7. August Kapogiannis

    0:05 2pac is a real hustler

  8. Chaitanya Kannali

    where is the trailer ?

  9. background music like mma channel

  10. Petit Arbuste

    Change the title : it is not a trailer but just you talking 👎

  11. The Magnumpties - Magnet Fishing & More

    Click bait yet again 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  12. Aurimas Venskus

    Ears burning… Sorry man. Unsubscribe

  13. Husayn Tech بالعربية

    Great News 🤩🤩

  14. 2pac is using Google Pixel 6?

  15. is that Tupac

  16. Would gladly swap my iPhone 13 pro max for this.

  17. Orçun Dursun

    @00:52 i was doing that with google translate 3-4 years ago..

  18. Ivan Dimitrov

    I worry that BigTech is moving in more and more markets and with the money they have they have the chance to dominate them all. Google owns – the chips, the hardware, the software, the search and the whole ecosystem, they will put their software on most cars and in most homes with their assistant. If this continues there will be less and less competition, not more. I hope I am wrong.

  19. we consumer can only benefit from this competition

  20. Fuck the pixel shit. I had the three and it just stopped working google would not do a damn thing to help. So fuck pixel shit!!!! LOL 🙂

  21. Great video 🤙

  22. I like how giants getting smacked by their competition. Ot happening with Intel and Qualcomm and O want to see if this happens with Apple too. O would be very glad if this happens with Apple. I hate Apple

  23. Hoping its end of life usage isnt hindred by this new chip. Maybe GSI will be the future if custom roms arent as accesible due to the new chip

  24. Bendy Williamson Bissianth

    I dont get all the hype about this phone .

  25. Steve Haccoun

    Il ressemble au nexus 6p

  26. Click bait

  27. Intel and Qualcomm 🔥🚩

  28. Craig Regnier

    2:40 …. I KNEW Tupac Shakur was alive! I just KNEW it! Turns out he's just making Google Pixel ads these days.

  29. I genuinely feel GOOGLE is the company which is capable of creating the WALL-E world a reality. Every person who has been on the internet has used something related to google

  30. Dalton Brennan

    Competition might be one good way of better products for the consumer although it's not the best way the best way would be if we all work together and just said hey we want to make better products for ourselves and selling it to you allows us to do so because well that's the only way to pay for research and development.
    Then have those companies cooperate with each other and one of them get really good at making new chips one of them get really good at making new cameras one of them get really good at making new screens specifically folding screens or rolling screens or something else and then all of them work with the others to make a better smartphone in general…
    And then anytime they use a patented technology of another company they pay a licensing fee for each unit sold so that both companies get a profit while both companies also have the ability to use the most advanced technology without actually having to copy the research and waste millions and millions of dollars doing additional research on something that's already been researched….
    just like advertising is a waste of millions and millions of dollars imagine how much better products would be if they didn't have to waste millions of dollars advertising could advertise specifically to the people who are looking to buy a new phone right now and advertise for the price range that you're actually looking for maybe $50 either side or $100 either side depending on what price range you're looking for and then not having to pay to copy research that's already been done….

  31. The competition is a hallmark of capitalism… until Democrats seize the of the means of production and the fruits of their labor. #stopsocialism

  32. Auch wieder so ein riesiges Ding für Leute mit schlechten Augen.

  33. Uh no google can't "tweak android to make Qualcomm redundant". It's not the wild west lol

  34. What you said about Google basically making Qualcomm chips redundant using their OS is anti-competitive and I'm pretty sure that the EU isn't going to let that happen.

  35. collinson alphonse

    Finally people are tired of Qualcomm, because of them there's always a new chip every 6 months, making new phones redundant

  36. If only pixel had a dual sim phone.. i need dual sim cuz i hop from one place to another, and signal strength varies 🙁

  37. William William

    Man, I want an SD card slot or some extra Google cloud storage if I'm going to buy this phone.

  38. Competition is what drives this world and drives innovation it's a great thing

  39. I can't wait to lay hands on the 6 Pro.