Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid BREAK UP because of Yolana Hadid? (They FINALLY respond)

Tiêu đề video: & Gigi Hadid BREAK UP because of Yolana Hadid? (They FINALLY respond)

Độ dài: 00:06:03, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-29 18:00:11

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Hey all ! In today’s video I talk about #zayn #gigihadid and #yolandahadid.
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  1. UPDATE: A few updates have happened since my video was uploaded earlier today , I’ll be sure to make an updated video at a later time!

  2. What kind of mom brings a bodyguard with her to visit her daughters baby daddy??? A pissed off Karen! Shits been brewing for awhile.

  3. Run Zayn run……

  4. Zayn must just walk away now. These people will make him look guilty. His daughter will know the truth by his actions.

  5. I saw videos on this everywhere but the minute I saw your video I knew I'd get the straight facts with no dramatic bs. Love ya !!

  6. As a Zquad and who has been following Zayn and all the related updates for (obv!), I must say that the Hadid's family always did everything for the slightest bit of attention. And according to all the available information about the toxic relationship between Zayn and that girl, they all misused Zayn's name and reputation during all this time. So I have to say that the vagueness of this fight did not surprise me at all because most of the news about this fight was spread through the same lying Dutch whor. 😂😂 So we understand that they are still looking for attention and of course to discredit Zayn.

  7. This makes me think, about how someone can be so wonderful and charming and all in public. But I think the true colors are there with the people you are closest to, behind closed doors. So it pains me when I know someone who is a pos, getting praised for being “great” and being able to do all these things, Liek obtaining a good career, but abuse and manipulate the people closest to them in private.

  8. 0:31 wanna make sure, it’s not zayn’s mother, gigi’s

  9. Cheryl MacLeod

    He was charged and plead guilty.

  10. Kikiyu Sergum

    We can’t discuss this without getting into toxic Mothers and the golden child syndrome. Gigi will never be happy in Life until she creates and enforces boundaries between herself and her Mother. I don’t know what happened but I think Gigi needs to woman up.
    Also, these Hollweird Moms actually live off of their kids so I get why a Mother would be so attached to her adult daughters Life choices…cuz…🍞

  11. My money is on Yolanda lying about it. Isn’t it’s coincidence that Yolanda went into their home when Gigi wasn’t there ??!! It’s basically obvious

  12. zayn should have called the police on yolanda!

  13. Sources for the Hadids confirmed that Zayn and Gigi have been broken up for about 5 months. It’s odd to hear a couple that is together use the term “co-parenting”. For the past few weeks, Gigi has been going through all of Zayn’s IG deleting her comments and likes she left on his posts. I now a lot people like Zayn and Gigi together, because they are both good-looking. That is a very shallow reason for two people to be together. Zayn and Gigi are very toxic together. Gigi and her family has mocked him his mental health status. A family friend of Bella and Gigi attacked Zayn on the streets calling him a homophobic slur. Gigi’s father refused to acknowledge Zayn as his granddaughter’s father when a reporter asked him about it. So, I find it baffling that a lot of people want this couple to work out. Even Zayn has made a couple raps songs describing the ugliness of Gigi and her family. When he dropped the first rap song, he was attacked by that family-friend. Zayn needs to be very far away from Gigi and family. His family knows that as well, because Zayn’s mother and all his sisters have unfollowed Gigi and her family on social media.

  14. thinking about you

    They're trying to take Khai away from her dad, all because Yolanda wants to meddle in her daughters' love lives. I wouldn't be surprised if Yolanda was the reason Gigi and Zayn had issues.

  15. Gunjarie Dasgupta

    Like/ comment if you stand with Zayn I've just fought way too many people who stand against him today

  16. Myriam Santiago

    Now your destroying this boy's life God is bigger than his blood for what sacrifice his blood

  17. Harshita Shukla

    Just because Yolanda has allegedly done shady stuff doesn't mean the woman deserves to be struck. Nobody deserves to be. I am seeing victim blaming on internet spaces alarmingly increasing in numbers in recent years which is very tragic because domestic violence is still such a major problem. And as someone who has witnessed this, all this feels very bizarre and unfortunate. Fking Yikes.

  18. The mother is the toxic person here she loves drama and why is she always around she doesn’t have a life of her own ..

  19. Zayn has confirmed anger issues
    Yolanda is controlling with her daughters- confirmed
    But as of now anything you think is pure speculation.
    I’m going to wait this out and see who is innocent before speaking.

  20. What Johnny Depp’s situation has reached me is that it’s not our place to be judging who is the victim or not this kinda situation are tricky best to let it unfold and if you are interested in the matter watch from far away.

  21. This seems like a press stunt, why are we knowing about this? Why did Yolanda sell this to the press as a story? Why is she choosing to capitalize off of this? Zayn and Gigi are honestly very private you don't see or hear much from them. This all seems shifty it's like the media want zayn and Gigi to be talked about for a reason.

  22. I'm sorry she is lying, "is thinking of filing a police report" lie she already filed one!!! Zayne needs to get that baby away from Crazy yo-yo!

  23. I stan one direction

    My theory: 

    Yolanda showed up at G&Z house unannounced she walks up the steps Zayn walks out the front door telling her that she can't be here while Gigi is away but instead of her listening to his requests she ignores him walking into the house heading towards Khai's bedroom all the while Zayn is following right behind is asking yet again that she has to leave his house at once as she is still ignoring him so he grabs her trying to stop her from going near the baby or her room she turns around an starts screaming cursing even hitting him a few times he turns away covering his face trying to push her out the house but also block her hits then he made bad move an accidentally hits her.

  24. Yolanda has no proof that zayn supposedly struck her when she was with bodyguards while entering his house without permission when her daughter was in paris. Also He was charged with summary offenses under A3 which means the charges are not violent or physical in nature. Also he pled no contest meaning he will pay the fine and take the classes to avoid public trial which would involve his daughter being public.

  25. Daye Richards

    I think Yolanda is a toxic person… With how she treats her kids…

  26. chikbomgarden

    Yolanda is toxic and Gigi goes with it. Maybe she wanted Kai to get low fat baby milk 😂😂😂

  27. Yolana Hadid??????????

  28. Is Yolanda friends with Amber? like do they get together and compare notes

  29. shivani biswal

    Yolanda just wants attention

  30. I think "partner" just means that. Not a girlfriend or exclusive, but just a partner in parenting. They aren't together.

  31. she should have knocked and left . its not ur home and ur daughter isnt home. Thats his chiLd

  32. Hoineikim Haokip

    Why would someone struck someone in his own house??only if someone cross their limits and by the look of it she might have been very bossy

  33. I genuinely don't think Zayn is 100% in the wrong here 🙁

  34. 1. yolanda has legit lied about her ex hitting her when theres video proof he didnt.
    2.whys she going to zayns house when her daughter isnt there
    3. why go to the press and not the police

  35. Is it the same way she accused Ken to hit her but we all so the footage, he barely touched her !

  36. You are amazing

  37. Rhonda A Bugg

    I don't know any of these people. I didn't even know what Zayn did until the multiple postings about this matter. What I do know is that if you care about people , you don't give stuff to the press against your loved ones' wishes and you don't run to the press leaving your loved ones distressed. You stop to think about how it will affect your loved ones. Yolanda came with body guards, so Zayn couldn't have done too much physical damage to Yolanda.

    This is a horrible situation and I feel very sorry for Gigi right now, and for Khai when she's old enough to comprehend all that has transpired. This is a mess, made moreso by Yolanda running to the press. They may never recover from this because the public has been introduced to the family's private business.

  38. I don’t condone abuse or violence on anyone no matter which gender is attacking who BUT from what I’ve seen Yolandas a fucking asshole I’m surprised it took this long

  39. People are being so bias! Yolanda is being blamed for everything but clearly Zayn got issues 🙄

  40. I think Zayn probably has anger issues, but I don't think Yolanda is innocent either. She is known to be controlling and condescending. We're talking about a lady who said her daughter should open her eyes wider and not look too Chinese. I don't trust her a 100%

  41. Yolanda says “last week”, Zayn says “several weeks ago” but there are records from a court case which usually takes months to sort out?

  42. I don’t want to be that person
    But I feel like Yolanda is not telling the truth
    Idk she seems like a very manipulative person

  43. Someone you may or may not know

    Yolanda is a narcissist and needs zayns money and fame but not him. She is crazy. Clearly a narcissist and doesn’t care about the daughter or khai

  44. But he says co parenting

  45. Joanna C Makuchi

    Yolanda is giving Dottie vibes from "You" 🏃🏻‍♀️💨

  46. I stand with zayn