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  1. Zany lives with gigi on her moms ranch so he will have to leave the house as it's not his wonder if he will go back to his family home . It is all a big mess. She is a mad women is Yolanda she as done this so it goes on his record for the courts to see she he won't get custody

  2. Nooo sooo sad,how about Kai?

  3. No one knows what really happened, it seems as though there was a a lot of provocation, and bullying. The grandmother of the child, should not be allowed at the couple’s home if she is a trouble maker.She should try to take care of her own life.

  4. Probably what Yolanda wanted.

  5. Chocolate Evans

    GiiGii should marry her psychotic mommy and leave Malik alone. God help their baby girl💔

  6. Murad lol stop it, it is pronounced Malik, nor Marlik
    In Arabic its pronounced Maalik

  7. Trust Your Gut

    Remember when Yolanda accused Ken of hitting her on real housewives of Beverly Hills and it was shown on camera that he didn’t? Yeah, I know who I believe. Why is she leaking it now if it happened 2 weeks ago?
    Narcissists do not respect boundaries.Yolanda has no business in trespassing Zayn's personal home, unless of course, she want to create problems and false allegations against Zyan, while her daughter is away & not present to witness the real toxic true persona her matter has kept hidden from her all these years!
    Yolanda is absolutely not the angel she pretends to be. She’s a controlling narcissist.who most likely sees her grand child as an extension of hers, just like her girls to eventually cash in on the grand child just like she did with her girls.She probably felt that Zayn is and will be in the way for her to execute/ accomplish her hidden, present & future agendas, so she provoked him and further trying to publicly she assassinate his character by smear campaign!

  8. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  9. Jesus is your way to heaven Believe in him and you will have life after death. He shed his blood for your sins to be forgiven.

  10. He called her his partner though so I'm not believing anything until they say.

  11. Bear Purple Katie

    Zayn shouldn’t have gone back together with Gigi again and never should had a with each other, because their relationship was so toxic which it isn’t healthy for the both of them as they should just stay away from one a another.

  12. Kathy De La Rosa

    I already knew they weren’t going to last before this even started. I just had a feeling because before , they’ve also been breaking up and going back together. That’s not a type of relationship that has a strong foundation

  13. Yes I Am Here for the Mess

    Bro, do me a solid and stop saying he is "of color," he is a white man, his race is white. Don't use my struggle to victimize the YTs of Hollywood. #pleasestop

  14. They wanted his naturally beautiful genes but not him or his race. They want to revoke his fatherhood and keep the price of a child

  15. Red Devil girl

    Yolanda mind game to split gigi and zayn

  16. Dino Tech Turbo Charge

    If they actually had broke up for real, I’m not really surprise that they broke up again. I mean they be on and off, like two or three times as they been breaking up and get together again.

    I believe their relationship is really toxic as Zayn and Gigi just repeating, the same cycle over and over again as I wonder they keep running back to each other again. If they just ending up doing the same thing again.

  17. Pollyanna Principle

    I hope Gigi doesn't date Tyler again.

  18. If everybody split when there is an issue between MIL and husband/ baby daddy. I assume that there would be no married couple in Nigeria. This is such a non issue. Except he gave her a black eye, a shove should not be the reason for all this drama. She could have left, why show up when your daughter isn't home. I always thought Zayn was so different from her family. This is reason why they say date from a family with similar values as yours or you would have issues. So sad for Gigi because she is caught in the middle for an encounter she did not witness.

  19. I honestly don't think they've broken up.

  20. Lol now she’s a “Single” baby momma. Lol funny

  21. Perrie is cackling. She’s out here watching with her own child, and she’s happy. The guy that dumped her for Gigi, is now going thru this madness. Karma’s real.

  22. Perrie= karma

  23. Happiness Watts

    Good for their own mental health. Karma that’s what happens you you invite Devil in your life in this case mother.

  24. Zayn should have got away from this family they are all toxic the mother has been knowing for being toxic lying and they should never have had a child together I don't think anyone will please the mother unless they have as much money as there father and are prepared to do as she wants them to do looking for full custody it is so clear

  25. Yolanda has been a shitty mother and person for years. Most people have seen the clip where she wouldn’t let Gigi have a spoon sized piece of cake on her own birthday. And there’s tons more evidence of her toxic behaviour caught on tape for everyone to see. I feel so bad for Gigi, she will need a lot of healing to escape the hold of Yolanda. And my heart breaks for Zayn and Khai as well. I hope their little family unit survives this and comes out stronger. They both deserve to raise their daughter in peace.

  26. rebecca smith

    Making a relationship work for decades is hard man. So many meddlesome people. You really have to have certain ingredients to make a relationship go the distance. I hate to see children grow up in broken homes, but sadly this is becoming the norm.

  27. sewgeek designs

    Why I don’t deal with my bfs family at all and one lives in the same house as me

  28. Terry Santacruz

    I mean no couple or marriage is perfect but hopefully can work this out

  29. Vuyelwa Ncube

    Healthiest choice

  30. So many are jumping on the ‘don’t deny women who accuse someone of violence’ train. Yet Yolanda is a known provocateur. She is a whyte woman in the Hollyweird establishment against a young, brown guy who I assume is not a US national. There are implications.
    We don’t know the details but apparently she had broken into their home. Did he strike her or was he trying to remove her from the house?
    These allegations will effect his custody.
    Some of you need to take a seat before jumping on the SJW bs.
    Some of you live a privileged and oblivious existence and it shows.

  31. This speaks to such a bigger issue, yt people tend to marry other races (especially when they are wealthy) simply for their wealth but absolutely do not want their offspring marrying back into “ethnic” people maybe even low-key hate them and encourage them to mingle with only yt kids, this stops further mixtures and keeps the wealth in the yt community, they’ve been doing it for centuries, everything they do is strategic, even this situation. Be careful out here, sadly no one told zayn he really thought they were his “people”.

  32. fiona nyangoma

    Developing quickly…

  33. Trust and believe, Yolanda had a hand, a foot, a spleen in this mess!! These folks have been quiet for almost 18 months and now this !? Something stinks 😑😑