Zayn Malik Reacts To Gigi Hadid's Mom Yolanda's Reported Claim That He 'Struck' Her

Tiêu đề video: Zayn Malik Reacts To 's Mom Yolanda's Reported Claim That He 'Struck' Her

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has reportedly claimed that she was “struck” by her daughter Gigi Hadid’s partner Zayn Malik. Sources told TMZ that the former “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star is considering filing a police report after the alleged incident. Zayn reacted to the story in a lengthy note on Twitter, and he later “adamantly” denied striking Yolanda in a statement to TMZ.

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  1. He Is Controlling And That Is A Certified Nut. Get Rid Of Him Gi Gi.

  2. Pleading no contest is not saying your guilty. He wants to avoid trial for Khai. Yolanda went into his house with security without permission. His statements back that up. Who wouldn't be upset? She's trying to undermine him as a parent. Whose to say he wasn't fighting with the guard and Yolanda got in the way and she was a casualty? What if they were trying to take the child?

  3. Angie Jackson

    I believe there was a verbal disagreement, I don't believe this young man his Yolanda.. Yolanda wants to keep control of her daughters and now granddaughter and want the baby father out of the way.. This is why Yolanda fabricated this story, Yolanda miserable and getting old david foster divorce her and her daughters were making a life for herself with the child father. That did not sit well with Yolanda so she had to go and make trouble , misery love company and Yolanda extremely miserable and want other to be her company..

  4. Koshila Alwis

    This is slowly turning to the johnny depp case. I think zayn is the victim. Hope gigi and zayn both will take the right decision

  5. Maybe Yolanda is always in their face and stay out of it Yolanda

  6. No one knows. Even the reporter/media wasn't sure 100% 🤣

  7. animexaesthetic

    Yolanda that woman is toxiccccc afff I can't stand her from the beginning. She is such a diva.

  8. People forget suffers Zayn from anxiety and has issues with being in the spotlight. Do I believe there was an incident with physical contact being involved, I wouldn't be surprised because he does have a temper and to say he wants to Co parent shows there may be a rift in their family.

  9. Vanderson Vlad

    I believe in Zayn, Yolanda must be an insufferable person, no wonder her husband couldn't stand her.

  10. Naomi Rodriguez

    i love how he sticking up for his girlfriend he is such a gentlemen

  11. Naomi Rodriguez

    I Stan zayn

  12. Denise Booker

    First if all why do these people"young girls" think its ok just to have babies just like Kyle Jenner is having babies money or no money its discussting
    because at one point it was supposedly a ghetto thing for certain people to have a bunch of babies
    but u guess its ok for certain people to be just be baby momas in today's world but its all the Sam just having babies at such a young age is horrible

  13. Directioner 4 life

    Guyz c'mon it's still their personal matter we shouldn't say anything about this

  14. It doesn't matter if your the grandparent or a relative, as long as you entered the house and took pictures of a baby unbeknownst, knowledge or without the consent of the legal guardian ( clearly here the parent) they have every right to struck you down, even without the pictures, doesn't matter if you're blood related or doesn't have bad intentions going into others houses without consent should be or could be trespassing.

  15. Francesca De Rimimi

    This is all Zayns fault for having anything to do with this toxic family! Someone should have pulled him aside early on and said run as fast and far away!

  16. Violence against women IS NEVER OKAY. THese comments do not pass the vibe check.

  17. concave eruption

    If he wants privacy than he needs to have his own place to live. Living at the moms ranch is not a good idea. He should be visiting the ranch. So now its leading to violence. Now what? Its time to grow up and man up!This is only going to get worse people. It always does…..

  18. Yolanda is worst women she have nothing to do she try to control other people life and she always take creadit of gigi sucess

  19. I believe it is preplanned by yolanda she is witch.

  20. Michelle Gomes

    Yolanda’s efforts to break zayn’s bond with his daughter will not be successful since everybody knows how much of a garbage this lady can be!
    She must be mad that zayn is giving his daughter proper food and not 3 almonds a day!

  21. Lexi Angelene M. Concepcion

    Yolanda should leave Gigi and Zayn alone because they're building their own family. It's not her responsibility anymore, she should just support and help them when it's needed. It's quite sad to hear this.

  22. Everyoone were talking about how lucjy khai was , but no one thought about how yolanda is her grandmother .

  23. im Ishmael styles 🇮🇪

    Its clear there has been a dispute between Yolanda and zayn but I honestly think that Yolanda has completely blown it out of proportion. Zayn was right in saying this should of been kept a family matter. I don't believe a word that comes out that womens mouth. She's toxic and selfish and is always looking for trouble. I honestly think she's doing this in hopes that the hadid side get full custody of khia. She's a cruel woman but she's not dumb . She knows what she's doing and what to say to get what she wants. I just hope people see that and these mistruths of zayn are cleared up. All he wants is a good life for his daughter.

  24. Safira Maxwell

    Honestly, family matters should be done in privately.. Not like this.. Yolanda is a mess🤦‍♀️

  25. He and she are demonized. The mother may have gotten out of her demonized lifestyle. These people need to surrender to Jesus Christ by reading the Book of John in Bible

  26. Mousumi Natua

    Is it contractual ?

  27. I smell sth fishy here ,why did Yolanda wait for a whole week later to report this ? If it was true being "struck" as she calims she would've went to the cops right a way…why did she go to their house while her daughter was away? And it seems it was abrupt with no prior permission nor agreement ,it seems as tho she's too controlling & forcing herself upon them which is annoying and uncomfortable for the whole family but they're being quiet about it out of respect to her 😒 Zayn didn't do anything wrong,he's been famous for along time now never been conducted with anything berfore,his only fault is he loves his daughter too much as any other protective loving father…Gigi should Stand Up & make a statement about all this shit & defend her lover,he didn't do anything wrong but loving their kid so much…Zayn deserve to be defended by Gigi..They were the perfect role model for a loving family 😥🥺

  28. ᴊᴏʜᴀɴ....

    It's definitely not going good for both of them
    I sense a amber heard and Johnny deep once again
    I hope it won't be true

  29. Diksha Kotian

    I support both Gigi and Zayn for their decisions it hurts though I love them both alot and will be loving them forever…..💔🖤❤‍🔥

  30. Zyan only post one photo of khai he really want to maintain privacy but Yolanda make khai supermodel maybe but I don't like her

  31. Zayn can find more beautiful girls than gigi
    But gigi has no chance getting more handsome guy than Zayn
    That's bcos no one is as handsome as Zayn is🤣

  32. Yolanda darling we all are here for Zayn and Khai. I don’t know why you did what you did but you messed with the wrong guy, if you think we will stay silent my dear we will not. Zayn will but he has a power that you don’t have, fans, trust me we don’t believe u. I’m so sorry for Z, he is such a good man and father and he doesn’t deserve a snake like you in his life.

  33. Rachel Edwards

    I always thought zayn and gigi split back in may we haven't seen anything of them together apart from at khai birthday which I expect gigi probably tried to get him back then clearly it didn't work. Yolanda probably entered the house to find someway to stop him having access to his daughter. The partner their talking about could be someone else that he maybe seeing. This is just my opinion. I don't believe he hit her.

  34. If Zayn can end up his relationship on text he can do anything…don't know what gigi look into him…. feeling bad for khai…poor little kid