My Final Thoughts on the iPhone 13 (PRO) …

Tiêu đề video: My Final Thoughts on the iPhone 13 (PRO) …

Độ dài: 00:21:08, Ngày đăng: 2021-10-18 19:00:28

Tác giả: Sara Dietschy

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and Pro final review! Below are my 2 other iPhone 13 videos!
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Unboxing and camera testing ALL iPhone 13 models –

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  1. I am going to have one soon.

  2. Jeffery Jones

    I don’t know why everyone gets so competitive about their phone/computer preferences. Variety is the spice of life. Let Apple people do their thing and let Windows, Android, etc. do their thing.

  3. UtopianDarkgrey

    How does she do that?? On 1:32 slides from the edge!?? Is that an app? Or it’s a feature that comes with the new 13 pro max?? Love it!

  4. Leila Delimaw

    you're so beautiful.

  5. Richard Mandona

    Why is the iPhone in the thumbnail not real?

  6. I haven’t had a IPhone since the 6s plus. Had notes since then. I skipped the note 20 so my note 10 plus has like 550 charge cycles on it. I went ahead and gave the iPhone a chance again this year and got the iPhone 13 pro max 512gb. The battery is freaking INSANE!!!! Even before my battery was so degraded on my note 10 plus I was always around 25% battery at the end of the day. The last few months I would have to charge it in the middle of the day to make sure it would last all day. This 13 pro max besides the first charge I haven’t needed to fully charge it to get through the day. I just charge to 80% and easily get through a day. One day I was sick and didn’t use it much so I went the whole day then most of the next day before I got to about 25% and decided to charge it. I definitely love the battery life!!

  7. You must be a very small person because even the regular 13 looks gigantic in your hands. Are you a Lilliputian?

  8. Girl just charge the phone any plug will do chezzzzzz crazy video not everyone uses their phone the way you do gurllllllll lmfao

  9. Joanne Collins

    will you go back to mac seeing how they made the butterfly keyboard trash?

  10. You know, they named the month of July after Julius Caesar. Who’s dumb one now?

  11. why does a 1500$ phone have usb 2.0?

  12. Wonder if prores videos can be airdropped. Assuming wifi 6 radios and apple’s efficiency with airdrop is far better than usb 2.0

  13. Jack Dominiak

    Can't take you seriously 😏 load of rubbish! You're nothing more than trying to be an influencer 😏 and a very poor one at that… your glasses though 😁

  14. hassan lovely

    Pls make video for s21 ultra..

  15. I hate this new iPhone 13 pro 😂 It feels blockier in my hands compared to my iPhone 7. I know that sounds like a strange complaint, but this phone is just…. Weird.

  16. are you able to review the new sony phone?

  17. Where can I find a woman like you? 🙁

  18. 6:25 Come get this woman 😏🤗

  19. Srinivasa chakravarthi Adibhatla

    We don’t need mac actually I use iTunes to transfer my vids

  20. That’s What i thought

    Look at her, she thinks she has thoughts

  21. the iPhone 13 pro is great but the 14 or 15 will be perfect

  22. i think that niche reason for not going with the mini over the pro is more a thing with Tesla having the coil too high compared to the phone being the problem.

  23. Lol u did drop test on carpet. Cmon

  24. Judy’s it so bad for a male cat if you’re a Beatles fan. Hey Jude, Judy, Judy, Judy.

  25. Love this video! Love hearing your response to the comments, your funny! 🙂

  26. SeemsLikeSomething

    “Is it gonna hurt my eyes?” Lmao!! That was a joke right….?

  27. Willy Van der Schueren

    Sarah, be a bit more respectful when responding to viewer comments, because it makes you look bad. Stay Peachy (also when responding to viewer comments) 😂

  28. Lauro Bocanegra

    Superb video ❤️❤️

  29. What’s going on with the zoom in zoom out with jitter on the camera. It’s making me a little dizzy. Not a big deal I usually don’t actually watch tech YouTube I listen to it.

  30. Adarsh Hatwar

    Is airdrop a good utility to transfer prores footage from iphone to mac ? Or transferring over a cable is preferable?

  31. kevinpigpigpig

    Is it only me feeling dizzy from the zoom in zoom out and zoom in and zoom out?😂
    Love your content tho 💜

  32. Josh Murfield

    Is is interesting seeing the 13 3x digital zoom vs. the 13 Pro 3x lens comparison here – the 13 Pro 3x lens shot there is really soft and mushy, really lacking much detail (out of focus?) whereas the 13 digital zoom shot looks a lot clearer. This seems to support the claims I've seen on other sites where a lot of people are seeing similar issues and thinking there is a larger problem with the 13 Pro and it's lack of clarity on images from at least the 3x and wide lenses.

  33. Aerial Adventure

    Maybe you were not a 120hz snob before but you might find yourself one now. Once you adjust to 120hz its very difficult to go back to 60hz.


    Your camera?



  36. William is wrong about phone battery life, I think. Also iPhone (and I think most android phones) already automatically adjust the charging rates of your phone to maximize your battery life and prevent anyone from needing uninformed advice like "don't charge your phone more than 80%". Get out of here w/ that bad advice that isn't even right.

  37. OMG the macro pics of your cat! So fun!

  38. The fact that the 13 takes good cat photos really has sealed the deal for me. Will be ordering the Pro . . . as soon his fluffiness gets his a*** off my keyboard.

  39. CarolJean Fourie

    Sadly, iStore is out of stock in South Africa and they have no idea when they'll be getting any in again 🙁

  40. Steven&Jaclyn Sleight

    Lighting and color grading are on point and next level sara! As a long time follower, these new videos are so impressive! Keep killing it and staying peachy!

  41. U r so cute

  42. chargerman 65

    So I have had the Max since the Max came into existence and always wanted biggest and beat Upgraded my 12 Pro Max for 13 Pro Max and then returned the Max for 13 Pro. My issue this time was the phone just seemed heavier and larger I am really liking the Pro as it seems larger and is little heavier and feature wise they are pretty much the same this year. This is not meant to be critical in any way but when I saw the Max in your hands I thought man that phone is huge and never thought that before with the Max. Great video!

  43. Image-I-Nation Photography

    Why no usb c port as its on my new ipad pro?