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  1. Zayn has a long story of narcissistic behavior towards women.. shady

  2. Laurie Dettolspray

    Of course we don’t know the first thing about anything, if you can’t resolve anything, hire someone to mediate, keep your mother away from Zayne( he is the father?) you two had this child together .. involve your mama when it comes to the emotional support you need for yourself and baby, but keep her away from playing dirty & disgusting games,.. keep it clean GiGi, this man is going to be apart of your life .

  3. Queensrecognise Queens

    Everyone knows Yolanda is a narcissist nut job and narcissists think their children are their possessions . Zayn wasn’t ready for that family and what they are affiliated with and what they worship .

  4. If Zayn was that innocent this would have never happened. Giggi is in the middle, she probably doesn't want to go against her mother or fight with Malik if they have a child. She knows that she would have to cooperate with him because he's the father of her daughter.

  5. Ask David about Yoland's b.s. I bet he would have A LOT To say. He was Villanized on RHOBH For allegedly leaving Yoyo whilst She was Very Sick. I don't want to believe that he was so grossly horrible to Yolanda. There's DEFINITELY More to the story. I know from personal experience that manipulative women like her feign abuse in regards to a disagreement of ANY Kind. Hopefully everything will settle down. #YolandaHadid #ZaynMalik #GigiHadid

  6. I know zayn got some issues about his anxiety before and he is open to that he didn’t lie about it.. gigi knew zayn’s attitude but she keeps on coming back to him.. zayn is right all the way of course he want privacy for his daughter and own family.. they already have a very public life .. his home is where he gets privacy and peace.. but this hadid family specially this yolanda SHE NEEDS TO LEAVE THEM ALONE! What a shame on this woman.. and gigi wants privacy now lol??? Then u shouldn’t be a model or person using social media.. go and hide on the mountain U CANT EVEN DEFEND Ur MAN

  7. Trust Your Gut

    Remember when Yolanda accused Ken of hitting her on real housewives of Beverly Hills and it was shown on camera that he didn’t? Yeah, I know who I believe. Why is she leaking it now if it happened 2 weeks ago?
    Narcissists do not respect boundaries.Yolanda has no business in trespassing Zayn's personal home, unless of course, she want to create problems and false allegations against Zyan, while her daughter is away & not present to witness the real toxic true persona her matter has kept hidden from her all these years!
    Yolanda is absolutely not the angel she pretends to be. She’s a controlling narcissist.who most likely sees her grand child as an extension of hers, just like her girls to eventually cash in on the grand child just like she did with her girls.She probably felt that Zayn is and will be in the way for her to execute/ accomplish her hidden, present & future agendas, so she provoked him and further trying to publicly she assassinate his character by smear campaign!

  8. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  9. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  10. Cynablog 💋

    This is the absolute only medium that's really taking a looking at what's being presented and pointing out the glaring discrepancies. As well as encouraging people to look beyond the surface.

  11. Mother or husband? 🤔

  12. I feel like Yolanda is the mother in law from hell.

  13. This is why I been saying black and brown men who ‘prefer’ white women no matter what, have no character basis on who they choose to love and have children with and their children will pay for their mistakes

  14. Better with Wine Better with Wine

    Parental control against Zayne, by the sound of it Yolanda invaded his privacy within his area of the home

  15. Vuyelwa Ncube

    Why does this feel Amber Heard?

  16. Carolyn Eadie

    You should learn not to judge others

  17. Team animals ❤️‍🔥

    Maybe she is dealing with her mum and don’t want to comment to the world right now! This is still her mum and her kids dad she is in the middle and regardless people should butt out!!

  18. I’m not ever going to say that a victim is lying so i do believe Yolanda until proven otherwise. it’s unfair to pick and chose what victims are valid. they all should be heard and no one should be told how to handle their assault but i do think it’s fair to recognize Yolandas toxic behaviors and note that this may not be the full story.

  19. Barileng makama

    Imma Mind my business on this One…

  20. Arsenic Apricot

    I don’t think you can really say what’s the right way for Gigi to handle it, family matters are a mess and as a young mom she probably just wants to stifle the media frenzy as much as possible!

  21. Chile they need to take a leaf from the Yonce and Jay book of privacy. Even with CCTV footage evidence of family fighting they closed ranks and kept that ish private. Not downplaying DV if it happened, of course, but running to TMZ helps no-one.

  22. If this was a white man hitting a woman of colour you would side with the woman . Your distaste and racist views towards white people is evident in most of your content . It’s disgusting

  23. Defending the man who beats white women . Shock horror .

  24. I don’t know if the allegation is true or not however I do feel like Yolanda is one of those highly manipulative mothers who has a tight grip on her children. She’s displayed so many toxic qualities before so who knows what to believe. Gigi is probably stuck right now.

  25. BraveNewWorld

    If you're withing arms reach because you place yourself to close to me in a confirmation (maybe) you could get slapped by accident… Just saying.


  27. Bless The Writer

    What else can she say tho, she's not gonna speak out against her mother or her child's father, she's asking for privacy just like zayn did, maybe she doesnt know what to say yet, maybe she's in a lot of emotional pain, why are you being so judgemental lol…

  28. I feel he's kind of a lost person, he's been in America for far too long, now he has a kid so it's hard for him. I feel he needs to come back home to be with his family, clear his head get himself right, then work out a plan to co-parent with Gigi they aren't right together. He should base himself in the UK. His daughter needs to get to know the other side of her family too. Team Zayn.

  29. If someone attacks you… You go to the police… Not the press.

  30. He innocent!! She leaked Khai, wants publicity, starved her children, treated them differently, calls the papz like this is not IT.

  31. Zayn has had issues with drugs etc. Anything is possible. But is Yolanda proven to be delusional in the past? Yes.

  32. Iamsexy Andiknow

    I can see a hand behind your back. 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Her sole intent to defend her partner can only take place if she believes nothing happened. We have to remember she wasn’t there. She is probably still working it all out.

  34. Urszula Salek

    You don’t know what happens behind close Doors and maybe she don’t want to defend Zayan any more.

  35. Zayne nor Gigi have yet to deny the allegations. I'm keeping my opinions to myself until they confirm either way.

  36. Yolanda had never come across as a attention seeker I think zayne did it

  37. Michele Kelly

    Don't understand why celebrities can't keep their business private. Especially when they have children who will see all this has they get older and can affect them mentally.

  38. This family will probably be zayn’s downfall. Yolanda has bad vibes . I’m not going to believe her because it could be false. But at the same time it’s not my business.

  39. DotCom BabyTM

    Yolanda Hadid's actions and behavior are disgusting.

    First Yolanda has a pattern of micromanaging her daughter Gigi and Bella's diets to the point of them having EDs.

    Then Yolanda interferes with Gigi and Zayn Malik's relationship and them parenting their daughter Khai; and she also snuck/broke into their home while they were away without their permission (trespassing).

    And just today Yolanda started a fight with Zayn and now Yolanda went to TMZ claiming that he hit her in order to assassinate Zayn's character.

    If I were Zayn I'd sue Yolanda for defamation of character. And if I were Gigi I'd file a restraining order and go no contact with Yolanda.

  40. Hearts and Pearls

    I have been accused of physically assaulting my parents several times simply because i will always prevent them hitting me, parents can be dramatic and form false narratives in their heads and believe. Well at least my African parents 😂😂😂

  41. Nice sweater. Suites you very well.

  42. portia huntley

    If he hit Yolanda, he needs kicked to the curb.

  43. Lumba Chituta

    But what if he actually hit Yolanda?

  44. Michaela more

    So maybe he did hit her mum seeing as Gigi is not flat out saying it's a lie.

  45. I can see why Theweeknd raaan to the hills he saw how Yolanda was acting 🚪🏃🏽

  46. Special _C_Goat

    At the end of the day I stand for Zayn. He knows what he's doing.

  47. Wendy Annalisa Nelissen

    Oh Yolande you are really an embarrassed to your roots. Holland is ashamed over your behavior. Now you even making mess in America! I guess you need to move to a private island and call it Yolanda land. We're you can spend your life cooking up schemes for the rest of your days. Only inhabitants of that island are you and a couple of ticks, your lime friends😂😂Echt triestig en kinderlijk dit soort gedrag!

  48. Muhsi Nahiyan

    This is disgusting. How is Zayn still with that attention seeking family? HE IS THE BEST AND IS VERY PRIVATE. But in this case , i think Zayn should put everyone in their place and show the world who the KING is

  49. Valeska Canas

    Black, brown, PoC
    Believe black women
    Brown, PoC women
    Black, brown, PoC men
    Believe white women
    Believe white men
    Don't transcribe to white feminism that excludes Black, brown, PoC bodies (from all genders). And that automatically equates victimhood to whiteness but ignores Black brown PoC voices.
    If the family really abhorred violence and violent men they would have cut ties with Daniel Chertit Bella's best friend (his dad owns ny apartment gg lives in)- he is the white guy who was drunk and attacked zayn in NY, Daniel and his friends egging zayn on and filming then sending it to tabloids. This white guy then attacked again but this time it was G-eazy and he had a posse, they sent Daniel chertit to hospital and G-eazy was arrested. Notice how the mum was not concerned that her daughters are hanging out with a white guy who throws homophobic slurs, attacks people for fun. Nothing appeared in TMZ from the family condemning this violent guy from attacking the father of her granddaughter.
    Not everyone is a simp some people have a socio-political, historical outlook on things.

    White Tears Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Colour
    Book by Ruby Hamad

    "When white people cry foul it is often people of colour who suffer. White tears have a potency that silences racial minorities. White Tears/Brown Scars blows open the inconvenient truth that when it comes to race, white entitlement is too often masked by victimhood"