iPadOS 15 Review: Dropped Expectations!

Tiêu đề video: Review: Dropped Expectations!

Độ dài: 00:12:23, Ngày đăng: 2021-07-08 05:09:15

Tác giả: Marques Brownlee

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDpXdljhstg

iPadOS 15 is coming to an iPad near you. Not just the . Any iPad.

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  1. Awesome Video Marques. Love all the things you do.

  2. How would final cut pro work on a tablet? How do you expect to import footage from SD cards?

  3. Ma apps r freezing Facebook etc Phkn apple fix this rubbish ! Apps small too

  4. Calculator, hello ??? 2021??

  5. I just can’t believe that in 2021 On the iPadOS 15.1 THERE IS STILL NO CALCULATOR?!!??. WTF ?? 🤬 ??.?

  6. Why can’t all apps allow slide over and split screen. :’[

  7. @mkbhd With the new macbook m1 promax, do you still carry an iPad?

  8. Well, it is just a tablet .. 🤷‍♂️
    Although it does the same as before, now it does it faster 😂

  9. I get why apple wouldn't add certain apps that are complicated that most people wouldn't care about just because ipad is a different device from an iphone or mac so it has to have it's own unique experience..
    But think of an app that people buy an ipad for and it's gonna be paid 99% of the time. Also something i hated is the homescreen scaling with the new update it's so inconvenient and apps look so tiny even on the biggest ipad there's so much empty space making it look even more messy and unorganized are widgets :/

  10. Abhishek Gulatee

    It's not just Apple. Even Microsoft does not want tablets to replace laptops. Microsoft 365 on a tablet doesn't have all the features as compared to a laptop. So u can't totally rely on a tablet for office work.

  11. Timewonderland

    I miss how I could pin today view on Home Screen and proportionally app size on screen so much that I am totally regretting about upgrading IPad to 15 last night.

  12. Adhyan Singhania

    There should be a ipad os pro for the pro ipad and if they make a mac ipad hybrid. Like chrome os, can be run on anything

  13. Can someone shed some light regarding only Apple's decision with disabling wifi and Bluetooth for 24hr rather than completely off from Control Centre?
    I use Airplane mode to switch them off completely, but since update 15, it now only works with wifi. In airplane mode Bluetooth is now only for 24 hr

  14. straight to the point as always.

  15. Mohamad Sultan

    Still waiting for a calculator app.

  16. 6:39 how do I get row numbers on ipad keyboard?

  17. The key word is ipad "PRO" why M1 processor, "for what" to make it more expensive. Oh, Oh, Wait, I know it's a Defective M1 pro chip it can't do much But it is an M1 chip None the less So you can call it still an M1 processeor and the Fame that comes with M1.
    Naaaa….. I had my hopes it would have been something a lot closer to a laptop I would have had more use for it and maybe change my hole system to apply Ecosystem. So no I won't. Thank you.

  18. When Ipads become laptop replacements APPLE will create a new category called MACPAD – you heard it here first folks!

  19. Comparison is the thief of joy. Wasn’t that the real line from Roosevelt or something….

  20. Xavier Russell

    …are y’all really upset all because of final cut pro?

  21. Ipad 15 is hella op and good but my problem is the apps keep crashing including youtube and safari and every loads sooo sloooow

    (this is my experience in this update)

  22. Steve Jobs didnt give a shit about cannibalizing products. We'd still be having iPods with WIFI if the financial bozo's were in charge.

  23. I wish they removed the app library or at least gave us an option to disable it. It is organized in exactly the opposite way of what I would consider usable

  24. Jagdish Zagade

    have you ever tried to use excel with formulas and simple options formatting? I bet you will cry for sure, its too tough on ipad

  25. Apple please 😭 ill pay an extra $500 if you just let this ipad be my laptop replacement. I just want a laptop with touchscreen


  27. I am wondering what is the current photo and video editing apps missing on the iPad that creators aren't switching.

  28. Howard Davidson

    The first page of my iPad Pro 2020 looks like something our of the ark now.. We can now only have four rows of icon instead or five.Not that it’s that important put looks kinda dated .The only thing I find very useful is being able to copy and paste text in photos.Otherwise in day to day use I wouldn’t really notice any difference.Other than my battery life is now like my old iPad Pro 2018 which suffered at the hands of a large update from Apple.and is now dreadful.I might as well leave it permanently on charge.This time I will not be fooled.I will Waite for the Samsung Tab S8:.Your reviews are guardedly critical of Apple.

  29. DJ Kavish Live

    Even I am struggling to have a day without a laptop and just use iPad, but but but no you can’t! If the company also makes computer then Microsoft also is the company who makes Laptop and Surface Laptop then why can’t apple have Mac OS on iPad now? Just because they want to make money from both the products.

  30. DJ Kavish Live

    Has anyone having issues with Notes app crashing on MacBook and iPad almost all the times?

  31. DJ Kavish Live

    I would like mention – now the search in files apps remains even if you enters the folder and come back to search.

  32. DJ Kavish Live

    This is the best video to know the new features of iPadOS 15. Thank you MKBHD for always coming up with the review/features videos and showing us how each new feature works!

  33. H.R Angelofdeath

    Ipad os 14.8 is very better

  34. We’ll the next time you’re chatting to the execs at Apple why not ask them the direct question. What is your plan for iPad and Proffesional apps!!

  35. I mean…I’ve used my iPad full time since probably around 2016ish. I’m 2 years into a masters degree almost exclusively using my iPad. Not too shabby. Now, admittedly, I don’t have to produce videos or audio content, but besides that I can do anything and everything I need to. I have made video and audio content in the past. And I do agree, it would be nice to use Apple’s native video/audio software on iPad, Final Cut and Logic Pro. I sold my MacBook earlier this year and doubt I’ll get another.

  36. Why would Apple make an IPad that could compete with a MacBoook? When you can just buy a MacBook. Smart😐😀😷

  37. What's the intro track to this video? The like he gives in the description is not what's playing. Thanks!

  38. Victor Martino

    Also, mouse support is still SO BAD! scrolling with a mouse is really bad, seriously, Apple could have done a better job to make iPadOS compatible with existing devices.

  39. Victor Martino

    we need better keyboard shortcuts, an actual full version of Microsoft Office (their iOS apps are a joke).

  40. Armando & Sabrina Aguilar

    I know you’re unlikely to see this or even care, but I think apple is in the process of getting the iPad in a place where it can replace laptops, by motivating developers to create apps that are made specifically for the M series chips. So, a developer builds/updates their app to have mac functionality, but in the process, rebuilds or builds new apps that also work on the iPad.

  41. Ngl i hate the dots. I use Autodesk sketchbook for drawing and that dot really on the way… And i always slide off the notification bar from the center, it end up open the split app option. I need to get used to it.. but for now it's annoying as hell

  42. Champ, love your stuff. I have an iPad 3, so not running anything post ios7-ish on it. I do have two iPhone 12 mini's, The "App Drawer" you mentioned is in ios14 for the iPhone as well. Was it not in iPad OS 14? I noticed you mentioned it as a ios15 upgrade (3:13).

  43. They call it a "pro" but dont let it be a "pro" its just got 120hz… cool. since it cant use its power, whats the point

  44. I believe there will be eventually an iPad that can replace a MacBook

  45. I upload this already