Atletico Madrid 1-1 Real Madrid | LaLiga 20/21 Match Highlights

Tiêu đề video: 1-1 | LaLiga 20/21 Match Highlights

Độ dài: 00:04:06, Ngày đăng: 2021-03-08 02:29:11

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DRAMA! Atletico quickly scored the first goal from a beatiful Suarez’ effort but the late dramatic equalizer by Benzema settled the Madrid Derby has to be ended with a draw!

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  1. Koeman had let the tiger out to Atletico Madrid

  2. lol benzema too bulshit depend to tapping whtefuck

  3. Andrei Jedidiah

    Gorgeous stadium

  4. The tedious locust recently dry because error partially end beneath a glistening glorious supply. tired, hilarious shape

  5. Sgt lucky real madrid

  6. Plssss dont let vazquez play rb plsss

  7. Mantul Pak Abu

    Only CR7 can goal easily when see Oblak at the goalkeeper

  8. Atletico gonna be a la liga champion this season mark my words without doubt.

  9. What a game

  10. Bye bye athletico , u bubble is burst

  11. Diego out 😜

  12. Releven lagi benzema eh

  13. Real was lucky

  14. David The Sculptor

    Game yang betul2 epic!

  15. Say what you want about Vinicius Jr… but that dude always provide danger to the opposition defense when he plays. Miles better than Asensio atm (and he's only 19).

  16. I love benzema that guy contribution to Real Madrid during Cr7 times are so underated

  17. Suarez>Messi

  18. hero2 tua gak menyerlah…

  19. Zulfazli Sofiuddin

    That replay at 2:12 is absolutely from the same clip as in FIFA 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  20. vini is a waste of money…almost 3 seasons but only scores few goals

  21. I came here cause the camera 8k

  22. Suarez shoot like CR7 pass.

  23. Pink Lamborghini

    Casemiro ni position dia apa wei😂😂?

  24. Nice game..

  25. I personally love Carasco

  26. bila la highlights nk elok sikit resolution ni …

  27. Mr Reseacher_22

    Barca vs Psg Don't Forget

  28. Atl will never beat Real.