GiGi Hadid & Zayn Malik Best Moments

Tiêu đề video: GiGi Hadid & Zayn Malik Best Moments

Độ dài: 00:06:40, Ngày đăng: 2016-10-24 04:56:38

Tác giả: Global Facts

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Watch Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik Best Moments best moments

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  1. 0:19 Background song name please?anyone?

  2. Manisha Solanki

    i pray that zayn and gigi reunite again
    love u both


    Watching after break up💔😥

  4. who is here after their break up ?


  5. who is here after their break up ?

  6. who is here after their break up ?

  7. It’s on SIGHT YOLANDA

  8. #FREEZAYN that's the only thing we ask for 😓 💔

  9. They broke up

  10. If they actually broke up i am gonna kms

  11. I mean now that they are getting separated breaks my heart into pieces 🥺💔

  12. No— i just heard today that they broke up 💔 : (

  13. Amazing

  14. Trustfrated with muggles

    When ur bi and u have a crush on both of them but also ship them together T_T
    #Biculture y'all-

  15. Find someone who looks at you the way zayn looks at gigi 😟❤

  16. Jamal and jamilun god blessing ur famly

  17. oh my gosh how i love this couple They are so beautiful and fit together i am so excited to see their little princess khai

  18. Sienna's winter bear

    They are the best couple I 've seen.

  19. Is he not from one direction!? Sorry I’m asking this I should know it, but I started getting interested in Gigi recently

  20. i need a gentlement like Z

  21. so sweet

  22. Chrisandiara Alonzo

    4:23 what did the girl say there? I just heard "one direction". Zayn looked back and smiled🤔

  23. The best 👌❤️

  24. Anbuchelvan Muthanagopal

    It’s another Kanye & Kim….

  25. They are so comparable. Gigi is beautiful and zyan is beautiful as well. And they seem happy and in loved unlike the beibers

  26. omg i’m gonna cry i love them so much

  27. CLEIDE deliciosa

    Ok eu amo eles mas o zayn é meu cara

  28. My parents 🥺

  29. 3:45 HELP I CAN’T😭

  30. this makes me wanna be in love

  31. Gigi is sooo beautiful

  32. anderson tania

    Gigi this is poupée 😍😍😍❤️

  33. Savanah Haehae

    the paparazzi looked annoying

  34. They look so in love…but I still ship Zarry…respectfully.😌