Who was Kanō Jigorō? – Japanese Educator, Athlete, and the Founder of Judo Dr. Kanō Jigorō History.

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Kanō Jigorō was the founding master of the martial art and combat sport Judo, as well as outstanding physical education teacher, foreign language translator (English – Japanese) and economist; as well as a member of the Japanese diplomacy.

Google honored Kanō Jigorō with a doodle on October 28, 2021 for Kanō Jigorō’s 161st Birthday.

It has been shown also as: कानो जिगोरो , Kano Jigoro , కానో జిగోరో , कानो जिगोरो , கானோ ஜிகோரோ, કનો જિગોરો, ಕನೊ ಜಿಗರೊ, , ਕਾਨੋ ਜਿਗੋਰੋ, 嘉納治五郎 , Дзіґоро Кано , Кано Джигоро

In 1882, Kanō Jigorō founded the Kōdōkan, or “School for the Study of the Way.” His martial arts system known as judo, based on the ancient schools of jiu-jitsu (mainly the Tenjin Shin’yō-ryū, and Kitō-ryū schools), which prevailed over other systems of hand-to-hand fighting or jujutsu, of the time in Japan.

Kanō Jigorō successfully incorporated Judo into the Japanese educational system, the army, and even the Japanese police since the beginning of the 20th century, including defense against blows, and against modern techniques such as defense against various types of aggression with weapons. of fire collected in their forms or kata.

As a sport, Judo developed around throws, sweeps, some takedowns, chokes, arm locks, and ground fighting.

Master Kanō Jigorō was elected representative of the government of Japan before the International Olympic Committee. Despite not being convinced at first that Judo should be an Olympic sport, since only randori, a small aspect of judo, could at that time be considered a competitive this fact became a reality in 1964, at the games held in Tokyo. However, Kanō had passed away years ago, on May 4, 1938, aboard the Hikawa Maru when he was making a return trip to Japan.

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Kano was posthumously awarded the highest ranking in Judo, or 10th Dan, who wears the white belt. According to the philosophy of Judo, this is a path of continuous learning and when we die it is as if we started all over again.

Judo is currently one of the four combat disciplines, most practiced on the planet, with twelve million practitioners.

Happy birthday, Kanō Jigorō!

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People also see the doodle as: कानो जिगोरो , Kano Jigoro , కానో జిగోరో , कानो जिगोरो , கானோ ஜிகோரோ, કનો જિગોરો, ಕನೊ ಜಿಗರೊ, ജിഗൊറോ കനോ, ਕਾਨੋ ਜਿਗੋਰੋ, 嘉納治五郎 , Дзіґоро Кано , Кано Джигоро

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