Atletico Madrid 2-0 Barcelona | LaLiga 21/22 Match Highlights

Tiêu đề video: Atletico Madrid 2-0 Barcelona | LaLiga 21/22

Độ dài: 00:01:41, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-03 04:34:43

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Atletico Madrid 2-0 Barcelona | LaLiga 21/22 Match Highlights, Saturday, October 2, 2021.

Luis Suarez helped Atletico Madrid claim a 2-0 victory over Barcelona on Saturday. The striker contributed a goal and an assist to mount pressure on Barca coach Ronald Koeman heading into the international break.

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  1. Koeman would be the joke for Barcelona, please let koeman stay , we need some entertainment please

  2. …..baik sokong arsenal 🥲

  3. Barcelona without MESSI…LOOK SO TINY…with MESSI LOOK SO BIGGER

  4. Barca 👹

  5. Khawa mugiwara

    Barca without messi and koeman incharge is shit

  6. Fireyuki Fire

    Barcelona kehilangan 3 penyerang Neymar Suarez Messi

  7. Enjoy YT Channel

    Suarez the best no.9

  8. When barca slowly turns into arsenal

  9. Barca bacot…hahaha

  10. really feel happy for Suarez , that goal means everything to him after Barcelona kick him out

  11. nasir kasmani

    Manutd vs Barcelona would be hilarious

  12. Warmaster AceJoker

    Happiness is the best feeling when Barca lose 😆

  13. manĐjango 88

    koeman out n ole out are the real comedies of football manager

  14. Suarez feel sorry for barcelona

  15. Who’s Barcelona

  16. Memphis 🤡

  17. Koeman cry every damn night on his pillow thinking of suarez😭

  18. This man celebrate against LFC but not celebrate against Barca 🤣🤣🤣



  20. hahahahaaaa!! average barca better prepared to relegate.. big thanks to dumb kon_man!! ..d4mn u!!

  21. MrMoufyiedarz

    Barcelona are sayur

  22. hv a feeling this season it's AM to lose d title.. or else d only real competitor is RM..

  23. Lpas ni amik matthij de ligt pulak xpun player2 belanda lagi dy nak jadi mcm van gaal

  24. Dominic Justin

    shame on koeman, congratulations on suarez and respect to suarez

  25. suarez must be enjoying this result👍😭😂🤣

  26. Aunt Min Khant

    Loserlona HAA HAA 🤣

  27. Suarez like "no messi ,no mercy"

  28. BJs' teeNation

    no messi no menang, lol

  29. Every match is disaster for Koeman

  30. BARshitLEONA 😎underdog in making

  31. Barca is nothing without Messi

  32. Barca thought they can win without Messi😂😂😂 IMPOSSIBLE

  33. Suarez the real SIUUUUU

  34. after nyamar dan messim…barca …no more power …😓😓

  35. pengulas pun sampai jd bisu tgk game barca.

  36. Koeman after all these lost.. I should manage man united instead

  37. Egirls Destroyer

    The end of an Era.

  38. Time to start afresh and mining the young academy…

  39. perfect job Luis Suarez

  40. F… U koeman

  41. Bein sport ni hightlight pendek sngt.. btol2 buat bisnes nk suruh orng tngk full match live

  42. Timmy Vivivanne

    Why Suarez didnt celebrate? He did it at Anfield

  43. Barcelona : Good game.

    Suarez : Respected

  44. Pique n alba no more relevant to the team.. Bad luck

  45. Nazrul Qayyum

    Finished club..

  46. Edy Nasilemak

    i still love suarez ask forgiveness act on every game against his old club..its soo..satisfying to watch!!keep on sacking your asset barca!!

  47. Barcelona is messi's comfort zone huh?

  48. Sharkz Vaderz

    barca noob..

  49. It's getting worsen for Barca 🤣👍🏼